Mid-East Conflict

The unrest in the Middle-East focuses on the civil struggle between the government of Israel and the Palestinian people who want to establish a separate Palestinian state. Most of the Arab and/or Islamic nations in the area are also involved. This could result in the regional war that was foretold in Psalm 83. The United States, the U.N., the European Union, and even Russia are all trying to bring about peace in the region.

The current wave of violence could die out and become one of many such cycles in the area, or it could lead to a more serious regional war. The outcome of this war could be a most welcome peace agreement.

Such a peace agreement might be just another phase in the age-old struggle between these nations, or it could be the false peace mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 5:3. While people are saying, "Peace and safety," destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. (NIV)

When Israel finally is at peace, it will be the first time since they became a nation in 1948 that they have enjoyed such security. This could cause them to lower their guard, which would set the scene for yet another war, such as the one predicted in Ezekiel 38 and 39. (Many good Bible teachers think this war will occur at the end of the Tribulation, but there are many differences between it and the Battle of Armageddon.) If it does come before the Tribulation, it could be the fulfillment of the prophecy of the 2nd Seal of Revelation 6:3-4 (Rider on a Red Horse: Great War).

The dramatic end of this great war of the 2nd Seal could produce the treaty predicted in Daniel 9:27, which many prophecy scholars identify as the beginning of the seven-year Tribulation period.

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Current Events

Prophetic Significance of Mid-East Conflict

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See more recent articles: After January 1, 2013

See more recent articles: After January 1, 2013

Abbas Threatens to Disband PA if Peace Talks Don't Resume

Dec. 28, 2012 - As soon as Israel's elections have taken place on January 22, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas warns that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must move toward renewing peace talks. If that doesn't happen, Abbas says he will call Netanyahu and hand back full responsibility for Judea and Samaria to the Israeli government.
"I'll tell him...Sit in the chair here instead of me, take the keys, and you will be responsible for the Palestinian Authority."
Source: Israel National News

Prophetic Significance of Mid-EastConflict

Palestinian Reconciliation at Snail's Pace

Dec. 27, 2012 - The . 6 Doha declaration, beteen Hamas’ Khaled Mashal and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of Fatah, could have resulted in a unity government with Abbas as the leader.
However, even before the ink dried up on the agreement signed in the presence of the Qatari leader Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa, Hamas leaders in Gaza publicly opposed the deal and have worked since to scuttle it.
Source: Al-Monitor

Olmert: We're on verge of 3rd intifada

Dec. 26, 2012 -Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that there is mounting tension between Israel and the Palestinians but there is still an opportunity for peace.
"We are on the verge of a third intifada," he said at a Bar Association conference in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. "I don't know what will spark the great conflagration."
Source: YNet News
Senior Hamas leader calls for third intifada - Jerusalem Post
Hamas official calls for suicide bombings in response to East Jerusalem construction plans - Times of Israel

Gaza attacks on Israel 'violation of laws of war'

Dec. 24, 2012 - The New York-based Human Rights Watch reports that during last month's conflict between Palestinians and Israel, the Palestinian militants violated the laws of war by firing some 1500 rockets into Israel.
"Palestinian armed groups made clear in their statements that harming civilians was their aim," said HRW's Middle East director, Sarah Leah Whitson.
"There is simply no legal justification for launching rockets at populated areas."
The group also labeled Israeli attacks on media facilities in Gaza as violations.

Netanyahu slams Abbas for reconciliation efforts with Hamas

Dec. 9, 2010- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his Cabinet members, “Yesterday we were re-exposed to our enemies’ true face.” He was referring to the fact that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is participating in a reconciliation effort with Hamas. Hamas has not changed its stance about Israel. Netanyahu said that Hamas has ”no intention of compromising with us; they want to destroy the state.”

For his part, Abbas does not condemn Hamas' desire to destroy Israel, and he did not condemn the missiles that were fired against Israel.

Making matters worse, exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal returned to the region and made a fiery speech in which he promised to liberate liberate Palestine “from the sea to the river.” He said Hamas was,

“not giving up any inch of Palestine. It will remain Islamic and Arab for us and nobody else. Jihad and armed resistance is the only way… We cannot recognize Israel’s legitimacy.”

