Egypt was a prominent nation in the Old Testament history of Israel, and is usually identified by prophecy scholars as the “King of the South” in End-Times prophecy (Daniel 11:21 ff). However, Egypt is conspicuously absent in the line-up of the enemies of Israel in the upcoming war of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38 and 39), which will most likely be the same as the great war of the Second Seal in Revelation 6.

See also: Egypt in Prophecy - Ron's Blog

The unrest in the Middle-East focuses on the civil struggle between the government of Israel and its Palestinian people who want to establish a separate Palestinian state. Most of the Arab and/or Islamic nations in the area are also involved. The United States, the U.N., the European Union, and even Russia are all trying to broker peace in the region. In November of 2012 Egypt was involved in gaining a cease-fire agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

In 2011 Egypt experienced an unprecedented uprising of resistance to the government of President Hosni Mubarak, who had led the country for almost 30 years, following the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1981. Protests and outbreaks of riotous activity took place in Cairo, Giza, Suez, and Alexandria. Mubarak was deposed.

The protests were caused by the lack of progress in the country and the degrading living conditions of the Egyptian people. Their complaints and plans appear to have been promoted widely on Facebook and Twitter. Consequently, the Egyptian government temporarily suspended Internet usage and cell phone service.

Egyptian police were overwhelmed by the crowd, and though they killed some protesters and arrested many more, they had to abandon their efforts. Egyptians then overwhelmed and burned the police stations.

Commentators notice the similarity between this uprising and the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979. There is, however, a major difference. The Iranian Revolution was led by Shiite clerics, while the religious component of the Egyptian protest is the Muslim Brotherhood, which is aligned with the larger Sunni branch of Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood is the guiding force behind the Hamas Movement in the Palestinian areas.

The most dramatic effect of this revolution might well be the termination of the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt that has been in effect for more than three decades. Relations between the United States and Egypt could be severely strained by the outcome of this revolution.

Radical Islam has continued to grow. Their aim is to control the world. From a prophetic prospective, a new Islamic caliphate might emerge, affecting not only the Middle East, but also European countries where Muslim culture is becoming predominant. Such a coalition would resemble the old Roman Empire at it's greatest extent, and could be what was predicted in Daniel, chapter 2, where it depicts the final world empire, symbolized by iron [Rome] and clay [Islamic caliphate?]. See Revived Roman Empire.

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Current Events

Prophetic Significance of Egypt

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Muslim Brotherhood
The War of Gog and Magog

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Muslim Brotherhood rejects Egypt's draft constitution

Dec. 3, 2013 - A new constitution for Egypt was approved by a panel of 50 representatives, and will be presented to the country for approval in January. Representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood claim that it is the product of "abusive coupists" who are trying to "distort Egypt's legitimate constitution" (the one adopted while ousted President Mohammed Morsi was in office last year).
The draft, approved by a constituent assembly late on Sunday, preserves some of the military's wide-ranging powers and would allow a presidential election to be held before parliamentary polls.
Source: BBC

Prophetic Significance of Egypt

Egypt Backs Away From Plan to Dissolve Muslim Brotherhood

Aug. 29, 2013 - Nearly two weeks ago Egypt's interim prime minister, Hazem el-Belawi, proposed that the Muslim Brotherhood should be dissolved. The Brotherhood is arguably the world's oldest and most influential Islamist group. Since the recent overthrow of their champion, President Momrsi, most of the leaders of the group have been arrested. El-Belawi now thinks that the government should let their actions determine their fate. He said,
"Dissolving the party or the group is not the solution and it is wrong to make decisions in turbulent situations. . . It is better for us to monitor parties and groups in the framework of political action without dissolving them or having them act in secret."
Source: NewsMax
Egypt begins revoking citizenship of Hamas leaders - Jerusalem Post

Egypt's Struggle Is Against Political Islam, Christian Editor Says

Aug. 25, 2013 - Youssef Sidhom, editor of the Christian weekly newspaper called Watani (My Homeland), told the Voice of America that the cause of the revolution there was that Islamist President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were imposing political Islam on the nation against the will of the people.
"he Muslim Brotherhood are only clever in taking power in their hands and ousting every other political faction," Sidhom said.
Source: Christian Post

