I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you
- Genesis 12:3

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Hardliners get key posts in new Taliban government

September 8, 2021 -
The Taliban have announced an interim government in Afghanistan, declaring the country an "Islamic Emirate". The new cabinet, entirely male, is made up of senior Taliban figures some of whom are notorious for attacks on US forces...
Source: BBC

Prophetic Significance of America

GOP Rep. Michael McCaul says 6 planes with Americans on board are stuck at an Afghan airport in a 'hostage situation' with the Taliban

September 5, 2021 -
GOP Rep. Michael McCaul said six planes with Americans were being held 'hostage' at an Afghanistan airport by the Taliban.
Source: Busines Incider

#BidenMustGo campaign takes off as fed-up Americans sound their disgust

August 29, 2021 -
President Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan troop withdrawal has been terrible from the start. Just days before the Taliban took over the capital of ised we wouldn’t see the same situation that we’d seen decades ago in Saigon
Source: WND

Report: Taliban Killing People Found with Bibles on Their Phones

August 17, 2021 -
The Taliban is killing people in Afghanistan they find with copies of the Bible on their mobile phones, a Christian non-profit announced on Tuesday.
Source: Breitbart

Taliban claim victory as US rushes to evacuate

August 15, 2021 -
President Joe Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump has issued a new call for the US president to "resign in disgrace for what he has allowed to happen to Afghanistan”.
Source: BBC

Biden faces mounting blame for chaotic Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

August 13, 2021 -
The Taliban’s stunning advances in Afghanistan threatens to be a stain on President Joe Biden’s record... Twenty years of investment that cost $2 trillion and nearly 2,500 US lives were disintegrating... as the Islamist insurgents ... closed in on the capital Kabul.
Source: The Times of Israel e>
Source: Christian Headlines

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