Source: Times of Israel
Hamas TV: Death to the Jews and to America -Israel National News
In Israel, fears of a new Palestinian uprising - Times of Israel
Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu: The World Has Double Standards - NewsMax
Abbas blasts Mashaal: We already recognized Israel - YNet News
The True Face of Hamas and the 5 Myths That Obscure It - Christian Post

Palestinian status elevated by UN vote

Nov. 29, 2012 - The U.N. General Assembly strongly approved the recognition of Palestine today as a non-member state. Its territory was defined as the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza strip, much of which is controlled by Israel. They will still need to negotiate a peace deal with Israelis to achieve real independence.
The United States immediately criticized the historic vote. "Today's unfortunate and counterproductive resolution places further obstacles in the path [of] peace," U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice said.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said the action violated past agreements between Israel and the Palestinians and that Israel would act accordingly.
Source: Fox
The Palestinians could have been celebrating the 65th anniversary of their state today. What happened? - Joel Rosenberg
Bolton: Blame Obama for Palestinian State Status -"We did this 20 years ago and defeated the Palestinians..." Secretary of State Jim Baker issued a statement ... that the United States make no further contributions... to any international organization which makes any change in the PLO's status. - NewsMax
Abbas 'Victory Speech': Jerusalem 'Eternal Capital of Palestine' - Israel National News
Israel garnishes Palestinian tax revenues after U.N.'s de facto recognition of statehood - WND Update 12/4/12 - Palestinians threaten war crimes charges as Israel moves on settlement plans - CTV News

Palestinians Predict Historic UN Vote on Statehood

Nov. 29, 2012 - Palestinians have received considerable advanced approval of their bid to upgrade their status in the United Nations. A vote is scheduled for today to change their status from a U.N. observer to a nonmember observer state.
Unlike the Security Council, there are no vetoes in the General Assembly and the resolution is virtually certain of approval. The 193-member world body is dominated by countries sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and the resolution only requires a majority vote for approval.
The United States, Israel and Germany are on record opposing the upgrade but France and other European countries will support it. Those who oppose approval fear that it will end hopes for a peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israel.
Source: NewsMax
Should Christians support the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state? - Joel Rosenberg
Israel threatens to topple Abbas if Palestinians win U.N. bid - Al Arabiya
71% of Israelis don't know significance of Nov. 29, 1947 - Israel Hayom

Arafat’s body exhumed, bone samples to be tested for radiation poisoning

Nov. 27, 2012 - Yasser Arafat's remains were exhumed so that international forensic experts can determine whether or not he was poisoned.
Arafat died in November 2004 in a French military hospital, a month after suddenly falling ill. Palestinian officials claim he was poisoned by Israel, but have not presented evidence. Israel has denied the allegations.
Bone samples will be examined by French, Swiss and Russian experts in their home countries. They also have samples from Arafat’s bedroom, office and personal belongings.
Source: Times of Israel

Israel Border Shooting Threatens Cease-fire

Nov. 23, 2012 - About 300 Palestinian "rioters" approached the security fence that separates Israel and Gaza.
An Israeli military spokeswoman said that soldiers fired warning shots into the air ..."After the rioters did not comply, the soldiers responded by firing toward the legs of the rioters," she said.
One Palestinian, Anwar Qdeih, was trying to put a Hamas flag on the fence. He kept coming after the soldiers fired three times in the air. He was then shot. Fifteen others were hurt during the demonstration.
Source: NewsMax

Netanyahu: We're ready to take a harsher stance if truce fails

Nov. 22, 2012 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel's objectives were met during the 8 days of fighting with Hamas in Gaza, but if Hamas breaks the truce, Israel is prepared to take an even harsher stand. He said, "We choose when to act, against who to act and how to act."

Defense Minister Ehud Barak explained that the truce is not an actual agreement with Hamas. It is a document of understandings between Israel and Egypt, and between Egypt and Hamas.

Source: Jerusalem Post
Hamas declares 'victory' after cease-fire - Jerusalem Post
Egypt Brotherhood Leader Blasts Peace with Israel - Newsmax
After Israel-Gaza: Who won, who lost? - Prophecy Central's Egypt Section
Dershowitz: Why a Cease-Fire Will Not Last - Newsmax
List of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel, 2012 - Wikipedia - Over 1,456 rockets were fired at Israel between November 14 and 21. Rockets were fired at Jerusalem for the first time and at Tel Aviv for the first time since the first Gulf War.

