Terrorism has been a cause of some of the "wars" predicted by Jesus as signs of the times. It has been a factor in the history of the Middle East for hundreds of years, and is now a world-wide problem, especially since the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington D.C. in 2001. Terrorism produces a general sense of dread even when there is no actual attack taking place. This could be one of the most significant fulfillments of Jesus' prediction of "rumors of war" (Matthew 24:6).

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Prophetic Significance of Terrorism

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Saudi Crown Prince Vows New Islamic Alliance 'Will Wipe Terrorists from the Earth'

Nov. 26,, 2017 -
Saudi Arabia's powerful crown prince vowed to "pursue terrorists until they are wiped from the face of the earth" as officials from 40 Muslim countries gathered Sunday in the first meeting of an Islamic counter-terrorism alliance.
Source: NewsMax
Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammed bin Salman opens first alliance of nations against terrorism - Firstpost
Iran Is Winning the War for Control of the Middle East - no indication that, despite Mohammed bin Salman’s bold moves, Saudi Arabia stands a chance of turning the tide - Foreign Policy

Prophetic Significance of Terrorism

Sisi: Egypt to confront terror with 'burtal strength' after Sinai attack

Nov. 25, 2017 - The death toll in the Sinai terrorist attack on a mosque has risen above 300. An Islamic State [ISIS] affiliate is thought to be responsible, but no group has taken credit for the massacre.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said the country's military and police would respond "with brutal strength" in a televised statement to the nation on Friday.
Source: Jerusalem Post
Egypt launches airstrikes against suspected terrorists - Independent - UK
Egypt attack: IS flags carried by gunmen, say officials - BBC

Over 200 killed in mosque massacre in Egypt's Sinai

Nov. 24, 2017 -
At least 235 people have been killed in a bomb and gun attack on a mosque in Egypt's northern Sinai Peninsula.... The attack took place in al-Rawda village, west of El Arish, shortly after Friday prayers.
Source: Al Jazeera
Egypt mosque attack leaves at least 200 dead, 130 wounded - Islamist militants are suspected of orchestrating the bombing and shooting attack on a Sufi mosque. - Fox
Video: Walid Phares on the deadly mosque attack in Egypt - Fox
Update: 305 Killed: Mosque Attack is the Deadliest in Egypt’s Modern History - Egyptian Streets
Why are Muslims killing Muslims? Egypt suffers worst terror attack in history - Newsweek

NYC 'terror' attack leaves 8 dead, several injured

Oct. 31, 2017 -
Police have identified the suspect who killed eight people and injured 11 more in New York City on Tuesday when he barreled into a bike path and then rammed a pickup truck into a crowd.

The suspect is Sayfullo Saipov. He shouted "Allahu Akbar" after the crash.

Source: Fox
Report: Suspect Left Note in Truck With ISIS Claim - NewsMax
Terror suspect's NJ mosque has been under NYPD surveillance: Report - Fox
Update 11/3/17: ISIS claims responsibility for New York truck attack, report says - Fox

US House passes four bills targeting Iran's missiles, Hezbollah activity

Oct. 26, 2017 - Four bills that would impose sanctions Iran’s ballistic missile activity and Hezbollah’s terrorist practices were passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. The measures have bipartisan support and are likely to be approved by the Senate. One of the bills...
...would require the president to report to Congress details of Tehran’s missile supply chain, and determine whether its program violates international law. The US would further sanction Iranian individuals and agencies involved in the missile work.
Source: Jerusalem Post
Report: Hezbollah to leave Syria to prepare for conflict with Israel - Israel Hayom

Death toll from blast in Somalia's capital rises to 189, with more than 200 injured

Oct. 15, 2017 - Residents of Mogadishu, Somalia have suffered their worst-ever terrorist attack. A powerful bomb blast killed at least 189 with left more than 200 injured.
Somalia's government has blamed the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab extremist group for the attack it called a "national disaster."
Source: NY Daily News
US condemns 'cowardly' attack in Somalia's capital - Fox

New York City: 'Islamic State attack plot' is revealed

Oct. 7, 2017 - Thanks to the work of an undercover FBI agent, three men have been arrested for planning attacks in New York City in the name of the Islamic State group.
"The planned attacks included detonating bombs in Times Square and the New York City subway system and shooting civilians at specific concert venues," a Department of Justice statement said.
Source: BBC

