America's Christian Heritage


America was founded by strong believers in Jesus Christ. It was the world's greatest example of freedom and Christian principles. It befriended God's Chosen People, both before and after Israel was reborn as a modern nation. It was blessed by God in keeping with the promise given to Abraham.

I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you
- Genesis 12:3

Prophecy students have wondered for decades why the United States will not apparently be a major player in the Bible’s End Times scenario. Europe is predicted as a Revived Roman Empire, but with a much weaker composition than ancient Rome. Ancient biblical lands will be involved in the prophetic future. They have modern names: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and others. But how could the one great “superpower” of our generation be ignored at the end of this age? Just a few years ago we could not have imagined how rapidly our beloved country would decline.

An honest evaluation of The United States today reveals that we are growing weaker economically, militarily, and above all, spiritually.

Many Churches in America are retreating from a literal interpretation of the Bible, and have allowed the corrupting influences of secular humanism, the sexual revolution, abortion, and other false beliefs and practices to slowly infiltrate their leadership. This change is predicted in the Bible. It is called apostasy, or a “falling away” from the truth.

As a result, our nation is in danger of God's judgment. But like the biblical example of Nineveh, whose people repented in Jonah's days, there could be a great revival first. We are praying for this!

In view of the surprising spiritual aspects of the latest presidential election, and in spite of some people's honest doubts about Donald Trump's migration toward Christian belief and practice, we should have high hopes that our nation will experience another "Great Awakening."

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. - 2 Chronicles 7:14

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Prophetic Significance of America

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'Christianity Today' under fire for attacking Trump & his supporters

Dec. 21, 2019 -
President Donald Trump and evangelist Franklin Graham are taking aim at Christianity Today after the editor-in-chief of the publication posted a blistering attack against Trump and his supporters and endorsed the Democrats' vote to impeach him.
Source: OneNewsNow

Prophetic Significance of America

Mitch McConnell blasts impeachment, says Senate ensures stability

Dec. 19, 2019 -
The top Senate Republican is denouncing the "unfair" House impeachment of President Donald Trump and reassuring Trump and his supporters that "moments like this are why the United States Senate exists.”
Mitch McConnel said that Trump's impeachment was the "most unfair impeachment inquiry in modern history.”
Source: Fox5

Letter from President Donald J. Trump to the Speaker of the House of Representatives

Dec. 17, 2019 - Read this seven and a half page letter from President Donald J. Trump to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Consider the appeal of the last sentence of the letter.
One hundred years from now, when people look back at this affair, I want them to understand it, and learn from it, so that it can never happen to another President again.
Source: Whitehouse

Mitch McConnell Just Told Fox News Exactly How Impeaching Trump Is Going to End

Dec. 13, 2019 -
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell already knows how this whole impeachment thing is going to go down? It’ll end exactly how President Donald Trump wants it to end.
Source: Tim Marcin - Fox

Impeachment on Twitter

Dec. 10, 2019 -
Donald J. Trump
Nadler just said that I “pressured Ukraine to interfere in our 2020 Election.” Ridiculous, and he knows that is not true. Both the President & Foreign Minister of Ukraine said, many times, that there “WAS NO PRESSURE.” Nadler and the Dems know this, but refuse to acknowledge!

Flashback: Evangelical leaders gather to pray for Trump at White House, blasting impeachment effort

Reminder: Oct. 31, 2019 -
Evangelical pastors and leaders met and prayed with President Trump amid House Democrats' drive toward impeachment. Fox News spoke with Pastor Jack Graham, Ralph Reed and the Rev. Johnnie Moore, three of the 25 leaders in attendance on Tuesday morning.
Source: Fox

Flashback: Franklin Graham Speaks Out on Impeachment: ‘It Makes Me Sick to My Stomach. … Pray’

Flashback ; Nov. 19, 2019 - Franklin Graham called on Christians to pray for the president.
Evangelist Franklin Graham spoke out on the impeachment proceedings. The president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse called out Democrats in Washington who “continue to try to destroy” President Donald Trump. .
Source: The Stream

Video: Brunson Warns of Turkish Attack on Churches, Offers Powerful Prayer Over Trump to Fight Oppression

Oct. 17, 2019 -
Brunson Offers Powerful Prayer Over Trump to Fight Oppression.
Source: YouTube

Divide and Destroy

Oct. 6, 2019 - The possible impeachment of President Donald Trump could bring about end-times prophetic fulfillment.
Americans of 1861 held to a similar set of values. In his second inaugural address, President Lincoln said that northerners and southerners, “read the same Bible and pray to the same God.”

Not anymore.
Source: Hal Lindsey

Franklin Graham on impeachment: ‘Our country could begin to unravel’

Oct. 2, 2019 -
“Our country could begin to unravel if an elected president is thrown out of office because of lies and the media,” said Graham... "We’re in very dangerous territory. I would encourage all the politicians to look very carefully..."
Source: Religion News

Franklin Graham calls for prayer to 'change hearts' of Democrats

Oct. 1, 2019 -
Franklin Graham, is calling on the nation to pray for Democrats in Washington... "The socialist Democrats' message to the United States of America is: 1. We're going to take your guns, and 2. We're going to impeach your president."
Source: WND

Franklin Graham to anti-Trumpers: 'Give it a rest'

Sept. 26, 2019 -
Rev. Franklin Graham is telling Democratic leaders to "give it a rest" as they revamp efforts to impeach President Donald Trump... "Let's pray for him, that God will give him wisdom to make the right decisions for the American people."
Source: OneNewsNow