Israel and Hamas announce cease-fire, while US, Egypt helped both sides reach agreement

Nov. 21, 2012 - The new Islamist government of Egypt, headed by Mohammed Morsi brokered a cease-fire agreement between Israel and the Gaza Strip.
Israel had launched well over 1,500 airstrikes and other attacks on targets in Gaza since fighting started Nov. 14, while more than 1,500 rockets pounded Israel. In all, 161 Palestinians, including dozens of civilians, were killed, while five Israelis died.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spent two days of shuttle diplomacy in the region to help develop the agreement, and President Obama apparently gave Israeli Prime Minister Netanyanu assurance of ongoing support from the U.S.

According to Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal the agreement will open all border crossings with the Gaza Strip, including the Rafah crossing with Egypt. However, Netanyahu warned that if Hamas does not keep their end of the agreement there could still be a ground invasion of Gaza at a later date.

Source: Fox News

Terror attack on Tel Aviv bus injures 23 people

Nov. 21, 2012 - A bus on Tel Aviv's Shaul Hamelech Street was blown up by a bomb left on the vehicle. No one has died yet from the blast, but 23 were injured.
Palestinian media reports said the Fatah-linked Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade took responsibility for the attack, although that was unconfirmed... Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri praised the bombing, but stopped short of claiming responsibility.
Source: Jerusalem Post

Netanyahu ready for 'whatever action' is needed in Gaza, as Clinton arrives for talks

Nov. 20, 2012 - After a week of Israeli-Palestinian violence, several of the world's top diplomats have travelled to Israel and/or the Gaza Strip to try to bring about a cease-fire. President Obama has sent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the area.
Clinton said the United States is pushing for a "durable outcome" promoting stability, but the cease-fire talks brokered by Egypt had failed to yield a truce as of late Tuesday, with Hamas reportedly saying an agreement won't come any earlier than Wednesday.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared at a televised press conference with Clinton. He affirmed support for diplomatic efforts to reach a cease-fire in Gaza, but he said that that Israel would take "whatever actions" are necessary to defend itself.
Source: Fox
Israeli Defense Force - Official You Tube page
CNN: US ships sent to Mediterranean in case of evacuation - BBC
Current Middle East news - BBC

Dec. 20, 2012
RonGraff.jpg - 6668 Bytes Just back from Israel-at-war… What an experience!
Tired but happy, we just returned from a tour of Israel and Jordan. We went with friends from Solid Ground Church in Alta Loma and with Pastor Darrell Ward and folks we have known for many years from our former church in Orange County. It wasn’t a great surprise for hostilities to break out while we were there because tensions have been building for months on all of Israel’s borders.

Our first dramatic moment came before we boarded our El Al flight from Los Angeles Airport. After we had gone through their extensive security screening and were waiting to board, we were told to immediately evacuate the gate area. Evidently they had found something that had been stored near their computers, so they did a complete search of the area. We were finally allowed to board the plane for our 14-hour flight to Tel Aviv.

The tour itself was exceptionally good. We had a sensitive, seasoned Jewish guide, Naphtali Cohen, who helped us visit and understand more biblical sites than we had even listed on our itinerary. The weather was comfortable. We did have a little rain – usually while we were riding the bus. We will post some of the pictures on Facebook and on Prophecy Central in the next few days.

On the second day of our tour we drove through the Golan Heights to visit the site of Caesarea Philippi at the northern-most part of the country – just a few miles from the borders with Syria and Lebanon. We saw several military bases along the way. That night we heard that Syrians, fighting their long civil war had “mistakenly” fired a rocket-propelled mortar into an Israeli base there in the Golan Heights. No one was injured, but Israel returned fire with a larger missile, deliberately missing their target, but sending a stern warning. The next day the same thing happened, and Israel used a missile to destroy the source of the fire.

While these things were going on at the Syrian border, Scores of rockets were being fired at Israel, presumably from Hamas in the Gaza Strip. We had been very close to that area when we were in Tel Aviv and Joppa, but we didn’t actually see or hear the rockets or the Israeli interceptions from their Iron Dome system.

While we were in Jerusalem, and right after walking the shopping area of Ben Yehuda Street, we heard the first air-raid siren sounded in the Holy City in about 40 years!. From the window of our hotel room I could see flashes of light that must have been anti-ballistic defensive fire. The group gathered about an hour later for dinner and shared stories of the peace that we all experienced from our relationships with the Lord.

Most of our group stayed a couple of extra days to experience a visit to the rose-red city of Petra in Jordan. We spent the night in the Israeli Red-Sea port city of Eilat. From our hotel we could see the borders of Jordan and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. We were also close to the border of Saudi Arabia.

