The dawn of the Computer Age brought with it the potential danger of sabotage by hackers, experts in the inner workings of computers, who take control of the system to steal information, or to even cause damage. The mysterious Stuxnet Worm was able to target Iran's Uranium enrichment facilities, and other cyber attacks have taken control of water control plants in the United States.

Government agencies like the Pentagon have been invaded by these unknown experts, and major businesses have had their sensitive information stolen. The potential is great for severe terrorist attacks against financial institutions, utilities, or even military operations. CyberTerrorism has therefore become one of the fulfillments of Jesus' prediction that there would be "wars and rumors of wars" in the end times.

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Prophetic Significance of CyberWar

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The massive cyberattack that hit the US hints at a new kind of cyberwarfare

Oct. 22, 2016 - A massive cyber-attack made major websites like Twitter and Spotify unavailable Friday morning.

But whether the huge distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack originated in Russia, China, Eastern Europe or right here in the U.S., it’s a reminder of how vulnerable the infrastructure that our increasingly interconnected society relies on is.

Source: Business Insider
Attacks on the internet keep getting bigger and nastier - Washington Post

Prophetic Significance of Cyberwar

Blazes at Iran petrochemical plants raise suspicions of cyberattack

Sept. 22, 2016 -

A series of fires at Iranian petrochemical plants and facilities have raised suspicions about hacking potentially playing a role, with authorities saying that “viruses had contaminated” equipment at several of the affected complexes.

Six plants have been affected in about three months, reminding officials of the infamous Stuxnet in the past decade.

Source: Times of Israel
Yahoo hit with hack affecting at least 500 million user accounts, FBI investigating - Biggest data breach in history - The Mercury News

Politicians, Experts Suspect Russia of Hacking US Political System

Sept. 12, 2016 -

The controversy still rages over Russia's possible hacking into computer systems used by American political entities. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has warned Russia not to try to interfere with the U.S. general election in November.

Source: Voice of America

Security Experts Agree: The NSA Was Hacked

Aug. 19,, 2016 -

A group of hackers known as the Shadow Brokers is currently selling off cyber-spying tools, which it claims belong to the U.S. government, in an online auction.

This information could be used to break into firewall systems from companies like Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. In response, Cisco announced that it will patch two vulnerabilities.

Source: MIT Technology Review
Alleged NSA data dump contains powerful, rarely seen hacking tools - PC World

US planned major cyber attack on Iran if diplomacy failed

Feb. 27, 2016 - According to the New York Times the US had a plan in place for an extensive cyber attack on Iran if the nuclear deal with them had failed.

Code-named Nitro Zeus, the plan was aimed at crippling Iran's air defenses, communications systems and key parts of its electrical power grid, but was put on hold after a nuclear deal was reached last year, the Times said.

Source: Jerusalem Post
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