The dawn of the Computer Age brought with it the potential danger of sabotage by hackers, experts in the inner workings of computers, who take control of the system to steal information or to even cause damage. The mysterious Stuxnet Worm was able to target Iran's Uranium enrichment facilities, and other cyber attacks have taken control of water control plants in the United States.

Government agencies like the Pentagon have been invaded by these unknown experts, and major businesses have had their sensitive information stolen. The potential is great for severe terrorist attacks against financial institutions, utilities, or even military operations. CyberTerrorism has therefore become one of the fulfillments of Jesus' prediction that there would be "wars and rumors of wars" in the End Times.

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Prophetic Significance of CyberWar

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Iran’s cyber chief killed in ‘internal dispute,’ Israel speculates

Oct. 3, 2013 - The head of Iran's Cyber War Headquarters, Mojtaba Ahmadi, was recently found dead northwest of Tehran. He had been shot in the heart at close range. A representative of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said he had died in a “horrific incident,” but he ruled out assassination.
The Iranian government has accused Israel of several recent assassinations, including that of Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan and four other nuclear scientists, and the head of the country’s ballistic missiles program.
Source: Times of Israel

Prophetic Significance of CyberWar

Syria Facing U.S. Cyber Attacks in Upcoming Strikes

Sept. 3, 2013 - During the anticipated military strike on Syria for its use of chemical warfare the U.S. will test the effectiveness of its new cyber warfare capabilities.
Targets of cyber attacks likely will include electronic command and control systems used by the Syrian military forces, air defense computers, and other military communications.
Cyber attacks will presumably disable Syria's sophisticated air defense system.
Source: Free Beacon

Confidential report lists U.S. weapons system designs compromised by Chinese cyberspies

May 28, 2013 - Chinese cyberspies have obtained secret U.S. technology for more than two dozen major weapons systems. The result could be the weakening of U.S. military advantage in Asia, Europe and the Persian Gulf.
The designs included those for the advanced Patriot missile system, known as PAC-3; an Army system for shooting down ballistic missiles, known as the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD; and the Navy’s Aegis ballistic-missile defense system.
Source: Washington Post

Report: Wave of cyber attacks on US originating in Iran

May 25, 2013 - US investigators say that a wave of computer attacks on US corporations has been going on for several months. They are coming from Iran, and the goal is not espionage but sabotage.
Several power utilities say they face a barrage of cyber attacks on their critical systems, a report by two Democratic lawmakers found, echoing warnings from the Obama administration that foreign hackers were trying to bring down the US power grid.
Source: Jerusalem Post

NSA data center front and center in debate over liberty, security and privacy

Apr. 14, 2013 - A massive new Data Center for the National Security Agency is nearing completion near Salt Lake City. Reporters tried to get specifics about the installation. When NSA General Keith Alexander was asked if the facility will hold data on U.S. citizens, the answer was "no."
Some published reports suggest it could hold 5 zettabytes of data. (Just one zettabyte is the equivalent of about 62 billion stacked iPhones 5's-- that stretches past the moon.
They have said that the center's major focus will be on cyber security. However, NSA whistleblower Bill Binney worries that the government's new capacity to collect, store and analyze data could be abused. He said, "Now it's a question of if we get the wrong person in office."
Source: Fox

US takes swipe at China following hacking accusations

Mar. 28, 2013 - The growing threat of widespread hacking of business and government computers by the Chinese has prompted the U.S. take action by barring the purchase of information technology made by companies linked to China's government. The legislation was buried in a spending bill signed by President Barack Obama on Tuesday.
Source: Fox
zetta= One Sextillion (10 to the 21st power).

'Biggest cyber-attack in history' slows down internet worldwide after quarrel between web-hosting company and anti-spam group

Mar. 28, 2013 - An Internet company called Spamhous publishes lists of spammers so that Email administrators can block the offenders. One or more of the spammers started such a massive attack against Spamhous that it actually slowed down Internet traffic all over the world. When one of these attacks occurs, the perpetrator activates tens of thousands of computers, who owners are not even aware that their computer is involved. These slave computers send repeated messages to the target computer network, asking for access. The target is overwhelmed by the traffic. the phenomenon is called a distributed denial of service, or DDoS.
Source: Independent - UK

South Korean banks and media report computer network crash, causing speculation of North Korea cyberattack

Mar. 20, 2013 - Computer systems at major South Korean banks and top TV broadcasters crashed simultaneously today.
Police and South Korean officials couldn't immediately determine responsibility and North Korea's state media made no immediate comments on the shutdown. But some experts suspected a cyberattack orchestrated by Pyongyang.
Source: Fox
South Korea network attack 'a computer virus' - BBC

Cyber-attacks a bigger threat than Al Qaeda, officials say

Mar. 13, 2013 -
Cyber-attacks and cyber-espionage pose a greater potential danger to U.S. national security than Al Qaeda and other militants that have dominated America's global focus since Sept. 11, 2001, the nation's top intelligence officials said Tuesday.
The U.S. intelligence community does an annual review of worldwide threats. Now, for the first time, computer-launched foreign assaults on U.S. infrastructure is ranked higher than terrorism, transnational organized crime, or proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
Source: LA Times

Pentagon acknowledges Chinese cyberthreat

Feb. 19, 2013 -
Internet security company Mandiant says in a new report it traced 141 major hacking attempts to a People's Liberation Army building in Shanghai, 115 of which targeted U.S. companies or organizations.
Source: Fox
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