Wars and Rumors of War

According to Matthew 24:6, "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come."

Wars have always been an unfortunate part of human history, but in the End-Times, Jesus said they would get worse. In his Olivet Discourse he identified four phases of the future: "The Beginning of Birth Pains," "The Tribulation," "The Great Tribulation," and "After the Tribulation."

We are apparently living in the first phase, "The Beginning of Birth Pains." Jesus said there would be certain signs accompanying this period of time. One of them is "wars and rumors of war." During the past century we have had two world wars, the use of nuclear weapons, the cold war, terrorism, and cyberwarfare.

There will be other wars in the future, including the war of the Second Seal (Revelation 6:3-4), the Beast's campaign to rule the world ( Revelation 13:5-8), the Battle of Armageddon( Revelation 19:11-21), and Satan's Last Stand ( Revelation 20:7-10) after the Thousand Year Reign of Christ.

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Prophetic Significance of Wars and Rumors of War

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Report: Jon Hammar to be released from Mexican prison today

Jan. 21, 2012 - A judge in Mexico has presided over a special hearing in the case of Jon Hammar, the imprisoned American Marine, and has ruled in his favor!
Hammar, 27, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been stuck in a notorious, drug cartel-controlled prison just 15 miles south of the U.S. border since Aug. 13, after he crossed into Mexico and declared an antique shotgun to Mexican customs officials.
The ruling was a pleasant surprise because just yesterday Arturo Sarukhan, Mexico's ambassador to the U.S., had insisted in a letter that Hammar's case would have to go to trial sometime in the future. If convicted of gun smuggling, which was a rediculous charge since he had declared it to both U.S. and Mexican authorities, he could have been imprisoned for up to 15 years.
Source: Fox
Background news from yesterday:
Bill O’Reilly Calls For Boycott Of Mexico If Jon Hammar Isn’t Released Soon - Inquisitr
Reps call for national travel boycott of Mexico over jailed Marine - Fox
Obama’s Silence on Ex-Marine Jailed in Mexico Incites Heated Exchange Between Fox News Hosts - The Blaze

Prophetic Significance of Wars and Rumors of War

What Americans need to understand about the North Korean threat

Dec. 14, 2012 - North Korea has great hatred for America, just like Iran does, and they already have nuclear weapons! Until now they have not had rockets capable of reaching the U.S. This latest test indicates they could reach parts of the U.S., but it is doubtful that they have the capability to produce nuclear weapons small enough to mount on their missiles.

In addition, North Korea and Iran have been working together for about 25 years helpling each other develop their missile technologies, and representatives from Iran were said to be present at the latest test.

The successful launch of the Unha-3 rocket was much more than just a successful rocket launch. This launch was validation that the North Koreans are much further along in developing their ballistic missile technology, and has done so in close cooperation with the Iranian Islamic regime.

Source: Fox
N. Korea 'could have U.S. within missile range' - WND
North Korea EMP attack could destroy U.S. — now - Washington Times

North Korea fires long-range rocket in defiant move, calls launch a success

Dec. 12, 2012 - North Korea has conducted a successful test of a long-range rocket. It carried a satellite into orbit. South Korea, the U.S., Japan, and even China opposed the launch, but the country's new leader, Kim Jong Un, defied world opinion.
The United States, South Korea and Japan were quick to condemn the morning launch, which they see as a test of technology needed to mount a nuclear warhead on a missile that could one day threaten the U.S.
Source: Fox
North Korea Successfully Tests Intercontinental Missile, Iranian Influence Suspected - Daily Tech
Rocket launch signaling real-life 'Red Dawn'? - WND [See: EMP Threat]

World on edge ahead of N. Korea's pending satellite launch

Dec. 8, 2012 - North Korea is preparing to try to launch a satellite sometime between Dec. 10 and 22. It is thought that the launch is an effort to show the world that its missiles can strike anywhere. A similar launch last April ended in failure. South Korea, the US, Japan and other countries are monitoring the situation and preparing to intervene if the missle goes astray.
North Korea says it has only peaceful intentions, but... It has also conducted two nuclear tests, intensifying concern over how its rocket technology could be used in the future, particularly if it masters how to attach a nuclear warhead to a missile.
Source: Fox

