The War of Gog and Magog


This is the war of Ezekiel 38 and 39. We relate it to the war of the Second Seal in Revelation 6:3-4, a major conflict near the beginning of the Tribulation Period. Some respected scholars apply it to The Battle of Armageddon later in the Book of Revelation.

The Aggressors of the War of Gog and Magog - Ezekiel 38:1-4

According to Ezekiel, an alliance of enemies will attack Israel in the end-times. The leader will be Gog of the land of Magog (possibly Russia), who is the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. He is assisted by Persia (Iran), Cush (Ethiopia & Sudan), Put (Libya), Gomer, Beth Togarmah and other nations (possibly Turkey and/or other Islamic nations like those once part of the Soviet Union). Most of these names are listed in the genealogies of Genesis 10.

God will bring a quick end to this future war. He may use literal fire and brimstone, as in the days of Sodom, or he might pit nation against nation, the way he often did in the Old Testament, to precipitate a nuclear exchange.

And with pestilence and with blood I shall enter into judgment with him; and I shall rain on him, and on his troops, and on the many peoples who are with him, a torrential rain, with hailstones, fire, and brimstone. - Ezekiel 38:22 (NIV)

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Prophetic Significance of Gog and Magog

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Kaliningrad: European fears over Russian missiles

Dec. 17, 2013 - After years of complaint about the U.S. European missile shield, and a revision that President Barak Obama had hoped would relieve the pressure, Russia has now stationed nuclear-capable missiles in the territory of Kalingrad. The move is unsettling to all of Europe, but especially Lithuania and Poland.
The US insists that the missile shield is not aimed at Russia but designed to defend Europe from attack from "rogue states" - assumed to include Iran.
Source: BBC
Russia plans new ICBM to replace Cold War 'Satan' missile - Yahoo

Prophetic Significance of the War of Gog and Magog

Russian news agency RIA Novosti closed down

Dec. 9, 2013 -
Russia's President Vladimir Putin has abolished the country's state-owned news agency RIA Novosti... In a surprise decree published on the Kremlin's website on Monday, Mr. Putin announced it would be replaced by a news agency called Russia Today.
The Voice of Russia radio station was also closed immediately.

BBC's News analyst Daniel Sanford said that the change silences the news organization that offered the most balanced coverage of Russian affairs, and installs a pro-Kremlin service that will report government propaganda.

Source: BBC

Senior General: US in Greatest Danger Since 1930s

Nov. 22, 2013 - Senior military analyst Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney told reporters that the the US in the most dangerous situation it has been in since the 1930s just prior to World War II. Here is a summary of his warnings:
- The US is not prepared for an Iranian "Electromagnetic Pulse" attack.
- Iran's nuclear program may not be curtailed by the current Geneva conference.
- The US has alienated its long-time ally Egypt, so they have signed a $4 billion arms deal with Russia designed to let Egypt attain parity with the Israelis.
- By alienating Egypt the peace treaty with Israel may fail, and our country could lose access to the Suez canal and the privilege of military flights over Egypt.
- Our actions toward Egypt favors the Muslim Brotherhood.
- Our actions toward Syria has legitimized President Assad and acknowledged Russian hegemony in the Middle East.
- We are disarming the US military.
Source: Israel National News

Russia and Egypt in key Cairo talks

Nov. 14, 2013 - Russian foreign and defense ministers are engaged in talks with their Egyptian counterparts in Cairo. An arms deal that is being discussed could be worth $2 billion. Relations between Cairo and Moscow have been strained for decades. Recently the US has decided to cut defense aid to Egypt over the issue of the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi. However, Egypt's Foreign Minister, Nabil Fahmy, said that he was not looking for a "substitute for anyone". The Egyptian Al-Wafd newspaper called the meeting "historic".
The flagship of Russia's Pacific Naval Fleet, the cruiser Varyag, is on a six-day visit to Alexandria - the first Russian warship to visit Egypt since 1992.
Source: BBC
Egypt's message to the US: We've got Russia - CS Monitor
Putin Called Saudi King, Next US Ally Lost? - Israel National News

