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What effect does Barack Obama have on moral issues?


The United States is apparently not a major player in world affairs during the end-times. What will happen to our country in the next few years that will remove us from our present role as the world's only superpower? One major factor is the choice of the American people of its leaders, and the appointment by those leaders of key positions. Those leaders could nudge us toward socialism and adoption of a one-world government structure. This could set the scene for a the despotic antichrist world ruler.

This section continues to track President Obama's beliefs and policies about moral issues, such as the sanctity of life, and traditional marriage. It also takes note of his understanding of Christian principles, biblical foundations of our government, honesty and transparency in government, attitudes and actions toward terrorists, reaction to persecution of Christians, and loyalty to Israel.

Read my 2015 blog on the subject of "Obama's Morality." Here is the conclusion of that article:

We still pray for him, and promise to do so more diligently. Most of all, we are praying for a spiritual revival in America for the sake of our young people. Wouldn’t it be great if the President would have a change of heart, and be part of such an awakening? With God all things are possible!

Some Scriptures to keep in mind are:

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.” – Isaiah 5:20

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” - Proverbs 14:34

"I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone- for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 4 who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. - 1 Timothy 2:1-4

See other Scriptural principles in the introduction to other questions about President Obama, first posted in 2008.

Current Events

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President Obama and Islam

July, 2016 - Watch this commentary by Bill O'Reilly.
Source: Fox

Report: Netanyahu to lead effort in thwarting Obama bid for UN chief

Jan. 1, 2016 - The Kuwaiti newspaper 'Al-Jarida revealed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to oppose President Obama's aspiration to become the chief of the United Nations. Netanyahu told his associates:

“Wasn’t eight years of having Obama in office enough? ... Eight years during which he ignored Israel? And now he wants to be in a position that is liable to cause us hardships in the international arena.”

Source:Jerusalem Post

Significance of Obama and Moral Issues

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