Revived Roman Empire

Revived Roman Empire


Daniel's visions of world empires conclude with a sort of "revived Roman Empire" in the last days. The European Union (EU) could very possibly be the head of this final world government. It is located in the same area as the old Roman Empire, and is expanding its influence year by year.

The first step toward the formation of a European superstate was the Benelux Agreement on June 8, 1948. This was a treaty between three very small countries, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Several years later, in 1957, in the city of Rome, and with a document called "The Treaty of Rome," those three countries joined with three other countries, Italy, France, and Germany to make the EEC (European Economic Community) which was called the Common Market for many years. Today the organization is known as the EU (European Union). In 1973 the United Kingdom joined the EU along with Ireland and Denmark, making a total of nine nations. In 1981 Greece became a member of the union.

Spain and Portugal joined in 1986, and in 1995 Austria, Finland and Sweden were added to the official list.

In July of 2008 the EU spawned a related organization known as The Union for the Mediterranean which includes European, Middle Eastern and African nations all around th Mediterranean Sea. A map of all these nations looks very much like the old Roman Empire.

For many years the original 10 nations maintained a separate powerful existence, The Western European Union (WEU), to assist with defense of the EU. It was disbanded in 2011.

At the close of 2008 the United States and the rest of the world were distressed by the greatest economic melt-down since the Great Depression. Our financial weakness could be the reason the United States does not figure prominently in end-times prophecy. As the world rebuilds its financial system there may be less dependence on the U.S., and more trust in the EU.

There are now 27 member states of the union. The success of this European merger is a further impetus to global unity.

Protests and revolutions in various Islamic countries around the Mediterranean Sea since 2011 raise the specter of a new Islamic caliphate that might merge with the European countries where Muslim culture is becoming predominant. Such a coalition would resemble the old Roman Empire at it's greatest extent, and could be what was predicted in Daniel, chapter 2 -the final world empire, symbolized by iron [Rome] and clay [Islamic caliphate?].

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Significance of a Revived Roman Empire in Prophecy

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Britain may fill U.S. void in Mideast

Dec. 22, 2013 -
Great Britain is signaling that it wants to fill the political void in the Middle East being created by the U.S. breakdown in trust with the Gulf Arab States in an effort to offset potential Russian influence.
Source: WND

Significance of a Revived Roman Empire in Prophecy

EU warns Israel over settlement construction

Dec. 17, 2013 - European foreign ministers meeting in Brussels announced the European Union would provide "unprecedented support" to Israel and the Palestinians if they can make peace with each other.

They warned Israel that they will be held responsible for the failure of peace talks if they announce any new settlement construction plans. Israel has made such announcements after the last two groups of Palestinian prisoners were released, and they fear the same thing will happen at the end of this month when they release more prisoners.

“We gave you an offer which is truly unprecedented. We are really serious about the offer, and we ask that you don’t underestimate it. We are ready to discuss with you right now how the future of EU-Israel relations might look..."

Source: i24News

EU publishes guidelines barring all cooperation with Israeli entities over pre-67 lines

July 19, 2013 -
The European Union on Friday formally published new guidelines explicitly banning any EU funding of and cooperation with Israeli institutions operating in territories beyond the pre-1967 lines, amid vigorous Israeli objections.
The directives are supposedly helpful to Israel because it defines the conditions for Israel to receive EU assistance, but Jewish officials say it will alienate Israel and force the issue of its future borders.
Source: Times of Israel
Kerry says gaps narrowing between Israel and Palestinians - Times of Israel

Coming soon! 'Transatlantic Union'

Jun. 25, 2013 - Economist Jerry Robinson warns that the expansion of “the corrupt” European Union will bring about a “Transatlantic Union.”
While the idea of a Transatlantic Common Market can be seen as far back as 1948 in the global security integration of NATO, it first gained major momentum in April 2007 when President George W. Bush approved the Transatlantic Economic Council,” he explains.
This council is trying to harmonize complex U.S. and EU regulations to prepare for a free trade zone by 2015. The zone will be called the "Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership." He claims that it will lead to the creation of a political union, amd then a monetary union. He says that this has long been the goal of those who seek global governance.”
Source: WND

Why A Cyprus-Like Seizure Of Your Money Could Happen Here

Mar. 27, 2013 - Big-money depositors, mostly from Russia, will lose up to 40% of their savings in Cyprus banks. This prompts American investors to ask if something like this could happen in the U.S. Steve Forbes says "yes," citing situations in the past, like the government's confiscation of gold in 1933–34. Dollars were paid for the gold, but then the dollar was devalued by 40%. Other examples were the deliberate undermining the value of the U.S. dollar in the early 1970's by President Nixon and the Federal Reserve, and the more recent governmental take-over of parts of the auto industry.
In 2009 the Obama Administration pushed through a brazenly political restructuring of bankrupt General Motors and Chrysler ... at the expense of bondholders. Banks signed off on the deal because they had no choice—their survival depended on the whims of Washington.
The article explores other ways that the government might tap retirement savings and other investments. Inflation is another obvious way of decreasing the value of our savings.
Source: Forbes Magazine (April)

EU reportedly to offer new Middle East peace plan

Jan. 14, 2013 - Diplomatic sources claim that the European Union is drafting a proposal for a peace plan that would restart the dormant Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.
The goal of the EU plan is to bring about the establishment of an independent Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, with its capital in East Jerusalem.
It is likely that the plan will be presented in March, after Israel's January 22 elections. British and French ministers are working on it with the support of Germany and some contact with US President Barack Obama and incoming Secretary of State John Kerry.

The sources say that the plan would be acceptable to the Palestinians, but it would call for Israel to join a pan-Middle East conference, including Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf states. It will embarrass Israel if it fails to join the discussion.

Source: Times of Israel
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