The World's Most Powerful People 2013

Oct. 30, 2013 -
This year the votes for the World’s Most Powerful went to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He climbs one spot ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama, who held the title in 2012.
Source: Forbes

New report says Iran can have nuclear bomb in a month

Oct. 24, 2013 - The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS)in Washington D.C., a nuclear non-proliferation think tank, issued a report warning that Iran could be only about one month away from the ability to have a nuclear weapon. They say this is because of the installation of new centrifuges in the Fordo and Natanz plants, and advanced IR-2machines at Natanz.
Source: Times of Israel
Kissinger Predicts Nuclear War with Iran - Jewish Press
Video- Kissinger at Wall Street Journal conference - YouTube

This Israeli Gas Field Could Radically Reshape Politics in the Middle East

Oct. 21, 2013 - Israel has two newly-discovered natural gas fields. It has been estimated that these sources could generate up to $60 billion over the span of 20-years.
Natural gas from the Tamar reservoir began flowing into Israel earlier this year, and Israel is likely to begin extracting from the larger Leviathan field in a few years.
These natural gas resources eliminate one of Israel's military and economic weaknesses: the lack of indigenous energy resources. However, their new status will likely complicate regional tensions between Israel and the Palestinians, Israel and Lebanon, and the conflict between Cyprus and Turkey.
Source: Policy Mic

Report: Putin to travel to Iran for nuclear strategy talks

Sept. 15, 2013 - On the heels of his successful scheme to avert a U.S. missile strike on Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been invited by Iranian President Hassan Rowhanito visit Iran in the near future. He will presumably help them develop a strategy for their continued nuclear development program.
Putin, seen by Iran’s clerical establishment as a strong opponent to America and the West . . . was approached by Iran to protect the Islamic regime in the face of continued pressure by the West over its illicit nuclear program.
Source: Daily Caller
Putin to visit Iran for first time in six years. Historic trip will raise renewed interest in the “Gog & Magog” prophecies - Joel Rosenberg's Blog
1 in 3 Americans Link Syrian Conflict to Bible's End-Time Prophecy, Survey Finds - Christian Post
Shocking number say End Times have arrived - WND
What the Press Isn't Telling You About Syria - Christian Post
Could Syria ignite World War 3? That's the terrifying question as the hatred between two Muslim ideologies sucks in the world's superpowers - Daily Mail

Russia to supply S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran

Sept. 11, 2013 - The Russian newspaper Kommersant reports that Russia's president Vladimir Putin has approved the sale of S-300 aircraft missiles to Iran.
The Russian-manufactured anti-aircraft batteries have been a source of concern to Israeli officials who fear that their enemies’ possession of them could have adverse strategic consequences.
Source: Jerusalem Post

Russia and Iran Warn Against Intervention in Syria

Aug. 28, 2013 - Russian President Vladimir Putin called British Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday to try to convince him that the Syrian government did not use chemical weapons against its own citizens.
Alexander Lukashevich warned in a statement the same day that military intervention in Syria without a U.N. Security Council resolution would have “catastrophic consequences.”
Meanwhile, Iran's Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told U.N. officials, “The use of military means [against Syria] will have serious consequences not only for Syria but for the entire region,”
Source: TIME

With interest in Gog & Magog prophecies growing, Muslim scholar writes analysis from Islamic perspective.

July 15, 2013 - Author and conference speaker Joel Rosenberg shares information about a Islamic book that proposes the scenario that Gog is the “Anglo-American alliance” and Magog is Russia. Of course the war is against Israel. It is a free ebook published in 2009. The author is Imran N. Hosein, and the title is "An Islamic View of Gog and Mogog." Rosenberg says that the author and bemoans the fact that not enough Muslim leaders are focused on this issue.
Source: Joel Rosenberg

