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2013 In Review

The Year In Prophecy- Part 1

By Ron Graff


We have put our extra effort into fininshing and publishing Volume 1 of our Revelation Commentary series. The book is available now. It is The Church in Prophecy and History: Revelation Commentary - Chapters 1-3. The book explores Jesus' own prophecies about the future of the Seven Churches of Asia and the seven periods of church history that they represent.

It explains the progress of these seven eras: the Apostolic Period (Ephesus), the Era of Persecution (Smyrna), the Compromised Church after the time of Constantine (Pergamum), the Middle Ages (Thyatira), the Reformation (Sardis), the Missionary Era (Philadelphia), and the present Worldly Phase of Christianity (Laodicea).

The history of the church is utterly fascinating--full of opportunities, challenges and amazing victories. However, these successes were punctuated by trials, persecutions and temporary setbacks in the ongoing spiritual battle. In every age the Lord Jesus Christ achieves victory through His church because He promised that "the gates of Hades will not prevail against it!"

In every phase of church history true believers are seen as "overcomers," and are granted special privileges for their faithfulness.

The last section on the worldly church of Laodicea, and our hope for a great end-times revival makes this book a good replacement for our usual year-end review.

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