Trump commemorates 9/11 anniversary — live stream

Sept. 11, 2019 - Video
President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are commemorating the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks with a moment of silence and visit to the National 9/11 Pentagon memorial.
Source: CBS News

Trump scraps secret meetings with Afghan, Taliban leaders after deadly bombing

Aug. 8, 2019 -
President Trump announced Saturday that he had canceled planned secret meetings at Camp David with Taliban and Afghan leaders after the Taliban claimed responsibility for a car bombing that killed a U.S. soldier, a Romanian soldier, and 10 civilians.
Source: Morgan Phillips - Fox

Praying on the moon? It's been done

July 20, 2019 - Fifty years before today Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin spent a total of 21 hours and 37 minutes on the moon’s surface. After landing, the astronauts had a planned tme of rest.
During the radio silence, Buzz Aldrin then privately partook of communion... [He] asked for radio silence because NASA was fighting a lawsuit brought by an intolerant atheist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair.
O'Hair had objected to the fact that the previous Apollo 8 crew celebrated Christmas by reading the first chapter of the Book of Genesis in their Christmas radio transmission in 1968.
Source: WND

Pastor John Hagee: Secularizing of America will lead to 'heartache and chaos'

July 14, 2019 - In a televised interview with Mark Levin on 'Life, Liberty & Levin', Pastor John Hagee said:
Figures in government and media are trying to secularize American culture, which will lead the country away from its founding Judeo-Christian principles... When the Pilgrims landed in today's New England, they made a promise to God...
Source: Charles Creitz - Fox a name="190704">

Remembering America's Christian roots

July 4, 2019 -
Despite our many national failings, it cannot be denied that our nation has deep Christian roots. And it is because of, not despite, these godly, Christian origins that America became a great nation.
Source: Michael Brown - WND

Trump meets Kim in DMZ, becomes first sitting US president to step into Hermit Kingdom

June 30, 2019 -
Trump shook hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un... Despite their nearly hour-long chat, Trump said that sanctions on North Korea are still in place... ... possibility of scaling them back as part of renewed negotiations.
Source: Nicole Darrah - Fox

Donald Trump visits Normandy 75 years after D-Day
Watch the President's Full Address

June 6, 2019 -
See Trump's speech at 75th D-Day anniversary in Normandy.
Source: YouTube

D-Day: 17 stunning photos from 1944 show how hard the Normandy invasion realy was

June 6, 2019 -
See the photos that show how hard the Normandy invasion realy was.
Source: USA Today

Graham clarifies: Prayer for Trump 'not an endorsement'

May 31, 2019 -
Franklin Graham says his call for a special day of prayer on Sunday for President Trump isn't a call for endorsement, but instead for God's will and purpose to be made known through the president.
Source: One News Now

Trump: Probe 'Greatest Presidential Harassment in History'

May 30, 2019
President Donald Trump Thursday said he was the target of the "greatest presidential harassment in history" and that "highly conflicted" outgoing special counsel Robert Mueller would have brought charges against him, but there were none to bring.
Source: Sandy Fitzgerald - NewsMax

Special Counsel Robert Mueller closes Russia probe, says charging Trump with a crime was ‘not an option'

May 29, 2019 - Special Counsel Robert Mueller gave a report this morning.
“We concluded that we would not reach a determination one way or the other about whether the president committed a crime,” Mueller added. “That is the office’s final position.”
Source: Fox

Memorial Day 2019: Facts, Why We Observe It

May 27, 2019 -
In December 2000, Congress passed and then-President Bill Clinton signed into law the National Moment of Remembrance Act... [to] pause at 3:00 remember the men and women “who died in pursuit of freedom and peace.”
Source: Newsweek

Graham on why Dem Party 'turned its back on God'

May 15, 2019 - Franklin Graham answered the question - “Why has the Democratic Party turned its back on God?”
“The root of the issue is that many politicians don’t want God in any part of their politics or our country’s business because His standards condemn their sins.”
Source: One News Now

President Donald Trump's Easter speech

President Trump gives a wonderful speech about Easter and Pentecost.
Source: YouTube

Trump defends ‘Judge’ Jeanine Pirro after Fox News host taken off air over Islamophobic hijab comments

Mar. 18, 2019 - FOX News decided not to air Judge Jeanine Pirro's show after she reacted to Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar.
“The Radical Left Democrats, working closely with their beloved partner, the Fake News Media, is using every trick in the book to SILENCE a majority of our Country,” Mr Trump wrote
Source: Independent

Omar escapes punishment for her anti-Semitism

Mar. 8, 2019 -
Divided in debate but mostly united in a final vote, the House passed a resolution condemning anti-Semitism and other bigotry Thursday, but Democrats allowed [Rep. Ilhan Omar] to escape any direct condemnation.
Source: OneNewsNow

Trump speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast (Video)

Feb. 7, 2018 -
President Trump tells the National Prayer Breakfast, "I'll never let you down."
Source: YouTube

2019 State of the Union Address (Video)

Feb. 5, 2019 - Watch President Trump
Source: C-Span

'I Think About Jesus Christ': These 4 NFL Players Are Keeping Faith at the Forefront of This Super Bowl

Feb. 1, 2018 -
Many of these Super Bowl hopefuls tell CBN there's something more important than winning the Lombardi trophy. There'll be one winner and one loser in this. So how do these players cope with keeping things in perspective?
Source: CBN

EXCLUSIVE White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders: 'God Wanted Donald Trump to Become President'

Jan. 30, 2019 - White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told CBN News:
"I think that He wanted Donald Trump to become president,.. That's why he's there and I think he has done a tremendous job in supporting a lot of the things that people of faith really care about,"
Source: CBN
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