Early the next morning we crossed the border into Jordan. We drove to the entrance of the ancient Nabatean city of Petra and then walked in to see some of the most amazing and beautiful structures in the world carved from the cliffs of this hidden valley. We pondered the possibility that this will be the place where Jewish people will flee from the Antichrist during the Tribulation period in the future.

On the way back from Petra we drove through a huge freak storm with lightning, strong rain, hail, and even snow! I took a picture of the desert road in front of us covered with snow. We found out later that this was a “hundred-year” storm in the area. We arrived at the crossing point to return to Israel, and had already cleared the Jordanian checkpoint. We then walked across the “no-man’s land” toward the Israeli entrance. Just before we reached it an Israeli soldier walked toward us, carrying an UZI. He told us to return to Jordan because they had just closed the checkpoint. We tried to get them to let us through, but to no avail, because they were expecting a flash flood from the big storm at that very spot within minutes.

We returned to the Jordanian side, but Jordan was shutting down also. We had difficulty calling our contacts from there, but finally managed to reach them and arrangements were quickly made to put us up in a very nice hotel in the Jordanian city of Aqaba. The next day the crossing-point was still closed, but arrangements were made for us to drive through about half the length Jordan and finally re-enter Israel a different way. A team of experienced tour operators in six cities of Israel and Jordan worked to get us back to our home-bound flight in Tel Aviv.

It was an incredible trip, and the unexpected drama just taught us that we can trust the Lord to protect and direct us. All of this has also reminded us to pray more than ever for the peace of Jerusalem!

Israel halted Gaza invasion to give talks more time

Dec. 19, 2012 -
Israel has agreed to briefly hold off on sending ground forces into Gaza to allow time for cease-fire efforts to continue.
Source: Jerusalem Post

Two rockets land outside of Jerusalem following two fired at Tel Aviv

Nov.16, 2012 - Air raid sirens sounded as two rockets from the Gaza strip landed outside of Jerusalem today
Nearly 350 rockets have landed in Israel since the operation began Thursday.
Source: Jerusalem Post
Editor's note: We are in Jerusalem and heard the sirens! We also saw flashes and heard the noise from what might have been anti-ballistic missiles being fired.

Israeli Defense Force kills Hamas military chief Jabari

Nov.15, 2012 - In response to numerous rocket attacks from Hamas Israel has launched Operation Pillar of Defence. Some 20 underground rocket launchers were destroyed and their defense comander Ahmed Jabari was killed.
In response to the attacks, Hamas said "the occupation has opened the gates of hell."
Source: Jerusalem Post

Netanyahu: Those who act against Israel will pay a heavy price

Nov. 13, 2012 - Speaking about the continuing rocket attacks from the Gaza strip, Israili Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said,
"Whoever thinks that he can routinely attack the lives of the residents of the South without paying a heavy price - is mistaken. I am responsible for chosing the time to exact the highest possible price, and so it will be."
Source: Jerusalem Post

London, Paris, Jerusalem line up for post-US vote action on Syria, Iran

Nov. 4, 2012 - While hostilities grow on all sides of Israel, the presidential campaign in the U.S. has caused a policy immobility not only in America but also in European countries that are concerned about Iran's nuclear ambitions, Syria's civil-war bloodbath, and other Middle East tensions. Preparing for possible post-election turmmoil, Israeli leaders have met with French and British leaders.
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spent two days (Oct. 31-Nov. 1) talking to [French] President Francois Holland. As the Defense Minister Ehud Barak landed in London the next day.
It was reported that British Prime Minister David Cameron was ready to dispatch RAF fighter-bombers to the Persian Gulf if needed.

In addition, US Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently spent several days in Israel, probably considering US-Israeli cooperation for potential action. Intelligence sources indicate that US, British and French forces are already in place in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.

