Mark of The Beast

Mark of the Beast

The actual "Mark" is Antichrist's NAME or NUMBER, not ours.
It is "worn" as a symbol of worship on the right hand or on the forehead. However, national or international ID numbers are also significant because at the time the Mark is instituted, Antichrist will control all buying and selling, which obviously requires personal identification for all people.

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Current Events

Prophetic Significance of the Mark of the Beast

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32 Privacy Destroying Technologies That Are Systematically Transforming America Into A Giant Prison

Nov. 29, 2013 - Read this article to be aware of the vast array of technological methods that are invading our privacy.
Source: The Truth Wins

Prophetic Significance of the Mark of the Beast

"Mark of the Beast" Trends

Oct. 28, 2013 -
San Francisco's bay barge mystery: Floating data center or Google Glass store? - CNET
A black box in your car? Some see a source of tax revenue - The government may install tracking devices in our cars, raising privacy concerns. - Los Angeles Times - What if it could disable our cars by remote control?
The Mark of the Beast is Here (Series) - Tom Horn
Google's future: microphones in the ceiling and microchips in your head - The Independent - UK
Computerizing people may be next step in tech - San Jose Mercury News

NSA Spying Threatens to Hamper US Foreign Policy

Oct. 27, 2013 -
President Barack Obama has defended America's surveillance dragnet to leaders of Russia, Mexico, Brazil, France and Germany, but the international anger over the disclosures shows no signs of abating in the short run.
It is no surprise that governments are able to snoop on electronic conversations, but the extent of the information-gathering is not only alarming to America's enemies, but also to its allies. This scandal threatens to lessen our country's influence, and is making Secretary of State Kerry's job much more difficult.
Source: NewsMax
NSA's big red ears of shame - i24 News
Anger at Obama goes beyond NSA, Europe - WND

NSA program reportedly allows analysts to track emails, chats, web searches

Aug. 1, 2013 - New information published by The Guardian reveals that the NSA's massive database captures all Internet traffic and could allow analysts to scour individuals' emails, chats and Internet browsing histories at will. The NSA acknowledged the existence of the program (called XKeyscore), but said that "allegations of widespread, unchecked analyst access to NSA collection data are simply not true."
The Guardian report seems to make a distinction between what is technically possible under this program and what is legally allowed. It notes that U.S. law requires the NSA to get a warrant if the target is a U.S. individual.
However, The Guardian article claimed that the NSA allows analysts to search for information after simply filling out an on-screen form giving a basic justification.
Source: Fox
XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet' - The Guardian
Presenting XKeyscore: What the N.S.A. Is Still Hiding - The New Yorker
XKeyscore presentation from 2008 - The Guardian
Update Aug. 9, 2013 - NSA head says agency working to reduce leaks by replacing people with machines - Fox
Update Aug. 21, 2013 - Secret Court: NSA Surveillance Program Was Unconstitutional - NPR

6 Apocalyptic Technologies That Most People Have Not Even Heard About Yet

July 22, 2013 - Here are some recent developments that can possibly be used to make the mark of the beast possible:
Facial Recognition in place of Bank Cards
Facial Recognition Software Already Being Used In Stores
Google Wants To Put A Chip In Our Brains
The Pentagon Is Developing A “Terminator Robot” Named Atlas
Using Only Sound Waves To Levitate And Move Small Objects
Ultrasonic Neural Dust
Source: The Truth Wins
Neural Dust: An Ultrasonic, Low Power Solution for Chronic Brain-Machine Interfaces - Cornell University Library
Say Goodbye to the Password - New technology aims to offer security that is more convenient and more effective - Wall Street Journal

Inside Google HQ: What does the future hold for the company whose visionary plans include implanting a chip in our brains?

July 20, 2013 - Following the scandal about the NSA data storage of phone calls, Google is trying to reassure the public that they can be trusted not to leak private information. Ian Burrell visited the legendary "Googleplex" at Mountain View to interview Larry Page, Google co-founder and CEO about their future plans.

Google's current cutting-edge project is "Google Glass," an accessory to your mobile phone, while the phone is kept in your pocket. It looks like a pair of glasses, and only weighs about as much as a pair of sunglasses. It allows the user to view the information from the phone while keeping their eyes on the road. It responds to voice commands and answers in the language of your choice, or by just displaying the data. It can take a picture, record a video, get directions, make a call, or send a message. They are still testing it now.