Jihad Against Egypt's Christians: The US Must Speak Out

Aug. 22, 2013 - The history of Israel and the Church are intertwined with Egypt. Jesus escaped Herod's massacre when his family fled to Egypt. Egypt was Christian for six hundred years before the advent of Islam.
It provided sanctuary for the Holy Family. And later produced some of the Church's greatest minds: Tertullian, Origen and the great defender of orthodoxy, Athanasius.
The descendants of those early Christians are known as the Copts. The Coptic Church has kept the faith in spite of persecution down through the centuries. Now the Muslim Brotherhood, which is on the verge of being driven underground again in Egypt, is brutally attacking Coptic churches and Christians.

The writer of this article urges all of us to call or email our representatives in Congress and the White House. He says, "The U.S. must speak out and condemn the targeting and murder of Egyptian Christians."

Source: John Stonestreet - Christian Post
Contact Congress and the White House
Obama Must Demand Christian Protection in Exchange for Foreign Aid to Egypt, Petition Urges - Christian Post

Egypt's ex-president Mubarak freed from prison, taken to military hospital

Aug. 22, 2013 - Following a court order, former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak was released from prison, but placed under house arrest in a military hospital pending a trial for charges of receiving gifts from a state-owned newspaper.
Mubarak is currently also standing re-trial on charges of complicity in the killing of protesters in the 2011 uprising, which could put him back behind bars, and faces investigation into at least two other corruption cases as well.
Source: Fox

Turkish PM accuses Israel of engineering Egyptian coup

Aug. 20, 2013 - The ousting of President Morsi in Egypt, and the crack-down on the Muslim Brotherhood has caused a break in relations between Egypt and Turkey. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that Israel was behind the Egyptian military coup.
Erdogan said that his government could prove Israel’s involvement, and cited as evidence statements made during a 2011 meeting between a Jewish intellectual and the Turkish justice minister in France.
Last week, Istanbul protested against Egypt's military actions, and recalled its ambassador to Egypt. Egypt responded in kind, effectively cutting off diplomatic relations between the two countries.
Source: Times of Israel

Terrorists ‘aim to hit Israeli, Jewish targets worldwide’ in coming weeks

Aug. 19, 2013 - Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau has issued a stern warning that terrorist organizations are planning to attack Jewish targets all over the world during the the Israeli observances of Rosh Hashanah (New Year), Yom Kippur and Sukkot festivals.
[It] also said that the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US was likely to be “a favored period” for al-Qaeda and other global jihadist groups to attempt to carry out acts of terrorism.
Source: Times of Israel
Sisi is preventing Egypt from turning into Iran - Jerusalem Post

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood calls for week of rallies to protest killings

Aug.17, 2013 - The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called for a week of daily nationwide protests starting this morning. Security forces are promising supporters of ousted president Morsi safe passage if they will leave the al-Fatah mosque where they have barricaded themselves. Yesterday's "Day of Rage" resulted in the death of at least 82 people, including 10 policemen.
More than 800 people were arrested in Friday's clashes, including local Brotherhood leaders in the provinces. The group's top figures are facing charges of inciting violence and some have been imprisoned for weeks.
Source: Fox
Egypt crisis: Tense stand-off at Cairo mosque - BBC
Christians targeted in Egyptian uprising - WND
'Horrible': Christian churches across Egypt stormed, torched - CNN
Egyptian Islamists target Christians as security tightens ahead of protests - Prophecy Central: Persecution Section
Live video: Egyptian Unrest - Reuters
Egypt Death Toll reaches 638 - BBC
Egypt mulls disbanding Muslim Brotherhood as security forces storm mosque filled with protesters - Fox
Egypt army chief vows he won’t back down, Brotherhood said to cancel march - Times of Israel
Egypt: mosque is stormed as generals plan to outlaw Muslim Brotherhood - Prophecy Central: Muslim Brotherhood Section
Saudi ing backs Egypt's military - Al Jazeera
Oil routes threatened by Egyptian bloodbath - WMD
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie held - BBC
Despite Ban threat Muslim Brotherhood is here to stay - Jerusalem Post

Aug. 17, 2013
RonGraff.jpg - 6668 Bytes Isaiah 19 and the Current Chaos in Egypt

In February of 2011, after Egypt's dictatorial president Mubarak was deposed, we posted a blog asking the question "Where is Egypt in Bible prophecy?"