Source: DEBKAfile
Security and Defense: Preparing for the unexpected - Jerusalem Post
Why Israel Hasn’t Struck Iran—Yet - Front Page Magazine
3 Syrian tanks cross into Golan demilitarized zone, Israel raises alert - Times of Israel
What's the big deal about Israel? - Greg Laurie - WND

Sudan minister vows 'steps' against Israeli targets

Oct. 27, 2012 - Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir blames Israel for the recent attack on the country's main factory for ammunition and small arms.
"The sophisticated warplanes and weapons used in the attack are available to no country in the region except Israel," Othman said, adding that the "radar systems of Khartoum airport were neutralized shortly ahead of the airstrike."
Israel has neither confirmed nor denied their involvement. It is known that Sudan is responsible for arms smuggling to the Gaza Strip via Egypt. The Sudanese Minister of Information, Ahmed Belal Othman, vows to take "decisive steps" against Israeli interests.
Source: Jerusalem Post
Oct. 29, 2012 - Payback for Sudan bombing: Hamas aims rockets at Israeli Nuclear Reactor - DEBKAfile

Fresh rocket, mortar barrage brings total to 72

Oct. 24, 2012 - Palestinian terrorists continued to fire rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel, sending local residents fleeing for cover.
The IAF carried out an air strike around 7 a.m. Wednesday morning following three operations overnight, each striking rocket-launching cells in the northern and southern Gaza Strip. Hamas said that four of its operatives were killed in the strikes.
Source: Jerusalem Post
Gaza-Israel shelling resumes after departure of Qatari emir - The visit by the Qatari emir‚ Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, seen as conferring legitimacy on the Islamist organisation. He announced a $400m investment and construction program for Gaza. - Guardian UK

Armageddon scenario: US, Israel ready for huge joint drill in Iran's shadow

Oct. 20, 2012 - The United States and Israel will experience a massive "Armaageddon secnario" for the next three weeks It will basically be a computerized simulation, but it will involve real soldiers and equipment as well.
The drill will involve some 3,500 U.S. personnel, with around 1,000 troops deployed in theater, along with a navy cruiser to serve as the control center, and Patriot missile defense batteries.
This biggest-ever joint Israeli-American war games will cost close to $40 million.
Source: NBC

Armada of naval power massing in the Gulf as Israel prepares an Iran strike

Sept. 16, 2012 -
In preparation for any pre-emptive or retaliatory action by Iran, warships from more than 25 countries, including the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, will today begin an annual 12-day exercise.
The armada of warships is an unprecedented show of force in the Strait of Hormuz as Israel and Iran move towards the brink of war. If Iran were allowed to block passage of oil tankers there it would have a catastrophic effect on the fragile economies of Britain, Europe the United States and Japan.
Source: Telegraph - UK

STATE OF THE EPICENTER, 2012: “A great darkness is descending on the people of the Middle East. War is coming.”

Sept. 13, 2012 - At the "Epicenter" Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Joel Rosenberg reminds Christians to be "Watchmen on the Wall" (Ezekiel 33:1-6). He then gives an update on developments in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iran. The threat of a Mideast war is imminent.
Source: Joel Rosenberg's Blog

20 nations plan anti-mining exercise in Mideast, US says

July 19, 2012 - Defense Department press Secretary George Little announced that there will be a large minesweeping exercise Sept. 16-27 in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Gulf of Oman, and the Persian Gulf. The joint military exercise will include 20 nations.
"This is a defensive exercise aimed at preserving freedom of navigation in the international waterways of the Middle East and aimed at promoting regional stability," Little told Pentagon reporters on Tuesday.
Source: Fox

Despite mediation efforts, Gaza fighting escalates

June 21, 2012 - Egyptian mediators are said to have secured some agreement between Israeli and Palestinian factions. Nevertheless, some 60 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel since late Monday night. and IAF warplanes have attacked seven terror targets in Gaza in response to the rocket fire.
Source: Israel Hayom
Hamas Agrees to Egypt-Brokered Israel Truce - NewsMax

'Iran, Russia, China, Syria plan 'largest' war game'

June 19, 2012 - Iranian and Syrian news outlets are reporting that the largest war games exercise ever conducted in the Middle East will take place soon, and will include their two countries, Russia and China! The operation will employ 90,000 troops from the four countries, plus 400 aircraft, 1,000 tanks and "hundreds of rockets."
The report appears to have originated on Arabic language Syrian media outlet ShamLife, which said the war-games were scheduled in less than a month's time.
The information was re-broadcast by Iran's semi-official Fars News Outlet, also quoting "informed sources" claiming that the exercises will involve ground troops, air forces and naval forces.
Source:Jerusalem Post

Hamas Won't Honor Peace Accords With Israel

April 21, 2012 - Moussa Abu Marzouk, the Hamas politburo's number-two reaffirmed the terror movement has no intention of honoring peace agreements with Israel.
Abu Marzouk's remarks underline Hamas' stance that it considers itself to be at perpetual war with Israel so long as the Jewish state continues to exist.
Source: Israel National News