Ex-spy chief: How KGB created modern Islamic jihad

July 10, 2013 - A book, and now a DVD movie, named "Disinformation" explains how modern Islamic terrorism began. Pacepa and his co-author, historian and law professor Ronald Rychlak, explain that the hate-filled rhetoric and terrorist activities that are so prominent in today's world were were virtually invented during the Soviet era to turn Muslims against Israel and the United States.
In fact, says Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, former head of Romania’s foreign intelligence and top adviser to dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, inflaming Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism and promoting terrorism were high on the KGB’s to-do list for many years.
In the late 1960s, KGB head Yuri Andropov devised the scheme of turning the rest of the world against the U.S. by reviving anti-Semitism. The U.S. would stand with Israel and this would convince the European leftists and the Islamic world that America was dominated by Jews. Terrorism was seen as a better method of getting people's attention than conventional warfare.
Source: WND

Egyptian military ousts Morsi, suspends constitution

July 3, 2013 - Egyptian Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi announced that President Mohammed Morsi had been ousted and replaced by the chief justice of the constitutional court as the interim head of state. Furthermore, Egypt's constitution has been temporarily suspended and new elections are to be held.
Millions of anti-Morsi protesters in Tahrir Square and around the country immediately erupted in cheers at the news, setting off fireworks and shouting "God is great" and "Long live Egypt."
Source: Fox News
President Morsi overthrown in Egypt - Morsi reportedly being held with top aides at a military facility after army suspends constitution - Al Jazeera
Statement by President Barack Obama on Egypt - White House
Apparent Egyptian Military Coup Puts Obama in Bind on Aid - TIME
Egypt and the End Times - Ron's Blog
Russia, Turkey criticize Egyptian democracy - Times of Israel

U.S. senator sees damaged relations with Russia over Snowden

Jun. 23, 2013 -
Democratic U.S. Senator Charles Schumer charged on Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin likely knew and approved of fugitive Edward Snowden's flight from Hong Kong to Russia and that it will "have serious consequences" in the U.S.- Russian relationship.
It is believed that Snowden will eventually leave Moscow and go to Venezuela via Cuba.
Source: Chicago Tribune

Putin offers to put Russian troops on the Golan Heights to serve as UN peacekeepers. Prophetic significance?

Jun. 8, ,2013 - Now that Austria has decided to withdraw its peacekeeping force from the Golan Heights, Russia is offering to put their troops in the area. This could be a precursor to the developments of the Ezekiel 38 and 39 war of Gog and Magog.
Source: Joel Rosenberg

Historian: Obama helping resurrect Ottoman Empire?

May 30, 2013 - Historian Robert E. Kaplan's article titled “The U.S. Helps Reconstruct the Ottoman Empire,” explains that Germany is evidently supporting a grand plan by Turkey to restore the Ottoman Empire, which was dismantled at the end of WWI. The empire had controlled much of southeast Europe, Western Asia and North Africa for more than six centuries.
Kaplan points to Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, the ultimate victor in the “Arab Spring”; the U.S. backing of radical Islamic “rebel” groups in Libya with ties to al-Qaida; and current support for similarly constituted radical Islamic “rebel” groups in Syria.
Source: WND

Israel Strongly Warns Russia Against Giving Syria Missiles

May 29, 2013 - Russia has promised to provide Syria with their advanced S-300 long-range air defense missile systems. They would not say whether or not they have already sent some of the weapons to Israel, but Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon says they have not yet sent any of them.
"And I hope that they will not be sent," he said. But "if God forbid they do reach Syria, we will know what to do."
His comments are being interpreted as a rare implied threat to Russia. He fears that possession of the S-300s would upset the balance of power in the region. It is also conceivable that the weapons could be controlled by Hezbollah.
Source: NewsMax
Report: Russia Cancels S-300 Deal with Syria - Israel National News
Disputes over arms for Syria cloud U.S.-Russian peace drive - Yahoo
Update 5/30/13 - Assad: First Russian missile shipment now in Syria - Prophecy Central - Syria Section

Israel Fear for Natural Gas Fields as Syria Set to Receive Russian Missiles

May 24, 2013 - Russia is sending supersonic anti-ship missiles to Syria. Israelis are concerned that Hezbollah forces from Lebanon could obtain the advanced weapons,, threatening the development of its newly-discovered offshore natural gas fields [Tamar and Leviathan].
The development of the two giant fields over the next few years is expected to not only supply Israel with enough gas to meet its own energy needs, but also turn the Jewish state into an energy exporter.

