The question arises, "If these are the end times, would God send a revival when He has already predicted apostasy and spiritual decline?"

The answer is "Yes!" He gave opportunity to Noah's family, Lot's family, and the believers in Jericho and Nineveh to repent and be spared. Why wouldn't He give an opportunity, especially to the young people of our generation who have never really understood the Gospel?

The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. - 2 Peter 3:9
Revival must come through God's Holy Spirit. But His people must really want it.
If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. - 2 Chronicles 7:14

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"Revival" - Chapter 5 of Red Skies
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Insight From 2011 In Review: The Year In Prophecy
Insight from 2009 In Prophecy: The Year In Review
Joyous New Year! (2015)
Year of the Third Great Awakening?

Is Revival On The Way?

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Prophetic Significance of Revival

The Lord is mightily at work in His World! See some of the recent highlights below, and be sure to check out the Christian news sources listed at the top of the Revival Links!

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Trump cabinet fellowships thru prayer, Bible study

Apr. 27, 2017 - Members of President Trump’s cabinet are attending a weekly fellowship of prayer and Bible study.
Sponsors include Vice President [Mike] Pence; Secretaries Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson, Sonny Perdue, Rick Perry, Tom Price and Jeff Sessions; EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and CIA Director Mike Pompeo,”
Source: OneNewsNow

Prophetic Significance of Revival

China Gripped by Spiritual Revival as 'Hundreds of Millions Turn to Religion and Faith'

Apr. 25, 2017 - The number of Protestants in China has grown from about one million when the communists took power 41 years ago to at least 60 million today.
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ian Johnson believes what's transpiring in China is nothing short of "one of the world's great spiritual revivals."
Source: CBN
In China, Unregistered Churches Are Driving a Religious Revolution - “The government won’t approve it, but the question is if they’ll shut it down.” - The Atlantic

'Case for Christ' Scores Rare A+ CinemaScore, 'Strong' Box Office Opening Leads to Easter Expansion

Apr. 11, 2017 - "The Case for Christ" made the top 10 listing last weekend. It was given a rare "A+" audience grade on CinemaScore.
"Because of strong opening weekend, 'Case for Christ' movie now expanded to 500 more screens for Easter weekend! Please spread the word," Strobel wrote in a Twitter message on Monday.
Source: Christian Post
The Miraculous True Story Behind 'The Case For Christ' Movie - Movie Pilot

Jesus quotes posted on London double-decker buses

Apr. 14, 2017 -
A new Christian outreach is catching the eye of millions. The project called Quote Jesus has contracted for the billboards on the sides of London’s buses, including the iconic double-deckers, and simply features quotes from Jesus.
Source: WND

What's so 'good' about Good Friday?

Apr. 14, 2017 - Why is the day of Jesus' crucifixion called "Good Friday"?
It’s called Good Friday because even while powerful men were conspiring to kill the Son of God, God himself was acting to save the world from itself,,, to bring about history’s greatest good.
Source: Bruce Riley Ashford - Fox

In Theaters This Weekend: The Case for Christ

Apr. 7, 2017 -
Hitting theaters this weekend is the true story of Lee and Leslie Strobel, whose marriage struggled mightily as her growing Christian faith collided with his determined atheism.
Source: NRB
Official site: The Case for Christ
Making the case for a skeptic's conversion - “I kind of stood back," Strobel says, "and I said, You know, in light of the avalanche of evidence that points so powerfully towards the truth of Christianity, it would have taken more faith to maintain my atheism than to become a Christian.” - OneNewsNow
Review: How 'The Case for Christ' Could Create A Christian Cinematic Universe - Forbes

Can Bible bring hope to America? Survey says ..

Apr. 4, 2017 - The 2017 State of the Bible Survey, commissioned by the Barna Group and conducted by the American Bible Society, has interesting news about the current spiritual condition of our country.
Americans overwhelmingly believe their country is in a state of moral decline – due in part to corporate greed, the entertainment industry and a lack of Bible reading – but they still have faith that the U.S. can change its ways.
Source: WND

1st for Facebook Live: Hot new 'Bible Bee' series premieres

April 3, 2017 - Facebook will host its first live "Bible Bee competition", starting April 4 at 8 p.m. Eastern time.
Hosted by actor Kirk Cameron, Zwayne, Hanna Leary and the Benham brothers, it is now the “cutting edge” way to hear God’s word.
Source: WND
Details are available at ChristianCinema.TV. - Facebook