United Nations Meets This Week

Sept. 24, 2012 - Here are some of the top issues to be discussed this week:
UN's Ban Says Syria to Top Agenda at General Assembly - Voice of America
Obama, Ahmadinejad speak at UN this week - KCRA
U.N. chief warns Iran's Ahmadinejad on fiery rhetoric - Reuters
European nations call for new Iran sanctions -

NBC shows U.S. life after EMP blast

Sept. 18, 2012 - A new series on NBC called "Revolution" explores what life might be like in the former United States 15 years after an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, disables all electronics. The result could be mass extinction. Survivors might gather into self-styled militias, private armies and warring tribes.
.According to the Heritage Foundation, “The result of a massive EMP event could be devastating. Communications would collapse, transportation would halt, and electrical power would simply be nonexistent.
Source: WND
Homeland Security: What EMP action plan? - WND

Israel could send Iran ‘back to the stone age’ with electromagnetic bomb

Sept. 9, 2012 - An American expert told London's Sunday Times that Israel has the capability of using an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)bomb if necessary. The device would be detonated above the ground, creating an electromagnetic pulse that would “disrupt all the technological devices working on the ground,” and would send Iran “back to the stone age.”
Source: Times of Israel

EMP attack: '90% of Americans would be dead'

Aug. 3, 2012 - This morning a prestigious group of experts will broadcast a discussion about the ability that Iran and other rogue nations would have with their current missile capabilities and a nuclear warhead to devastate the United States. One nuclear device, launched from a ship at sea, and detonated over the Gulf of Mexico or some other central target in the atmosphere above our country could devastate most of our electronic devices and the electric power grids. This would bring all normal activities in the nation to an abrupt halt and could result in the death of most Americans within a year and a half. Some of the featured speakers are:
Former CIA Director R. James Woolsey, CIA Covert Operative... Reza Kahlili, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, “One Second After” author William Forstchen, ... and William Graham, President Reagan’s science adviser and chairman of the EMP Commission.
Source: WND
- The United West
Was India's Worst Black Out in Human History Triggered by a Solar Flare? - WND
Related: In our Fearful Events section: Solar Superstorm Could Knock out US Power Grid
Congress told: U.S. life 'unsustainable' after EMP - WND
US vulnerable to long-range missile attack: report - Space Daily

McCain, Graham to Newsmax: Sequestration Will Cause 'Inability to Defend Nation'

Aug. 3, 2012 - The so-called "sequestration mechanism" are spending cuts approved The spending cuts were approved by both Republicans and Democrats as part of the last-minute 2011 agreement to raise the U.S. debt limit. If Congress does not do something to change the situation, they will take effect in January, 2013, causing devastating damage to our nation's military capabilities.
Half of the nearly $1.2 trillion in automatic spending cuts over the next decade under sequestration would strike the Defense Department, resulting in the smallest Air Force in the history of the United States, the smallest Navy since 1940, and the smallest Army since 1915.
Source: NewsMax

North Korea military head Ri Yong-ho 'relieved of post'

July 16, 2012 - North Korean military chief Ri Yong-ho has aparently been removed from all official posts.
As well as being head of the army, he was vice-chairman of the powerful Central Military Commission and held top posts in the ruling Workers' Party.
He was supposedly removed because of ilness, but many are skeptical of that explanation.
Source: BBC

Economics, elections pushing NATO power center
Troubles for dollar, euro could make 1st Islamic member new leader

May 25, 2012 - At a recent two-day summit in Chicago the heads of the 28 NATO member countries and other invited partner countries met for future planning. They acknowledged the dire financial condition of Europe and the declining economic situation in the United States. These trends will reduce funds available to the defense alliance and will also have a negative effect on availability of troops from the U.S. and Europe.

Meanwhile, Turkey, the first Islamic member of NATO has been enjoying a 8.5 percent increase in its economy and it plans to add 500,000 career soldiers to its military.