Las Vegas shooting: Police probe possible links to ISIS

Oct. 4, 2017
Many questions remain about Paddock's motivation - and a possible link to ISIS. The terrorist group has a strong presence in the Philippines, and Paddock wired $100,000 to Ms Danley's account in that country before embarking on his rampage.
Source: 9 News
Ed. note: Articles cited explore the pros and cons of this issue, but are not conclusive at this point.
Las Vegas shooting: Stephen Paddock's girlfriend, Marilou Danley, returns to U.S., reports say - USA Today
ISIS Claims Las Vegas Shooting, Says Stephen Paddock Converted to Islam - Newsweek
Vegas killer may have been 'radicalized' sheriff says - WND
ISIS is still claiming the Las Vegas shooting, and made a more specific claim about the gunman - Business Insider
FBI says Las Vegas shooting has no connection to international terrorist groups after ISIS claims responsibility without evidence - Business Insider
Las Vegas gunman is not a terrorist - Al Arabiya
UPDATE 10/7/17 - 5 days after Vegas slaughter, only ISIS offers a narrative - Police say no evidence of terrorism but can't provide alternative explanation. - WND
Police, FBI Seek Public's Help in Finding Motive Behind Las Vegas Massacre - NewsMax

Las Vegas shooting: At least 59 dead at Mandalay Bay Hotel

Oct. 2, 2017 -
At least 59 people have been killed and hundreds injured in a mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert. A gunman, named as 64-year-old Nevada resident Stephen Paddock, opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
Source: BBC
Full Coverage - Google
Live Updates - CBS
Las Vegas shooting: At least 50 dead, more than 200 injured in massacre - Fox
More than 50 dead and 200 injured in shooting on Las Vegas Strip; police say lone suspect is dead - LA Times
On ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ After Another Mass Shooting - Andy Crouch - Christianiy Today
As Nation Mourns Vegas Tragedy, Shooter's Motive Remains a Mystery - NewsMax

Thousands Are Expected to Gather at Ground Zero as the U.S. Commemorates the 9/11 Anniversary

Sept. 11, 2017 -
Thousands of 9/11 victims' relatives, survivors, rescuers and others are expected to gather Monday at the World Trade Center to remember the deadliest terror attack on American soil.
Source: Time
Flashback: Prophecy Central coverage of the event in 2001
Islamic terrorists tried to hit U.S. 97 times since 9/11 - WND
Trusting God in Hard Times: A 9/11 Reflection - Christian Post

Barcelona's Chief Rabbi Urges Jews to Move to Israel: 'Europe Is Lost'

Aug. 20, 2017 - According to Barcelona's chief rabbi, Meir Bar-Hen, the terrorist attack there shows that Spain has been a "hub of Islamist terror for all of Europe" for years.
"This place is lost," he said. "Don't repeat the mistake of Algerian Jews, of Venezuelan Jews. "Better [get out] early than late... Europe is lost."

The rabbi urges them to buy property in Israel.

Source: NewsMax
ISIS claims Cambrils attack, boasts of wounding '120 Crusaders and Jews' - YNet News
How ISIS is appropriating the Crusades: A Medieval historian's take - Newsweek

Kissinger: End of Islamic State Could Lead To ‘Iranian Radical Empire’

Aug. 6, 2017 -
Kissinger cautioned that ... driving out the Sunni terror group would leave a “territorial belt reaching from Tehran to Beirut” that Iranian-trained Shia forces could occupy.
Source: Breitbart
Why Israel Is Concerned About American-Russian Understandings on Syria - Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

US Senate panel approves bill to suspend aid to Palestinians

Aug. 6, 2017 - A US Senate committee introduced the 'Taylor Force Act'—a bill, which, if approved, will suspend US financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority as long as they provide incentives for terrorism.
The Palestinian Authority has "enshrined in law" a system that creates a monetary incentive for acts of terrorism by paying monthly stipends of as much as $3,500 to Palestinians who commit acts of violence and to their families.
Source: YNet News

Iraqi Government Declares Mosul Liberated From Islamic State

July 9,2017 -
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived in Mosul to declare it liberated from Islamic State, three years after the city’s abrupt fall to the jihadists alerted the world to the group’s growing strength, territorial ambitions and barbarity.
Source: Bloomberg
ISIS defeated, but not destroyed, as terror group still holds strategic swaths of Iraq - Fox
Fight against ISIS 'far from over' despite terrorist group's loss of Mosul - USA Today

Battle for Mosul: Destruction of al-Nuri mosque 'shows IS defeated'

Jun. 22, 2017 - The Great Mosque of al-Nuri was blown up--apparently by ISIS troops. The jihadists blamed the U.S. for the destruction, but Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said ISIS did it themselves, and the act was "an official declaration of defeat,"
The mosque, which was more than 800 years old, was where in July 2014 IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi demanded allegiance in his first and only public appearance following the declaration days earlier of a "caliphate".
Source: BBC