Former Tribune journalist to premiere his new Christian film in Chicago

Mar. 2017 - This Chicago Tribune article tells the dramatic story of Lee Strobel, one of its own reporters who started out as an athiest but became one of the great Christian leaders of our generation.
An atheist, Strobel vowed to use his investigative reporter skills to disprove his wife's newfound Christian faith... Instead, his research convinced him that Jesus is the Son of God and he published his findings in "The Case for Christ."
A movie by the same name will be released on April 7.
Source: Chicago Tribune
Greg Laurie Brought to Tears by Lee Strobel's 'The Case for Christ,' Urges Atheists to See It - Christian Post
Hollywood actor Mike Vogel says people should remove 'stigma' on faith-based films - Christian Today
Exclusive trailer: Lee Strobel's 'The Case for Christ' - USA Today
'The Case For Christ' Author, History Points to Resurrection as a Real Event - Newsmax

Christian Revival in Europe Spurred by Muslim Refugee Conversions

Mar. 24, 2017 - Matthew Kaemingk, a professor at the Fuller Theological Seminary in Seattle, Washington, says that many Muslim immigrants are open to the Gospel.
"European churches have struggled for decades to share the Gospel with modern secular Europeans... They have found Muslim immigrants to be much more open to the message of Christianity."
Source: Christian Post

'Duck Dynasty's' Sadie Robertson advises fans to have faith in God during tough times

Mar. 24, 2017 Sadie Robertson, the 19 yr. old Duck Dynasty star encourages young people to be prepared for life's difficulties by knowing God. In a YouTube post she gives good advice:
"And how are you going to handle yourself then? In order to know where God is in those times, you have to beforehand know who God is.”
Source: Fox

Showdown over Gorsuch: Evangelicals, don't get distracted, it's still all about the Supreme Court

Mar. 18, 2017 - Influential evangelical pastor David Jeremiah encourages Christians to focus on the upcoming nomination hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch. He admits that other issues like health care, taxes and immigration reform are important, but the big issue is the future of the Supreme Court.
"However, in an era when we are as divided as ever before as a nation, nearly all of these important issues will inevitably be decided in the courts – not by Congress."
Source: Fox
Fox News Poll: Nearly half of voters would confirm Gorsuch - Fox
Ignore the attacks on Neil Gorsuch. He’s an intellectual giant — and a good man. - Washington Post
Pray for Judge Neil Gorsuch, Trump's Appointee for the Supreme Court - Intercessors for America
Supreme Court judge: Marriage, religious liberty under attack - Lifesite News

Christian Movies Coming in 2017

Mar. 18, 2017 -
It's another year of great Christian films in 2017 which bodes well for evangelization efforts... It's heartening to know that talented filmmakers are taking back the artistic tool of moviemaking from the enemy and using it to win souls.
Some of this year's Christian films are:
"The Case for Christ" - April 7
"Guided by the Word" - May 2
"Salted Christmas" - Nov. 15
Source: Christian Post
Beware of false comfort in 'The Shack,' warns scholar

Christians to wage worldview battle at film festival

Mar. 12, 2017 -
The frontline battle for worldviews will be waged at the 2017 Christian Worldview Film Festival, March 13-18 in San Antonio, Texas. Hundreds of young filmmakers and families will ... learn from some of the top Christian filmmakers.
Source: WND
Christian Worldview Film Festival -

Museum of the Bible: A ray of light in a dark city

Mar. 7, 2017 - In November a massive Museum of the Bible will open just three blocks from the Capitol in Washington D.C. The project is backed by the Green Family, owners of the Hobby Lobby chain of 600 arts and crafts stores.
The Museum of the Bible will be the most state-of-the-art, high-tech museum in the world. According to the museum’s promotional material, cutting-edge technology allows visitors “to span time, space and cultures, inviting everyone to engage with the Bible.”
Source: WND
Museum of the Bible

Trump – a 'reprieve' from national judgment?

Mar 1, 2017 - Jonathan Cahn, author of the 2012 bestseller, “The Harbinger,” believes that the election of Donald Trump was a miraculous answer to the repentance and prayer of vast numbers of Christians who are seeking God's forgiveness and direction for the future. This could be the beginning of a spiritual revival, but if we don’t reach the younger generation, judgment will still fall on America.
"The election was not the answer, but it was a window given that the answer might come, the answer that now lies in our court, in the hand of believers, what we will do with this window for revival.”
Source: WND

First Lady Melania Kicks Off Trump's Florida Rally With Lord's Prayer

Feb. 19,, 2017 -

First lady Melania Trump opened her husband's rally in Florida on Saturday with the Lord's Prayer and a promise to pursue nitiatives for "women and children around the world."

