Jordan is the country on the eastern side of the Jordan River, bordering Israel. It is known as a moderate Arab nation, ruled by a king (the official name of the country is The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan). It was established as an independent nation after World War II. At that time its territory included some land on the west side of the Jordan (the area now known as the "West Bank," including East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount).

Jordan was one of several nations that fought against Israel in the 1967 "Six-Day War." At that time Israel took control of the West Bank and all of Jerusalem. Israeli General Moshe Dayan left control of the Temple Mount in Jordanian hands in order to facilitate a peaceful future for the site--considered sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Jordan has observed a peace treaty with Israel since 1994, and has been active in promoting peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. It is threatened by the new Islamic State (also known as ISIS and ISIL) in their barbaric march to reestablish an Islamic caliphate and destroy Israel.

There are several Old Testament prophecies about the ultimate destruction of parts of Jordan. These prophecies could be fulfilled during the course of the End Times wars that are yet to come.

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Prophetic Significance of Jordan

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President Trump praises Jordanís King Abdullah & invites him back to D.C. for a summit. The King delivers a powerful speech at the National Prayer Breakfast on the unique opportunity we have to work together as allies.

Feb. 6, 2017 -

We urgently need Muslim friends who oppose Radical Islam and Apocalyptic Islam and have the courage to stand against the forces of violent extremism.

Source: Joel Rosenberg

Prophetic Significance of Jordan

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