Van hits worshippers outside mosque in London's Finsbury Park

Jun. 18, 2017 - Several pedestrians were injured in London near a mosque. Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation Muslim organisation, said:
“According to eyewitnesses it was a deliberate attack against innocent Muslims, and if that’s confirmed by authorities it should be classed as a terror attack, no doubt about that.”
Source: Independent
One Dead, 10 Injured as Vehicle Rams Into Crowd Near London Mosque - Time

Islamic State leader Baghdadi 'may have been killed by Russia'

Jun. 16, 2017 - The Russian defence ministry believes that one of their airstrikes in Raqqa, Syria may have killed the leader of the Islamic State (ISIS). The attack that targeted the terrorist group's military council and killed up to 330 people. The Russian agency said:
"According to information that is checked through various channels, IS leader Ibrahim Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was killed as a result of the strike, was also present at the meeting" .
Source: BBC

London attacks killed 7; police arrest 12 in raids

Jun. 4, 2017 - Another attack in London has left 7 people dead and more than 40 injured.
Saturday’s horror began around 10 p.m. local time when a white van veered off the road and barreled into pedestrians on London Bridge. Three men jumped out of the van with large knives and attacked people.
Source: Fox
Trump urges end to political correctness in wake of London attack - NY Daily News
Update: Report: ISIS Claims Responsibility for London Attack - NewsMax
After London attack, May vows to fight ‘evil ideology of Islamist extremism’ - Times of Israel
Trump Vows to Do Whatever Is Necessary to Protect US - NewsMax
Anti-Shariah rallies planned for 28 U.S. cities June 10 - WND
Update: Jun. 6, 2017 - Over 130 imams, religious leaders refuse to say funeral prayers for London Bridge attackers - Fox

Report: Worldwide Terrorism at All-Time High

Jun. 1, 2017 -
Worldwide terrorism is at an all-time high, and violence cost the global economy $14.3 trillion last year, with a $2.5 trillion impact in the United States alone.
Source: VOA
Righteous Anger: Egypt’s Christians Respond to ISIS - Christianity Today
ISIS Flag Flies in Asia's Most Christian Country [Philippines] - Christianity Today

Manchester attack: 22 dead and 59 hurt in suicide bombing

May 22, 2017 -
Twenty-two people have been killed and 59 injured in what Theresa May called an "appalling, sickening, terrorist attack" at Manchester Arena. A lone male suicide attacker set off a homemade bomb ... at the end of a concert by US singer Ariana Grande.
Source: BBC

Boko Haram Increasingly Using Children as Bombers

Apr. 12, 2017 - A U.N. report reveals that Boko Haram, the radical Islamic group in West and Central Africa is forcing children to carry out bombings.
UNICEF says at least 117 attacks have been carried out by youth in the Lake Chad basin region since 2014, with nearly 80 percent of the bombs strapped to girls, who were sometimes drugged before their missions.
Source: NewsMax

Palm Sunday attacks: ISIS says it carried out bombings at churches in Egypt that killed at least 37

Apr. 9, 2017 - ISIS has claimed responsibility for bombing attacks at two Egyptian Coptic Christian churches.
The first blast happened at St. George church [near Cairo], where at least 26 people were killed and 71 others wounded... A second explosion was later reported at St. Mark's Cathedral in the coastal city of Alexandria.
Source: Fox

UK Parliament terror attack: 5 dead, including cop and alleged assailant, in 'sick and depraved' act

Mar. 22, 2017 -
Police said a vehicle mowed down pedestrians on London's Westminster Bridge, leaving more than a dozen with injuries ... the car then crashed near to Parliament, and one man - armed with a knife - continued the attack and tried to enter Parliament.
Investigators say that the attack was most likely inspired by ISIS propaganda.
Source: Fox

Al-Qaida-Linked Group Claims Deadly Damascus Blasts

Mar. 11, 2017 -
The death toll from twin bombings on a religious shrine in the [Syrian] capital Damascus has risen to 74... An al-Qaida-linked alliance claimed responsibility for the blasts..
Source: Voice of America

Egypt's Christians Flee Sinai Amid Islamic State Killing Spree

Feb. 25, 2017 - Officials in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia say that some 100 families affiliated with the Evangelical Church are packing their belongings and fleeing from the area.

Seven Christians have been killed in Arish between Jan. 30 and Thursday. Islamic State, which is waging an insurgency there, claimed responsibility for the killings, five of which were shootings. One man was beheaded and another set on fire.