Soon Google hopes to have the ubiquitous presence of a personal assistant that never stops working, capable of conversing naturally in any language. Ultimately, as Page and co-founder Sergey Brin have asserted, the goal is to insert a chip inside your head for the most effortless search engine imaginable.
Source: Independent - UK
Yes, you will vote how Google tells you - WND

NSA Spying Under Fire: 'You've Got a Problem'

July 18, 2013 - A House Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday was characterized as perhaps the most public, substantive congressional debate on surveillance powers since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Top Obama administration officials countered that the once-secret program was legal and necessary to keep America safe. And they left open the possibility that they could build similar databases of people's credit card transactions, hotel records and Internet searches.
The Obama administration contends that it needs a library of everyone's phone records so that when it finds a suspected terrorist, it can search its archives for the suspect's calling habits.

The administration says the database grew out of the provision of the Patriot Act, which was approved after the 9/11 attacks and reauthorized since then.

The administration says the database was authorized under a provision in the Patriot Act that Congress hurriedly passed after 9/11 and reauthorized in 2005 and 2010. The issue is being discussed because of the massive leaks by former government contractor Edward Snowden.
Source: NewsMax

Experts: DNA ruling could lead to national ID

July 6, 2013 - Twenty-eight states and the federal government now take DNA swabs after arrests. The information is kept in a national database that is managed by the FBI. A June 3 decision by the Supreme Court will allow police to continue this practice, saying that it does not violate Fourth Amendment limits on search and seizure.

Some law enforcement officials are calling for a national registration of each person's DNA at the time of birth.

Source: SF Gate

The hi-tech tattoo that could replace ALL your passwords

Jun. 4, 2013 - The new "biostamp" tatto, developed by the engineering firm MC10, contain flexible electronic circuits that are attached to the wearer's skin.
Source: Daily Mail
Will Electronic Tattoos Replace Internet Passwords And All Other Forms Of Identification? - The American Dream

NSA data center front and center in debate over liberty, security and privacy

Apr. 14, 2013 - A massive new Data Center for the National Security Agency is nearing completion near Salt Lake City. Reporters tried to get specifics about the installation. When NSA General Keith Alexander was asked if the facility will hold data on U.S. citizens, the answer was "no."
Some published reports suggest it could hold 5 zettabytes of data. (Just one zettabyte is the equivalent of about 62 billion stacked iPhones 5's-- that stretches past the moon.
They have said that the center's major focus will be on cyber security. However, NSA whistleblower Bill Binney worries that the government's new capacity to collect, store and analyze data could be abused. He said, "Now it's a question of if we get the wrong person in office."
Source: Fox
zetta= One Sextillion (10 to the 21st power).

Apple could unveil 'killer app' this summer, says analyst

Apr. 11, 2013 - Apple may introduce a mobile wallet as part of its next iOS at their June Worldwide Developers Conference. The system would use the near-field communications (NFC) technology and/or another method of communicating with vendors.
Source: CNet

Biocryptology Is The Future Of Cashless Transactions

Feb. 26, 2013 - Students at the School of Mines and Technology can purchase snacks using a new combination of identifying the fingerprint of the buyer AND checking the student's pulse in the finger at the same time is a big step forward to make sure the person is really alive! The article says this technology would avoid the...
... morbid scenario sometimes found in spy movies in which a thief removes someone else’s finger to fool the scanner.
Source: NowTheEndBegins

‘Extra Sensory’ Droid DNA Verizon Commercial Prepares People For Being Chipped

Jan. 8, 2012 - Verizon latest commercial for its Droid 'DNA' shows a man being implanted with various smartphone parts to merge his body and his phone.

Droid DNA Commercial tagline:
“It’s not an upgrade to your phone, it’s an upgrade to yourself…”
Source: BeforeIt'sNews

Editor's note: This is exactly what we have been saying would happen with smart phones. By the time people are forced to receive the Mark of the Beast, refusal to accept it will mean being cut off from necessary commerce and communication. See: Future Smart Phones - Ron's Blog

The Coming Singularity - NowTheEndBegins
Google looks to ditch passwords for good with NFC-based replacement - ZDNet

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