We mentioned three different predictions in the Bible about the future of Egypt that seem to be separate from one another. One is the prophecy of the War of Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38 and 39. This is a short but intense war that may be the same as Revelation's "rider on a red horse" (Revelation 6:3-4). This is a war near the beginning of the Tribulation after the coming evil world dictator appears (Revelation 6:1-2). Egypt is conspicuously absent from the list of Israel's enemies in the Ezekiel passage. This is presumably because of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt that still stands today.

We also pointed to Daniel 11:21-45 where Egypt is called the King of the South, which is in conflict with a revived form of the Roman Empire called the King of the North. The Northern power will be led by the "Beast" (Revelation 13), who is often referred to as "antichrist" in prophetic literature.

And in his place shall arise a vile person, to whom they will not give the honor of royalty; but he shall come in peaceably, and seize the kingdom by intrigue. - Daniel 11:21

This passage predicts the wars of the Great Tribulation, leading up to the Battle of Armageddon. It describes Egypt's unsuccessful attempt to stand against the evil dictator.

Isaiah 19 is another important prophecy about the internal weakening of Egypt that that could be beginning right now and might eventually lead to the defeat we just considered (from Daniel 11) at the end of the Tribulation.

The burden against Egypt.

Behold, the LORD rides on a swift cloud, And will come into Egypt; The idols of Egypt will totter at His presence, And the heart of Egypt will melt in its midst.

2 "I will set Egyptians against Egyptians; Everyone will fight against his brother, And everyone against his neighbor, City against city, kingdom against kingdom. 3 The spirit of Egypt will fail in its midst; I will destroy their counsel, And they will consult the idols and the charmers, The mediums and the sorcerers. 4 And the Egyptians I will give Into the hand of a cruel master, And a fierce king will rule over them," Says the Lord, the LORD of hosts.
- Isaiah 19:1-4

The good news from this same prophecy is that the final condition of Egypt will be salvation and healing for the nation, probably during the millennial reign of Christ.

In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the LORD at its border. 20 And it will be for a sign and for a witness to the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the LORD because of the oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Mighty One, and He will deliver them. 21 Then the LORD will be known to Egypt, and the Egyptians will know the LORD in that day, and will make sacrifice and offering; yes, they will make a vow to the LORD and perform it. 22 And the LORD will strike Egypt, He will strike and heal it; they will return to the LORD, and He will be entreated by them and heal them. - Isaiah 19:19-22

This blessing could be the result of its treaty with Israel, which began in 1979 and has not yet been revoked in spite of Egypt's internal struggles with the Muslim Brotherhood.

See also: Egypt in the End Times

7 terrifying images from Egypt's violent chaos

Aug. 14, 2013 - Egyptian security forces dispersed Islamists and Mohamed Morsi supporters from two camps, resulting in the death of hundreds of protesters. It appears that the country is descending into a civil war.
Whatever the facts, the images emerging from the chaotic scene are terrifying: Dead bodies lined up in empty rooms, people fleeing with the injured hoisted on their backs and in their arms, streets engulfed in thick black smoke.
Source: The Week

Egypt Islamists stage Eid protests after military holds back

Aug 8, 2013 - Tensions are escalating in Egypt after envoys from the US, European Union, Qatar and the UAE gave up their effort to resolve the political crisis there. Interim President Adli Mansour declared on Wednesday that supporters of ousted President Morsi must leave their protest camps. However the interim government did not carry out their threat to clear protesters by force, so Morsi's followers are marching again, demanding his reinstatement.
Source: Jerusalem Post

Bloodbath in Cairo: More than 120 dead and 1,000 injured after police 'shoot to kill' in violent clashes which have rocked Egypt