Source: MewsMax
Iraq: Officials recapture new neighborhood in Mosul

Iraqi forces retake runway at Mosul International Airport

Feb. 23, 2017 -

Iraqi federal police forces – backed by U.S. air support – entered Mosul International Airport and took control of the runway from the Islamic State, an official said Thursday.

U.S.Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend said that the Iraqi forces are an "increasingly capable, formidable and professional force."

Source: Fox
Mosul offensive: Iraqi forces recapture airport in bid to retake city - BBC
Battle for Mosul: Key military base retaken from ISIS - CNN
Search for "Mosul" in Prophecy Central

Defiant Trump tweets "SEE YOU IN COURT" after ruling again blocks immigration order

Feb. 9, 2017 - The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously refused to reinstate President Trump's executive order banning certain refugees from entering the U.S. for 90 days.

But the Justice Department said it is "reviewing the decision and considering its options.” Trump later tweeted: "SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!"

Source: Fox
The Ninth Circuit gets it wrong - Hans A. von Spakovsky - Fox

Pence: Will use 'all legal means at our disposal' to reinstate immigration ban

Feb. 5, 2017 - An executive order signed by President Trump on Jan. 27 temporarily halted immigration from seven mostly Muslim nations. Last Friday a federal judge in Seattle imposed a temporary restraining order on the ban, so the Trump administration asked the Appeals Court to lift the restraining order and allow the immigration ban to continue. On Saturday night, a federal appeals court denied that request.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence vowed to continue efforts to protect Americans from terrorism. He said:

“From the outset of his campaign and administration, the president of the United States has made it clear to put the safety of the American people first. We are going to win this argument.”

Source: Fox

Top Iran officer: If enemies do wrong, ‘roaring missiles’ will come down on them

Feb. 4, 2016 - Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, chief of the Iran's Revolutionary Guard’s airspace division, responded to sanctions against Iran after their latest missile test.

"We are making round-the-clock efforts to defend our country’s security and if the enemy dares to make any mistake our roaring missiles will land on them.”

Source: Times of Israel
Pence warns Iran: Don't test us - Israel Naional News
Defiant Iran in missile exercise day after US sanctions - SpaceDaily
Mattis: Iran world’s ‘biggest state sponsor of terrorism’ - Times of Israel

Quebec City mosque shooting: Six killed, eight wounded
Jan. 30, 2017 -

Six people have been killed and another eight wounded in a shooting at a mosque in Quebec City, Canada, police say. Shots were fired at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre on Sunday night, where more than 50 people had gathered for evening prayers.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the shooting as a terrorist attack against Muslims. Two suspects are in custody.

Source: BBC

Terror experts hail Trump promise to wipe out 'radical' Islam

Jan. 21, 2017 - In his innaugural speech, President Trump did not name any country as our enemy, but he does see terrorism as a threat springing from the Islamic faith itself, using religious texts to wage war against Western values. He said,

“We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones, and unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth.”

Source: Leo Hohmann - WND

Jerusalem truck attack: Suspect may have supported ISIS, Netanyahu says

Jan 8, 2017 -

The driver who plowed a truck into a group of soldiers in Jerusalem, killing four people and injuring at least 10, may have been an ISIS sympathizer, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Source: CNN

At least 5 dead, 8 hospitalized after shooting at Ft. Lauderdale airport

Jan. 6, 2017 -

Five people are dead and a shooting suspect is in custody Friday after a lone gunman opened fire at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida without saying a word.

The shooter has been aprehended, but his motive is not yet known.

Source: Fox
Is Esteban Santiago A Terrorist Or Mentally Ill? What We Know About Fort Lauderdale Shooter - International Business Times Realtime Coverage - Google

Report: 90,000 Christians Killed for Their Faith in 2016

Jan 1, 2017 -

During the year 2016, some 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith around the world, according to a new study from the Turin-based Center for Studies on New Religions.

Communism is still responsible for some persecution of Christians, but “Islamic ultra-fundamentalism” is now the main source of persecution. During the year it is estimated that between 500 and 600 million Christians were in some way persecuted.

Source: Breitbart
Jihadists at root of worldwide spike in persecution - OneNewsNow
2017 World Watch List reveals troubling trends - Mission Network News
World Watch List

Turkish police question eight in connection to Istanbul attack, gunman still at large

Jan. 2, 2017 - A New Year's terror attack in an Istanbul nightclub killed at least 39 people and injured 70..

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack Monday. A statement ... said the attack was carried out by a "heroic soldier of the caliphate" who attacked the nightclub "where Christians were celebrating their pagan feast."

According to the ISIS statement, the attack was in response to Turkish military offensives against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. It also characterized Turkey as "the servant of the cross."

Source: Fox
Older Articles: Before Jan. 1, 2017

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