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Jesus listed earthquakes as one of the major "signs of the times" leading to the End Times events. Earthquakes and related tsunamis seem to be getting larger and more frequent lately.
Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains. - Matthew 24:7-8 (NIV)

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Prophetic Significance of Earthquakes

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Earthquake Magnitudes
Great = > 8
Major = 7 to 7.9
Strong = 6 to 6.9
Moderate = 5 to 5.9
Light = 4 to 4.9
Minor = Less than 3.9
Strong and Major Quake Watch

Is there really an increase in seismic activity? From some perspectives it certainly seems that there is, but scientists remind us that this could also be due to the increased effectiveness in measuring and reporting events. In any case, there is no doubt that this period of time qualifies as a fulfillment of the prophecy that "there will be earthquakes!"

Earthquakes in Various Places
- Ron's Blog 3/12/11

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Real-Time Earthquake Map - 7 Days
USGS Earthquake information for previous years

Last Real-time Earthquake Map- USGS

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At least 311 killed as massive earthquake shakes Pakistan, Afghanistan

Oct. 27, 2015 - Update on yesterday's earthquake:

According to Afghan and Pakistani officials, 237 people died in Pakistan and 74 in Afghanistan in the magnitude-7.5 quake, which was centered deep beneath the Hindu Kush mountains

Rescuers are struggling to reach the areas near the epicenter -- 45 miles south of Fayzabad.

Source: Fox

Prophetic Significance of Earthquakes

More than 250 dead as magnitude-7.5 earthquake shakes Afghanistan, Pakistan and India

Oct. 26, 2015 -

More than 250 people were killed Monday after a magnitude-7.5 earthquake hit Afghanistan, rattling the country and sending tremors through neighboring Pakistan and India.

Source: Fox

Tsunami Advisory For Hawaii, Parts of California After Chile Quake

Sept. 17, 2015 - A powerful 8.3-magnitude earthquake off the coast of north Chile has forced more than one million people to evacuate their homes. Tsunami alerts were issued for Pacific coast areas from San Onofre state beach to Ragged Point, Callifornia, and the islands of Hawaii.

It prompted the U.S. Coastguard to urge the public in Hawaii to use "extreme caution" in waters around the main islands. People should prepare for "strong currents and surf throughout the main Hawaii Islands," they said.

The strong ocean activity was due to start in Hawaii at 3.11 a.m. local time (9.11 a.m. ET) and in California at 4.46 a.m. local time (7.46 a.m. ET).

Source: NBC
10 Dead, Millions Evacuated - It was the largest earthquake on the planet so far for 2015. - Wired

Nearly Half of All Americans At Risk From Damaging Earthquakes, USGS Study Finds

Aug. 11, 2015 - William Leith, USGS senior science advisor for earthquake and geologic hazards, explained the new report:

“The new exposure estimate is nearly double the previous 2006 estimate of 75 million Americans in 39 states, and is attributed to both population \growth and advances in science.”

Source: Weather Channel
Book of Revelation's 'great earthquake'? 90,000 dead in an instant if Yellowstone supervolcano in US erupts, scientists warn - Christian Today

An Epic Earthquake Is Predicted to Hit the Pacific Northwest — and It’s Totally Terrifying

July 27, 2015 - According to Kenneth Murphey, a FEMA authority, the Cascadia Fault in the Pacific Northwest is an even greater threat than the San Andreas Fault in California. It is called the "mother of all earthquake faults," and it is three-quarters of a century overdue for a megaquake.

When the Cascadia earthquake and tsunami occurs, that region will have suffered the worst natural disaster in the history of North America. Many will die, and the landscape of the United States will be changed forever.

Source: Alternet

Sign of the times? Earthquake and Volcanic activity at record levels

June 13, 2015 - A steady rise of earthquake and volcanic activity in recent years is alarming.

At the U.S. Geological Survey’s website, the number of earthquakes that have registered in the 6-plus range are as follows since 2005.

2005 33
2006 27
2007 47
2008 47
2009 54
2010 51
2011 56
2012 53
2013 62
2014 73
2015 29 so far

Volcanic activity is also on the rise, and an article at Extinction Protocol says that the most ominous sign is increased activity at the world’s super volcanoes. Yellowstone National Park is actually a super volcano.