July 28,, 2013 - Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians rallied behind the army's call for a show of support, but a large and unhappy crowd also gathered for a pro-Morsi rally, protesting his arrest. It appears that more than 120 people were killed by army fire and a thousand others were injured.
Source: Daily Mail - UK
Egypt arrests more Islamists as EU foreign policy chief visits - Fox

Egyptian doctor says 38 protesters killed in clashes near pro-Morsi rally

July 27, 2013 - Pro-Morsi rallies in Egypt resulted in clashes between demonstrators and Egyptian security forces.
Police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of Morsi supporters near the sit-in, setting off clashes that lasted for hours-- in a possible sign of a new intolerance for marches that block city streets.
At least 38 were killed and as many as 1,000 people had were injured
Source: Fox
Violence deepens Egypt turmoil, deposed leader probed for murder - Yahoo

US delays delivery of F-16s to Egypt

July 25, 2013 - The US government is still trying to determine whether or not the military takeover in Egypt is a coup d'état. If it is, our law says military aid to Egypt would have to be suspended. Meanwhile, the delivery of fighter jets to Egypt has been delayed.
Pentagon press secretary George Little said President Barack Obama made the decision to hold up the F-16 delivery while the administration continues to review options and consult with Congress on military assistance generally.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called Egypt’s military chief, Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, to tell him that we are still committed to the US-Egypt defense partnership as a "pillar for regional stability.”
Source: Times of Israel

Egypt's Interim Government Gets to Work Sans Islamists

July 17, 2013 - Egypt's temporary government is led by Adly Mansour, the judge who was made head of state by the military. He has chosen 33 ministers to help reshape the government. The leaders are mainly liberal and technocratic. None of them came from either of the Islamist groups that had been elected since the Arab Spring in 2011.
"It's an illegitimate government, an illegitimate prime minister, an illegitimate Cabinet," said Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El-Haddad. "We don't recognize anyone in it. We don't even recognize their authority as representatives of the government."
Source: NewsMax

US calls for Morsi’s release

July 13, 2013 -
State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the United States agrees with the German Foreign Ministry, which on Friday called for a — quote — “end to all restrictive measures considering Morsi.”
No reason was given for the statement.
Source: Times of Israel

Libyan official ties Morsi to Benghazi attack

July 10, 2013 - A letter from Col. Mahmoud al-Sharif, the chief of the Department of Security of the Libyan government in Tripoli, blamed last year's Benghazi attack on Mohamed Morsi, the now deposed president of Egypt. The letter was written four days after the attack.
The letter mentions Morsi as being implicated in the planning that led to the Benghazi attack and identifies the Egyptian jihadist group Ansar Sharia as the group responsible.
The letter claims that the attack was revenge for the production of an anti-Islam film, assumed to be “Innocence of the Muslims.”
Source: WND

Egypt Leader Names ElBaradei as VP, Economist as Prime Minister

July 10, 2013 - Adly Mansour, Egypt's interim president, has appointed pro-democracy leader Mohamed ElBaradei as a vice president, and veteran economist Hazem el-Beblawi as prime minister. The changes were supported by Egypt's military chief Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.
The interim leadership issued a timetable that sets a fast track for amending the constitution and holding elections for a new parliament within seven months, followed by a presidential election.
The Muslim Brotherhood denounced the transition plan and said it would continue street protests demanding Morsi's reinstatement.
Source: NewsMax
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie arrest ordered - BBC
Saudi Arabia Promises $5 Billion to Egypt - NewsMax
Christians Killed in Egypt Following President's Ouster - Christianity Today
Muslim Brotherhood Kept Christians From Voting at Gunpoint During Morsi Election, Megachurch Pastor Reveals - Christian Post
What Will the Future Hold for the Christian Minority in the Middle East? - Religion Today