Russian warships enter Mediterranean Sea

May 17, 2013 - As part of a new naval task force in the Mediterranean Sea, Russia has deployed an anti-submarine ship, a frigate, and rescue tugs. A destroyer, amphibious warfare ships, and a tanker will be added to the group, and Russian Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov said that nuclear submarines may also be added in the future. Russia has a naval base in Tartous, Syria. but these new ships will be docked in Limassol, Cyprus.
The Russian navy maintained a squadron of 30-50 ships in the region from 1967 until 1992 as part of its Cold War with the United States.
Source: Times of Israel
Russia Sends More Advanced Missiles to Aid Assad in Syria - NY Times
Russia slammed by US for sending anti-ship missiles to Syria - Fox

Analyst: Russia prepping military to fight U.S.

Mar. 20, 2013 - Since a reset of Russian military policy in 2010, Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to recreate a post-Soviet empire by incorporating the former Soviet republics into a Eurasian Union, a duty-free zone that could rival the European Union.
Russia’s defense and foreign policies now reflect that Russia is surrounded by enemies led by the U.S. Moscow is concerned that the U.S. and its NATO allies will invade Russia at any time.
Source: WND

Moscow affirms ties with Iranian radicals

Mar. 3, 2013 - Nikolai Levichev, Deputy Speaker of the Russian Duma, pleged that Russia would draw even closer to Tehran as the West threatens to increase sanctions against Iran's nuclear program.
The Kremlin built Iran’s first nuclear reactor at Bushehr and has some 1,500 technicians on site, which would presumably preclude any military action against the facility without serious international repercussions.
Russia is also a supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Source: WND

Hezbollah, Russia condemn Israeli airstrike inside Syria

Jan. 31, 2013 - There are conflicting reports about claims that Israel executed air strikes yesterday against a target on the border between Syria and Lebanon. First unoficial reports said the target was a convoy of anti-aircraft missiles on its way to Lebanon or a military facility involved in chemical weapons production.

Israel and the U.S. have made no official comment. Either scenario was a possibility, but Anthony Cordesman, a senior analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, warned that Syria may simply be blaming Israel for the loss of a facility that had fallen to rebels or been destroyed by other means. They questioned whether Israel would actually attack a site where chemical weapons were stored.

Hezbollah condemned the airstrike as “barbaric aggression.” They are supporters of the Syrian government.
The Associated Press reported. Russia, Syria’s chief patron, said the strike would constitute “unprovoked attacks on targets on the territory of a sovereign country, which blatantly violates the U.N. Charter and is unacceptable, no matter the motives to justify it.”
Source: Washington Post
Syria and Iran threaten to retaliate against Israel for air raid near Damascus - Fox
Iran threatens ‘grave consequences’ for Israel after Syria strike - Times of Israel
US official: Israel notified us about Syria attack - Times of Israel
Syria warns of 'surprise' response to Israeli strike - Jerusalem Post
Khamenei aide: Attack on Syria is an attack on Iran - Jerusalem Post

Syria’s Assad is defiant in rare speech

Jan. 7, 2013 - Weary, but determined to continue his effort to crush the uprising against his rule, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad proposed a period of “transition,” in which a new government would be formed, a national pact would be drafted and a referendum would be held.
He put the onus of responsibility for the plan on Western powers, which he said must end their support for the opposition before the implementation of a cease-fire and the convening of a national conference to chart reforms.
Meanwhile the U.N. claims that at least 60,000 lives have been lost in the conflict, his army is losing ground, and his closest allies are concerned about the outcome of the struggle.
Source: Washington Post
Syria conflict: Iran backs Assad speech – live blog - The Guardian
'Russian ships gathering off Syria to deter West' - Jerusalem Post
Israel to build fence along Syrian border amid fears of violent spillover - CNN
Pope calls for end to Syria slaughter - ABC
US says Syria's Assad 'detached from reality' - Chanel 4 News