The plans could see the Turkish army replace the U.S. Army as the largest active duty land force in NATO. Currently Turkey has the second fastest economic growth rate of a country in the G20; the People’s Republic of China is ranked first
Source: WND

Mexico’s two major crime cartels now at war

May 23, 2012 - Escalating drug wars in Mexico now pit the older, established drug-smuggling Sinaloa cartel against the the brash, young paramilitary Zetas crime organization. In an effort to intimidate each other, law enforcement agencies and the general public they have resorted to brutal murders, including hangings and dismemberment, of innocent people.
They used a dump truck to unload 49 more corpses, missing not only heads but also feet and hands, outside Monterrey, Mexico’s main industrial city.
Source: Washington Post

US to conduct 'largest ever' missile defense test - Pentagon

May 8, 2012 -
The US plans to conduct 'the largest ever test launch' of its missile defense program elements to intercept and destroy five 'enemy' missiles- three medium-range ballistic missiles and two cruise missiles, the director of the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency Gen. Patrick O'Reilly told Congress on Wednesday.
The date for the test was not given in the article.
Source: Space Daily

India Tests Nuclear-capable Missile That Can Reach China

April 19, 2012 - Today India successfully launched a nuclear-capable missile with a range of more than 3,100 miles. This elevates India's military status, making it one of the very few nations that can deploy nuclear weapons at such a great distance. The missile could reach Beijing and Eastern Europe.
Almost entirely Indian-made, the Agni-V is the crowning achievement of a program developed primarily with a threat from neighboring China in mind. It will not be operational for at least two years, the government says.
Source: NewsMax

North Korea admits long-range missile failure; U.S. condemns 'provocative' threat to security

Apr. 13, 2012 -
Defying international pressure, Pyongyang launched a long range missile on Friday, but U.S. and South Korean officials said it crashed into the sea a few minutes after launch, dealing a blow to the reclusive state.
The launch was supposedly intended to lift a communications satellite into orbit, but most observers believe it was an attempt to advance the country's ablility to deliver nuclear weapons. The test was condmened by the U.S., Japan, South Korea and other nations as a threat to regional security.
Source: Haaretz

Big US-Arab Gulf air force exercise draws Iranian warning to stop at once

April 11, 2012 - The biggest air force exercise ever conducted in the Gulf region is now underway with 200 warplanes. Some one hundred of them were launched from the USS Enterprise and USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carriers and their strike groups near Iranian shores.
The Saudi, UAE, Kuwaiti and Bahraini air forces contributed the other 100...in an unprecedented show of military solidarity with the US.

The Iranian ambassador to Kuwait warned that Iran would attack the Gulf nations taking part in the exercise unless they withdrew at once.

Source: DEBKAfile

Report: North Korea May Be Preparing Nuclear Test as Ballistic Missile Readied!

Apr. 9, 2012 - Defying international opposition to their missile activity, North Korea has moved all three stages of a long-range rocket into position for a launch. This is especially alarming since South Korea's Yonhap news agency has reported that North Korea appears to be preparing for a third nuclear weapons test.
The report quotes an unidentified intelligence source as saying satellite images show workers digging a new tunnel at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in the northeast.
Source: NewsMax
South Korean intelligence officials claim North Korea preparing for nuclear test - Fox

Obama's Executive Order Authorizes Peacetime Martial Law

Mar. 19, 2011 - On Mar. 16 President Obama issued an Executive Order that gives the White House absolute control over all the country’s natural resources in case of a natural disaster or during a time of war.
The text of the document itself does not limit implementation to a time of war. In fact, the specific sections of the order make it clear that the President can take complete command and control of the country’s natural resources in peacetime, as well.
Source: Joe Wolverton, II - New American
Text of the Executive Order

Doomsday Clock Moves 1 minute closer to midnight

Jan. 12, 2012 - The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists maintains a "Doomsday Clock" that reminds the world of present trends toward self destruction of the human race. Today they moved the clock's minute hand to five minutes to midnight. The Bulletin said:
Two years ago, it appeared that world leaders might address the truly global threats that we face. In many cases, that trend has not continued or been reversed. For that reason, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is moving the clock hand one minute closer to midnight,
The last time the outlook was that bad was in 2007. 2007."
Source: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

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