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The Bible describes a terrible increase in crime and immorality. This is an accurate picture of our times: with all its riots, mass murders, prison overcrowding, drug and alcohol addiction, and gang violence.

There is currently a huge spike in violence and crime that has been caused by racial unrest following the deaths of some people who were arrested by police. Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland and McKinney, Texas, and other cities have experienced this sort of turmoil. It is exploited by agitators, and made worse by officials with ultra-liberal agendas. Police are reluctant to make arrests and keep the peace because of the danger of personal attacks by hostile crowds on the street and a lack of support from their superiors.

As with the other signs, this problem of lawlessness is bad before The Tribulation but it will accelerate off the scale during those seven dreadful years because the Holy Spirit will no longer be acting as The Restrainer, and Antichrist will be revealed.


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The shooter has been aprehended, but his motive is not yet known.

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Prophetic Significance of Lawlessness

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