Evangelist Franklin Graham was encouraged by Melania's recitation of the prayher. He tweeted, "Has this ever happened in American politics before?"

Source: NewsMax
Melania Trump attacked for reciting 'The Lord's Prayer' at campaign rally - Fox

A Trump Reprieve for America?

Jan. 23, 2017 - Like the revival of sinful Ninevites in Jonah's days, the United States could be turning back to the Lord, as indicated by the election of Donald Trump and a new emphasis on Biblical morality. Time will tell. Hal Lindsey asks,

"Can God use Donald Trump to help turn this country around? Yes, God can. So, pray for the new President. But don’t look to him for your hope. Look to God."

Source: Hal Lindsey
Is Revival On The Way? - Ron's Blog
My 7 predictions for the Trump epoch - Joseph Farah - WND
God welcomed back to D.C., says Land - OneNewsNow
CIA Dir. Pompeo: 'Jesus Christ Our Savior Is Truly the Only Solution For Our World' - CNS News
Jonathan Cahn calls out Obama, gives charge to Trump - WND

Trump begins Day Two of presidency with prayers

Jan. 21, 2017 -

Nearly 24 hours after being sworn in as the nation's 45th president, Trump attended a National Prayer Service at Washington National Cathedral before traveling to CIA headquarters "to thank the men and women of the intelligence community," spokesman Sean Spicer said.

Source: USA Today
Evangelicals Participate in 58th Presidential Inauguration National Prayer Service = Gospel Herald
National Prayer Service - Participants - Fox DC
‘Grant to Donald John Trump…Thy grace and favor': What happened at the National Prayer Service - Washington Post

Donald Trump Invites Critics to Pray at Inauguration

Jan. 20, 2017 - President-elect Trump has chosen six spiritual leaders to participate in his inauguration: Evangelist Franklin Graham, Rev. Sam Rodriguez Jr., Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Rabbi Marvin Heir, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, and Paula White--Trump's long-time spiritual advisor,

Following presidential tradition, the morning after the inauguration Trump will join an interfaith prayer service at the Washington National Cathedral, where historically a much broader collection of non-Judeo-Christian religious voices is included.

Source: Elizabeth Dias - Time

THURSDAY: Pre-inaugural concert, fireworks above the Lincoln Memorial, while the military band sang, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" - Voice of America

FRIDAY: Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress to preach at pre-inauguration service for Trump - The leader of the downtown Dallas megachurch has been a vocal supporter of Trump, even introducing him at several campaign rallies. He also is a member of Trump's faith advisory council, which includes James Dobson and Jerry Falwell Jr. - Dallas News
DONALD TRUMP'S INAUGURAL SPEECH - Annotated Transcript - Financial Times
Donald Trump’s inaugural speech may be his most religious yet - He made a Bible reference to Psalm 133. “The Bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.” - He also said, “There should be no fear. We are protected, and we will always be protected … And most importantly, we will be protected by God.” - Washington Post

SATURDAY: Trump Stacks Prayer Service Lineup with Evangelicals - A record number of evangelical leaders will participate in the interfaith prayer service held at the Washington National Cathedral the day after the inauguration. .. two former presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention, the granddaughter of Billy Graham, and evangelist Greg Laurie... and various faiths... total of 26 faith leaders. - Christianity Today
What presidents do when inaugurated - Snippets of opening addresses through history - Bill Federer - WND
The Church’s Integrity in the Trump Years - Mark Galli - Christianity Today

Carson to defend HUD nomination, talk up upbringing in hearing

Jan. 12, 2017 - Today Congress will consider acceptance of Dr. Ben Carson as director of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. He has said,

"I want to help heal America's divisions, and I think HUD is positioned to help in that healing. One of our biggest threats right now is this political division, racial conflict, and class warfare. It is ripping this country apart."

Source: Washington Examiner
Everything You Need to Know About Ben Carson, Trump's Pick for HUD Secretary - ABC News

Inauguration speaker Franklin Graham: God allowed Donald Trump to win

“I think maybe God has allowed Donald Trump to win this election to protect this nation for the next few years by giving maybe an opportunity to have some good judges,” he said, referring to nominations for the Supreme Court and others.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispach

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