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Apostasy or "falling away" is the subject of several end-times warnings in the Bible. Just at the time that people should be most interested in God's Word, there will an increase of evil in society, caused in part by a failure of God's people to stand for biblical principles. However, as the darkness increases, the light of truth will shine brighter as it emanates from Godly believers. Therefore, it is likely that at the same time that the church in general becomes more worldly, there will be a great end-times revival as well.

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Prophetic Significance of Apostasy

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2021: A Prophetic Review

Dec 27, 2021
Fully half of all Americans say 2021 was the worst year of their lives. Do you know what that means? ...It means the country is on a downward path and that rejecting God causes pain.
Source: Hal Lindsey

Prophetic Significance of Apostasy

Most Americans, Many Christians Don't Believe Jesus Existed before Being Born

Dec 9. 27, 2021
A new study from Lifeway Research found that most Americans believe that Jesus was born in Bethlehem more than 2,000 years ago, but less than half believe that Jesus existed prior to being born on that first Christmas.
Source: Christian Headlines

Popular Astronomer Suggests Aliens, Not God, Created the Universe 'Out of Nothing'

Oct. 27, 2021 - Avi Loeb,a well-known astronomer, suggests aliens created the Universe.
But his suggestion is drawing criticism from Answers in Genesis founder and CEO Ken Ham, who writes on his blog: “So a Creator God is dismissed out of hand, but advanced aliens making an entire universe out of nothing..."
Source: Christian Headlines

Shock: Americans ditch biblical worldview for 'fake Christianity'

July 4, 2021 - George Barna, director of research at Arizona Christian University called MTD a "watered-down, feel-good, fake Christianity."
American Christianity has fallen. Thanks to cultural corrosion and a lack of biblical literacy, a new “fake Christianity” has raked the dry ground of the American church. This counterfeit religion is moralistic therapeutic deism...
Source: WND

Nun: Battle not between Republicans, Democrats, but between 'devil and our Lord'

May 6, 2021 - Sister Deirdre Byrne, a surgeon and retired Army colonel explained:
"This battle we face is not a battle between Republicans and the Democrats, it’s not conservatives or liberals, or left versus right,"...“This is a battle between the Devil, who is real, and Our Lord.”
Source: WND

Biden’s Team of Israel-Haters

April 26, 2021 -
Among Biden’s handlers, Jewish and non-Jewish, there are few, if any, staunch friends of Israel... it was clear that Joe Biden’s handlers’ administration was shaping up to be the most anti-Israel presidency...
Source: Front Page Mag

Poll: American church membership hits all-time low with stunning number

April 18, 2021 -
For the first time since Gallup has been measuring churchgoers in the United States, less than 50 percent of Americans say they are members of a house of worship.
Source: WND

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