At least 50 killed in clash outside Cairo Republican Guard headquarters

July 8, 2013 - Fifty or more Muslim Brotherhood supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi were killed by military fire while protesting outside a military building in Cairo. As many as 435 others were injured. The interim administration issued a statement about the event.
Monday’s fighting caused the highest death toll since massive protests forced Morsi’s government from power last week and established an interim civilian administration.
Source: Fox
Egypt's Coptic Priest Killed in Renewed Attacks on Christians after Morsi's Ouster - Christian Post
Morsi Supporters Attack Christian Targets in Egypt After Removal of President - Religion Today
Barack’s Plan B for the Brotherhood - Front Page Magazine
Egypt's Mansour: Elections in Six Months - NewsMax
White House says US won’t cut aid to Egypt - Times of Israel

Egypt army opens fire on pro-Morsi protesters

July 5, 2013 - The Muslim Brotherhood has gathered thousands of angry supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi to protest his ouster by the military. At least three protestors were killed by the army as the crowd tried to overrun the barracks where Morsi is being held.
The coalition on Thursday urged people to take part in a "Friday of Rejection" protest following weekly prayers. The call is being seen as a test of whether Morsi still has a support base in the country, and how the army will deal with it.
Source: Al Jazeera
Egyptian Islamists to protest Morsi's removal amid reports of violence, arrests - Fox
'It's a revolution ... not a coup' - Egyptian newspaper has message for Obama on its front page - Business Insider
Russia, Turkey criticize Egyptian democracy - Times of Israel
Revealed! Egypt’s glamorous female icons led uprising against Mursi - Al Arabiya
Officially silent, Israel privately upbeat over Morsi’s ouster - Times of Israel
Egyptian military arrest top Muslim Brotherhood figures amid crackdown - Fox
Egypt: Morsi removal 'a democratic coup' - "first democratic test" of the Arab Spring, and would be watched closely by the rest of the world. - BBC
Violence Erupts in Egypt in Pro-Morsi March; Calls for Jihad - Christian Post
Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood is Down, But is It Out? - Religion Today
Egyptian Christians 'Played a Significant Role in Raising' Largest Revolution in History, American Muslim Says - Christian Post

Egyptian military ousts Morsi, suspends constitution

July 3, 2013 - Egyptian Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi announced that President Mohammed Morsi had been ousted and replaced by the chief justice of the constitutional court as the interim head of state. Furthermore, Egypt's constitution has been temporarily suspended and new elections are to be held.
Millions of anti-Morsi protesters in Tahrir Square and around the country immediately erupted in cheers at the news, setting off fireworks and shouting "God is great" and "Long live Egypt."
Source: Fox News
President Morsi overthrown in Egypt - Morsi reportedly being held with top aides at a military facility after army suspends constitution - Al Jazeera
Statement by President Barack Obama on Egypt - White House
Apparent Egyptian Military Coup Puts Obama in Bind on Aid - TIME
Egypt and the End Times - Ron's Blog
Sen. Cruz: Why Is Obama Still Supporting Morsi? - NewsMax
Egyptian Forces Order 300 Arrests; Raid Al Jazeera TV - NewsMax
Who is Adly Mansour, new “interim president”? - Joel Rosenberg
Muslim Brotherhood plots to form new terror group - WND

Developing News as Egyptian Army Intervenes in Political Crisis
Click refresh icon on your browser to get updates.

JULY 3, 2013 - The deadline for resolution of the crisis in Egypt has passed, and the Egyptian army is now squaring off against the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled government of President Morsi. Here are stories about the conflict as it develops.

Egypt's president refuses to step down - Al Jazeera
Egypt’s Morsi offers to set up interim government, accuses opposition of rejecting dialogue - Times of Israel
Morsi's national security chief: Military coup underway in Egypt - Jerusalem Post
Morsi calls for reconciliation, but says he won't step down as army deadline to resolve political crisis expires - Fox
With coup possibly underway, Islamists and troops said to battle in Cairo - Times of Israel
Supporters of Egyptian president say military coup is underway - NBC
'Coup' under way, Morsy adviser says: Morsy out of 'the decision-making circle' - CNN
Walid Phares: Egyptian Demonstrations Signal 'Civilizational War' - NewsMax

Egypt locked in standoff after millions rally against Morsi

July 3, 2013 - Millions of Egyptians have joined rallies all over the country to demand the end to President Morsi's regime.
The massive protests showed that the ruling Muslim Brotherhood has not only alienated liberals and secularists by seeking to entrench Islamic rule but has also angered millions of ordinary Egyptians with economic mismanagement.
The Egyptian army has said they will take temporary control of the government unless the issue is resolved. Only a few hours remain until the army plans to exert its power.