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Excerpts from

Connecting the Dots: A Handbook of Bible Prophecy

Pages 141-142
- The Aggressors of the War of Gog and Magog - Ezekiel 38:1-4

According to Ezekiel, an alliance of enemies will attack Israel in the End Times. The leader will be Gog of the land of Magog, who is the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. He is assisted by Persia, Cush, Put, Gomer, Beth T ogarmah, and other nations. Most of these names are listed in the genealogies of Genesis 10. Gog is not listed in Genesis 10, but he is evidently the head of the land of Magog, who is mentioned as a son of Japheth, one of Noah's sons. It is known that Japheth traveled north from Mt. Ararat after the flood. Hesoid, a Greek writer of the 7th century BC, and contemporary of Ezekiel, identified Magog with the Scythians and southern Russia. Flavius Josephus, a 1st century Jewish historian said that Magogians were called "Scythians" by the Greeks. Philo, a 1st century Greek identified Magog with southern Russia.Commentators from the turn of this century and before have generally identified Gog and Magog with Russia even though, at the time, they could not explain why Russia would turn against God's people. They conjectured that perhaps the time would come when there would be animosity between Russia and Israel.

- The Target: Israel - Ezekiel 38:2-12

This is the only time in history that this could be said of Israel, that they were brought back from many nations. It is true that they were brought back from Babylon and Persia in the Old Testament, but it is only since the Zionist movement, which began in the late 1800's, that Jewish people have returned from nations all over the world. They had been scattered abroad even in New Testament times. On the Day of Pentecost, for example, the various languages spoken by the Apostles, when the Holy Spirit came upon them, represented the many lands where they had settled. But they had not returned to stay. This really never happened until the amazing events that led to the rebirth of Israel in 1948. What thoughts would come into Russia's mind to make them want to attack Israel? A consideration of Russia's instability and the plans of some of their leaders for expansion throughout the Mediterranean area is given below. Israel has always been a key land bridge between Russia's allies and is presently an enemy of some of those allies. Any number of scenarios in the always-volatile Middle East politics could lead to a Russian attack in the future.

- Russia's Allies - Ezekiel 38:5-6

Persia is now known as Iran, and there is an amazingly close relationship now between Russia and Iran. Cush is Ethiopia, Put is Libya, Gomer and Beth Togarmah may well be Turkey and/or other Islamic nations like those once part of the Soviet Union.

It is interesting that Mizraim, the forefather of Egypt is apparently missing from this lineup. This, of course, fits the current world scene, with Egypt being the first Arab nation to make peace with Israel.

- Israel's Allies - Ezekiel 38:13

Israel's allies appear to be few and feeble. Some of Saudi Arabia was populated by Sheba and Dedan. The merchants of Tarshish could be England and English colonies. In that case, The United States could even be included since we were once an English colony. These allies ask why Russia and its allies are coming, but do not appear to deter them.

- The Outcome - Ezekiel 38:22

The quick end of this future war will be with God's judgment. It could be God's personal power, raining literal fire and brimstone, as in the days of Sodom, or it could be God using nation against nation, as he often did in the Old Testament, to precipitate a nuclear exchange.

And with pestilence and with blood I shall enter into judgment with him; and I shall rain on him, and on his troops, and on the many peoples who are with him, a torrential rain, with hailstones, fire, and brimstone. - Ezekiel 38:22 (NIV)

The next chapter of Ezekiel continues to give details of this great conflict. Again, it is a scene of utter destruction.

"And I shall strike your bow from your left hand, and dash down your arrows from your right hand. 4 "You shall fall on the mountains of Israel, you and all your troops, and the peoples who are with you; I shall give you as food to every kind of predatory bird and beast of the field. 5 "You will fall on the open field; for it is I who have spoken," declares the Lord GOD. 6 "And I shall send fire upon Magog and those who inhabit the coastlands in safety; and they will know that I am the LORD." - Ezekiel 39:3-6 (NIV)

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