Source: WND
Are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions increasing across the planet? - Extinction Protocol

At least 19 people killed after magnitude-7.3 earthquake strikes Nepal

May 12, 2015 -

At least 19 people were killed Tuesday and 981 have been injured after another major earthquake struck Nepal less than three weeks after more than 8,000 people were killed by a devastating temblor that flatted mountain villages and triggered landslides.

Source: Fox

Survivor Pulled From Rubble 5 Days After Nepal Earthquake

Apr. 30, 2015 -

Crowds cheered Thursday as an 18-year-old male was pulled, dazed and dusty, from the wreckage of a seven-story Kathmandu building that collapsed around him five days ago when an enormous earthquake shook Nepal.

The young man was injured, but in good condition considering the fact that he had been trapped between floors of the collapsed building, and had not been rescued for five days. An American disaster response team had helped the Nepalese rescuers in their effort.

Source: NPR
Nepal earthquake: Two rescued after five days - BBC
Death Toll From Nepal Earthquake Crosses 5,000 as Rescue Teams Begin to Arrive at Remote Villages - BBC

UN says 1.4 million people victimized by Nepal earthquake need food assistance

Apr. 28, 2015 - A United Nations spokesman said that more than 1.4 million people are affected by the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal. The United Nations is releasing $15 million from its central emergency response fund to help international humanitarian groups provide food, shelter, water, medical supplies and logistical services.

The death toll from the earthquake could reach 10,000, Nepal's prime minister said Tuesday.

Source: Fox

More Than 3,700 Dead In Nepal As Earthquake's Toll Rises

Apr. 27, 2015 -

Nepal's devastating earthquake that hit Saturday is now blamed for at least 3,700 deaths. Reconstruction is estimated to cost billions. International aid efforts are underway, but aftershocks are rattling survivors' nerves and making the recovery even more challenging.

Source: NPR
Here Are Six Ways you Can Give to Nepal Earthquake Relief - Time
Nepal Earthquake 2015: How to Help Victims & Donate; Text GIVE NEPAL for $10 Donation [WATCH VIDEO] - Reality Today
World Vision launches appeal for victims of Nepal earthquake - Scoop
Samaritan’s Purse Volunteers Deploying to Nepal - TWC

Aftershocks Rattle Nepal as Quake Toll Passes 2,200

Apr. 26, 2015 - The Nepalese population is stunned by the devastation of yesterday's earthquake. So far, the death toll is more than 2,200.

Aftershocks tormented them, making buildings sway and sending panicked Kathmandu residents running into the streets.

Source: Time
Update 4/27/15 Death toll in Nepal quake rises to more than 3,200 - Boston Herald

At least 718 killed as 7.8 magnitude earthquake hits Nepal; search for survivors

Apr. 25, 2015 - A magnitude-7.8 eqrthquake struck Nepal and several other countries in the Himalayas. It was the worst temblor in the area in over 80 years.

At least 718 people were confirmed dead in Nepal, including 181 in the capital, Kathmandu alone, according to the police. Another 20 were killed in India, six in Tibet and two in Bangladesh. Two Chinese citizens died at the Nepal-China border.

Damage was extensive, and the death toll is expected to rise dramatically.
Source: Fox

Study links natural gas drilling in Texas to swarm of quakes

Apr. 22, 2015 - Scientists from Southern Methodist University and the U.S. Geological Surveys claim that a swarm of small earthquakes west of Fort Worth, Texas, was caused by injecting wastewater into natural gas wells.

In 84 days from November 2013 to January 2014, the area around Azle, Texas, shook with 27 magnitude 2 or greater earthquakes. . . It's an area that had no recorded quakes for 150 years.

Source: Fox

Russian analyst urges nuclear attack on Yellowstone National Park and San Andreas fault

Mar. 31, 2015 - Konstantin Sivkov, president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems based in Moscow, urged Russia to increase its military weapons and strategies against the "West." He said, that the best way to attack the United States would be to detonate nuclear weapons at the Yellowstone supervolcano or along the San Andreas fault line on California's coast.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Callifornia nearly guaranteed to get major earthquake in next 30 years

Mar. 10, 2015 - New methods of calculating earthquake probabilities indicates an increased likelihood of an eruption of the San Andreas fault in Southern California in coming years and the probability that other fault lines will also be disturbed in the area.

Source: CBS

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Real-Time Earthquake Map - 7 Days
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Earthquakes and the End Times.

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