President Morsi says he will not step down, but outlined a three step solution: new parliamentary elections, a national dialogue, and early presidental elections, which he said, "simply destroys our democracy."

Source: Haaretz
Egypt's Mohammed Morsi defiant as protest deaths rise - BBC
How Did the U.S. Lose the Egyptian People? - Bloomberg
Israel Nervously Watching Egyptian Turmoil - NewsMax
Egypt: Voices From the Revolution - World Watch Monitor - Religion Today

Egypt President Morsi warns of army ultimatum 'confusion'

July 2, 2013 - The Egyptian army issued an ultimatum that it will intervene if the political tensions are not settled by today. President Morsi has said that the warning "may cause confusion in the complex national scene". He vowed to stick to his "national reconciliation" plan.
Given the inability of politicians from all sides to agree until now, the 48-hour ultimatum makes it unlikely Mr Morsi can survive in power, says the BBC's Aleem Maqbool in Cairo.
Source: BBC

Must-read appeal by a leader of Egypt's opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood and the millions of protesters that the BBC called "the largest number in a political event in the history of mankind.” Will Obama and US stand with or against Egypt's people? - Michael Meunier - Fox

Obama urges Morsi to be 'responsive' to protesters - Fox
Krauthammer: Obama ‘bystander’ policy on Egypt ‘a shocking position’ - Charles Krauthammer - Daily Caller

Egyptian military issues warning over protests

July 1, 2013 - Tlhe Egyptian army has issued a warning to President Morsi and his suproters and political opponents that the dispute about his presidency must be resolved in 48 hours or the army will step in to restore order
A source close to highly placed members of Egypt's leadership said that the military's statement was essentially a demand for political restructuring, including early presidential and parliamentary elections.
In essence, President Morsi must either give in to the demands or the army will take over.
Source: CNN
Egypt's Military Issues 48-hour Ultimatum to Morsi, Opponents - NewsMax
Former PM: Muslim Brotherhood's Reign Will End Within a Week - NewsMax

Egypt protest: Thousands stage anti-Morsi rallies

Jun. 30, 2013 - Thousands of Egyptians have gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square to call for the resignation of President Mohammed Morsi. It is the first anniversary of his election, and vocal critics say he has put the Islamist agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood party ahead of the country's wider interests.
In Cairo, the anti-Morsi supporters are chanting: "Irhal! Irhal!" ("Leave! Leave!"), reports the BBC's Aleem Maqbool.
There are many other protests in other parts of the country, and some of them are on the opposite side of the issue. They want Morsi to stay in power.
Source: BBC
Egypt protesters gather to call for Morsi's ouster - Fox
Thousands gather for rival rallies in Egypt - The anti-Morsi protests have been organised by a grassroots campaign calling itself Tamarod, meaning "rebellion" or "insubordination", which claims to have collected the signatures of 22 million Egyptians demanding the president leaves office. - Al Jazeera

Pro- and anti-government protests under way in Egypt

Jun. 28 - Several thousand supporters of Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi are rallying outside of the main mosque in the Nasr district of Cairo, celebrating the anniversary of his inauguration.

Opponents, who feel Morsi is too dictatorial are also gathering in several parts of Cairo.

Security is tight in the increasingly polarised nation, with troops deployed in the capital and elsewhere.

