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Fearful Events

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When describing the conditions that usher in the End Times, Jesus gave several categories of startling events.

Then he said to them: "Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven." (Luke 21:10-11)

Wars will increase. Seismic activity (earthquakes and volcanoes) will be worse. Famines and pestilences will be more prevalent. Fearful events and great signs from the heavens could include disastrous weather, modern threats, like asteroids, space junk, solar flares, and even UFO scares.

In the case of extreme weather, many observers agree that the scope and frequency of wind storms, floods and droughts appear to be increasing at this time, possibly as warnings or judgments.

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Fearful Events
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Prophetic Significance of Fearful Events

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Powerful Alaska storm to rival strongest on record

Dec. 12, 2015 -

Hurricane-force winds ... 74 mph or greater, will howl across the western Aleutian Islands late Saturday night through Sunday. ... Large waves upwards of 40 feet ... making it hazardous to navigate the waters of the Bering Sea.


Prophetic Significance of Fearful Events

Patricia strengthens into 'potentially catastrophic' Category 5 hurricane, threatens Mexico's Pacific coast

Oct. 23, 2015 -

Forecasters said Friday that Hurricane Patricia had grown into the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western hemisphere hours before it was forecast to make landfall on Mexico's Pacific coast.

The Category 5 storm's maximum sustained winds are nearly 200 miles per hour. It is expected to strike land between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta Friday afternoon or evening.

Source: Fox

Mideast Hit With 165F Heat, 'Highest Ever Recorded'

Aug. 2, 2015 - of the in the western Iran city of Bandar Mahshahr ex[eroemced a 165-degree heat-index reading. The actual temperature was lower, but because of humidity, it felt like 165 degrees.

"That was one of the most incredible temperature observations I have ever seen ó and it is one of the most extreme readings ever in the world," AccuWeather meteorologist Anthony Saglia told The Telegraph.

Source: NewsMax

Report: Iran Prepared for Nuclear EMP Attack on US

Mar. 19, 2015 - U.S. analyst Peter Vincent Pry wrote an article on the Israeli website Arutz Sheva, based on a recently translated Iranian military textbook that endorses a nuclear EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) attack against the U.S. He wrote:

"One nuclear warhead detonated at high altitude over the United States would black out the national electrical grid and other life sustaining critical infrastructures for months or years"

He also warned that if such a national blackout lasted for one year it would "leave 90 percent of Americans dead."

Source: NewsMax
Op-Ed: Nuclear Iran--A World Crisis - Peter Vincent Pry - Arutz Sheva

Cyclone devastates South Pacific islands of Vanuatu

Mar. 14, 2015 - the south Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu and nearby islands were devastated by Cyclone Pam's 175 mph winds.

"While it is too early to say for certain, early reports are indicating that this weather disaster could potentially be one of the worst in Pacific history," New Zealand executive director Vivien Maidaborn said in a statement.

Source: BBC
Update Mar. 16, 2015 - Vanuatu Cyclone Pam: President appeals for 'immediate' help - BBC

NASA Scientist: Calif. Has 'About One Year of Water Supply Left'>

Mar. 13, 2015 - A water scientist warns that it is time for California to seriously consider rationing water.

"January was the driest in California since record-keeping began in 1895," wrote Jay Famiglietti, who is senior water scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory/CalTech and UC Irvine professor of Earth system science.

Source: NewsMax
Proof is in the footage: Iran's missiles destined for Eastern Seaboard?

Jan 30, 2015 - Israel's Eros-B satellite captured footage recently that proves Iran is in the final stages of development of a 90-foot missile that could carry a weapon of mass destruction to the East Coast of the United States.
This never-before-seen missile and launch site stand outside Tehran appear capable of sending a rocket into space or being used as an ICBM [intercontinental ballistic missile] to launch an attack on a long-range target.
Source: One News Now
Experts: Iran Now a Nuclear-Ready State, Missiles Capable of Hitting US - Iranian military writings describe eliminating the United States with an EMP attack. - NewsMax
Earlier news about Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Attacks that could cripple the United States:
Nov. 5, 2013 - N Korea developing electromagnetic pulse weapons: S Korea
Oct. 29, 2013 - Ex-CIA chief: No solution to EMP attack
May 21, 2013 - 'We're 1 act away from social cataclysm'

Look Up To See Latest Comet Lovejoy

Jan. 15, 2014 - Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) has a pale green tail and is visible with the naked eye until Jan. 24th.
It can be seen with the naked eye in dark, clear skies. To spot Comet Lovejoy, just look in the direction of Orion, Taurus and the Pleiades, high in the southeast sky.
Source: Scientific American

An Asteroid Will Be Making A Close Call This Month, Visible With Backyard Telescopes

Jan. 13, 2015 - On Jan. 26 a large asteroid (2004 BL86) will pass the earth close enough to be seen by backyard telescopes.
Size:. . . between 400-900 meters (1300-2900 feet) across. Thatís big; by comparison, the meteorite that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013, damaging some 1,500 buildings and injuring some 500 people, is was estimated to be one twentieth that size.
The asteroid will pass the earth at approximately three times the distance from the earth to the moon.
Source: Investment Watch Blog

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