Source: BBC

Muslims go wild in 'demonic' ritual

Apr. 23, 2013 - An Egyptian video from a wedding celebration shows a group of men tearing apart a live chicken and eating its raw flesh.
“The video is a glimpse into the dark and incomprehensible spirit that has possessed the souls of Egypt,” claims Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian Liberation Organization operative who has since renounced his terrorist ways.
Shoebat says lawlessness has abounded and there is chaos, with lynchings, rape and “diabolical rituals unknown in our time.”
Source: WND

Morsi: Don’t expect improvement in Israel ties

Apr. 22, 2013 - Israeli/Egyptian relations have deteriorated since the Arab Spring in January 2011, and the election of Momhamed Morsi as president. Egyptian demonstrators ransacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo in September 2011.
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has said he won't visit Israel, nor would he host an Israeli leader in Egypt, before peace is achieved between Israel and the Palestinians.
Source: YNet

Egypt becoming a nightmare for Muslim Brothers

Apr. 2, 2013 -
The Muslim Brotherhood who had won a sweeping victory in the first free parliamentary elections and got their candidate elected president have bitterly disappointed the people who had put their faith in them.
Civil war could result from the serious dissatisfaction of Egyptian citizens who are calling for President Morsi, the Brotherhood, and their new Islamic constitution to be replaced. The economy is in shambles and civil disobedience is rampant. It is clear that Morsi and the Brotherhood will not give up their hold on the government. Analysts believe that the army will step in before it reaches that point. If it comes to that, they will try to install a civilian regime that would be accepted by all.
Source: Jerusalem Post

Gingrich: ‘Dangerous’ for US to Prop Up Muslim Brotherhood

Mar. 5, 2013 - As new Secretary of State John Kerry releases $250 million in U.S. aid to Egypt, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says he has "grave doubts" about the Muslim Brotherhood that controls Egypt's government.
“The political opposition was opposed to us giving them the money and this administration seems to be willing to tolerate a great deal of Islamic extremism that’s very anti-Christian and very anti-Jewish,” Gingrich says.
Source: NewsMax
Egypt election body scraps voting dates - state TV - BBC

Locust Swarms Descend on Egypt Like Biblical Plague

Mar. 4, 2013 - In Giza, near the pyramids in Egypt, a plaague of locusts - numbering more than 30 million - threatens to destroy crops.
The insects arrived this weekend, coincidentally just a few weeks before the Jewish Passover ... In the biblical book of Exodus, locusts are one of 10 plagues delivered upon Egypt after the pharaoh refused to free the enslaved Israelites .
Source: TIME

Egypt Court Orders YouTube Ban

Feb. 9, 2013 - An Egyptian court has ordered You Tube to be blocked for a month after the site declined to remove the short video, titled "Innocence of Muslims." The video clip was considered insulting to Islam. It gave rise to mass protests in Egypt on Sept. 11, 2012.
Source: Wall Street Journal

After death fatwas and Tunisia slaying, security increased for Egyptian opposition figures

Fev. 8, 2013 - Since the Arab Spring two years ago Tunisia and Egypt have installed Islamist governments led by Muslim Brotherhood followers. Both countries have strong opposition parties opposed to the imposition of strict sharia law. Yesterday Chokri Belaid, leader of of Tunisia's opposition was assassinated, leading to demonstrations there by thousands of his followers.

In Egypt, where there have already been weeks of demonstrations and the loss of life by many who are opposed to President Mohammed Morsi and his government, there is new danger for opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the National Salvation Front, and other leaders of the opposition.

Several well-known hardline clerics the past week declared that punishments under Islamic law for those who cause chaos or try to overthrow the ruler apply to the protesters and opposition leaders — including death, crucifixion or amputations of limbs.

Egypt's prime minister condemned the edicts (fatwas). The nation's top prosecutor launched an investigation against one of the clerics. The government reportedly said that the homes of El Baradei and several other leaders will be put under observation for their protection.

Source: Fox
Thousands mass for Tunisia politician burial - Al Jazeera
Tunisian government 'dissolved' after opposition leader killed - Guardian - UK

Ahmadenijad trying to entice Egypt into forging alliance with Iran

Feb. 7, 2013 -

Iran's Ahmadinejad on historic visit to Cairo

Feb. 5, 2013 - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is visiting Egypt today. It is the first time an Iranian leader has made this trip since 1979. Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi gave him a red-carpet welcome on the tarmac at Cairo airport. Egypt is hosting an Islamic summit.
In September, Morsi offered a package of incentives to Tehran to end its support for Assad. The proposal included the restoration of full diplomatic ties.
Source: USA Today

Thousands in Egypt defy curfews, protest Morsi

Feb. 1, 2013 - Egyptians protested by the thousands today in various parts of the country. Protests have been growing for a week. Some 60 people have died in the violence and President Morsi declared a state of emergency in three Suez Canal cities.
Egypt's main opposition political grouping, the National Salvation Front, called for Friday's protests in Cairo, demanding Morsi form a national unity government and amend the constitution [to] prevent the Islamist from governing solely in the interest of his Muslim Brotherhood group.
Source: CBS

Egypt, Syria are falling apart – an Israeli nightmare unfolds

Jan. 29, 2013 - Israel may be on the brink of war with its neighbors. Egypt's defense minister Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has warned that the political crisis there may cause the new government to collapse.

Syria is "falling apart" according to Israeli Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel. Hezbollah forces are camping near Syria's chemical weapons site, ready to seize them. The prolonged civil war there may spill over into Israel at any time. Three Iron Dome anti-missile batteries were stationed over the weekend in northern Israel. Defense Minister Ehud Barak cut short an overseas family trip Saturday and flew home because of the tensions.

Israel is coming face to face with its worst fear: being hemmed in by a blazing ring of hopeless conflicts just across its borders: Syria and Lebanon in the north; Egypt in the west and south; and Jordan under threat.
Source: DEBKAfile

Egypt's army chief warns of 'state collapse' amid crisis

Jan. 29, 2013 - Thousands of Egyptians in Port Said, Ismailia and Suez have been protesting for days against their new constitution that does not adequately protect freedom of expression or religion. Egypt's defense minister, General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. warned,
"The continuing conflict between political forces and their differences concerning the management of the country could lead to a collapse of the state and threaten future generations."
So far, more than 50 people have died in the violence.
Source: BBC

Egypt: Constitution heralds dawn of an 'Islamic caliphate'

Jan. 7, 2013 - Bishop Kyrillos William, Administrator of the Coptic Catholic Patriarchate of Alexandria, is one of three bishops who express their profound disappointment with the constitution signed into law on December 26th. He said,
“We were waiting for a constitution that represents the whole of Egypt but instead we have one that only represents one group of people. We can see that the religious orientation of this constitution prepares the way for an Islamic caliphate.”
The bishops said that the constitution is only for extremist Muslims, and would be bad for women, young people and religious minorities. They added that the constitution calls for everything to be in accordance with Islamic law.
Source: Independent Catholic News

Egypt’s Morsi: No Peace With Descendants of ‘Apes and Pigs’

Jan. 4, 2013 - Recently a translation was made of a Mohammed Morsi interview from 2010, before he was president of Egypt. He told Lebanon's Al-Quds TV network said:
Israeli-Palestinian negotiations are a "waste of time and opportunities" because Arabs and Muslims gain nothing from engagement with "the descendants of apes and pigs,"
Source: NewsMax

Egyptian forces capture American-made missiles headed for Gaza Strip

Jan. 4, 2013 - Egyptian security forces captured American-made anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles in the Sinai Peninsula. The weapons were about to be taken by truck to the tunnels at the border of Gaza where they would have been smuggled into the Palestinian area. It is believed that the missiles were from Libya. Libya and other countries are able to smuggle arms into the Sinai, and from there they can be transferred to Gaza.
Source: Times of Israel

Cairo cements ties with Hezbollah

Jan. 1, 2013 - The Egyptian ambassador to Lebanon, Ashraf Hamdy, has said that the new Egyptian government, backed by the Muslim Brotherhood, will cultivate “tight” relations with the Hezbollah group in Lebanon. The United States, Israel and Canada regard Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.
“You cannot discuss politics in Lebanon without having a relationship with Hezbollah,” Hamdy said. “It is a real force on the ground. It has a big political and military influence in Lebanon.”
Source: WND
Egypt official: Israel will be wiped out in a decade - YNet
Top anti-Semites of 2012 named - YNet

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