'Global March to Jerusalem' to See Thousands March for Palestinian 'Freedom'

Mar. 29, 2012 - Pro-Palestinian communities from around the world will participate in a "Global March to Jerusalem" this Friday by marching for "freedom for Palestine and its capital Jerusalem."
The delegates seek to have one million people march in solidarity along the borders of Israel in surrounding Middle Eastern countries in an attempt to come "to the nearest point possible" to the ancient and historically significant city.
Source: Christian Post

Netanyahu is preparing Israeli public opinion for a war on Iran

Mar. 15, 2012 - Haaretz's editor-in-chief says that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is preoccupied with the task of preparing public opinion for war against Iran.
Netanyahu is attempting to convince the Israeli public that the Iranian threat is a tangible and existential one, and that there is only one effective way to stop it and prevent a "second Holocaust": An Israeli military attack on Iran's nuclear infrastructure.
Source: Haaretz

Netanyahu: Israel is prepared to step up fighting against Gaza if rockets continue

Mar. 13, 2012 - Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu told his Likud party that Israel will intensify its military activity against Gaza if their rocket attacks continue.
Meanwhile, the Middle East quartet issued a statement raising concern over the "grave situation in Gaza and southern Israel and expressed serious concern for the recent escalation and called for calm."
Source: Haaretz

Quartet to meet to discuss stalled Israel-Palestinian peace talks

Mar. 10, 2012 -
The Quartet of Middle East negotiators - the United States, Russia, the United Nations and European Union - will meet on Monday to discuss the long-stalled peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, the United Nations said.
Source: Haaretz

Israel report: West Bank Palestinians may turn to violence if peace talks freeze persists

Feb. 27, 2012 -

An Israeli intellligence report to their security cabinet predicts new violence from the Palestinians if the peace process cannot be revived.

The assessment puts forth a scenario of a third intifada breaking out during 2012, either as a result of a Palestinian Authority leadership decision or as a popular uprising influenced by the wave of revolutions in the Arab world.

According to the report, if a third intifada provokes an Israeli military operation in Gaza there would be a severe response from Egypt.

Source: Haaretz

Israel's navy's new super-sub revealed
Israel's "doomsday weapon" revealed?

Feb.23, 2012 -
Foreign media say Israel's navy [is] ready to test advanced, German-made submarine said to be virtually undetectable by radar, able to launch nuclear missiles.
Various foreign newspapers report that the "INS Tannin," the new Dolphin-Class submarine will be able to spend prolonged periods of time at sea and fire nuclear missiles. The first of three submarines obtained from Germany will be deployed by the end of 2012. It will be equipped with special diesel and hydrogen conversion systems that will allow it to produce its own fuel.
Source: YNet

Netanyahu: Fatah-Hamas deal will end diplomatic process

Feb. 7, 2012 - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah, if approved, will end the hope of an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.
“If President Abbas moves to implement what was signed today in Doha, he will abandon the path of peace and join forces with the enemies of peace. Hamas is an enemy of peace. It’s an Iranian-backed terror organization committed to Israel’s destruction.”
He also said that Hamas has still not accepted the three minimal requirements demanded of it by the international community. They are: to recognize Israel’s right to exist, abandon terrorism, and accept previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements.
Source: Jerusalem Post

Fatah, Hamas agree on Abbas leadership of Palestinian unity cabinet

Feb. 6, 2012 - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas chief Khaled Meshal issued a joint statemnt that Abbas will head a Fatah-Hamas unity government. This is meant to be a major step forward for reconciliation between the rival factions.

In a televised statement Meshaal said,

"We are serious, both Fatah and Hamas, in healing the wounds and ending the chapter of division and reinforcing and accomplishing reconciliation,"... and move forward "to resist the enemy [Israel] and achieve our national goal."

Source: Haaretz

Netanyahu: Prospects of progress in Mideast peace talks 'not good'

Jan. 29, 2012 - Commenting on exploratory talks in Jordan to try to relaunch peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the effort ended in a deadlock.
"As things stand now, according to what happened over the past few days - when the Palestinians refused even to discuss Israel's security needs with us - the signs are not particularly good," he told his cabinet in public remarks.
On Saturday Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas complained that Israel was to blame for the break-down of the talks.
Source: Haaretz

Navy converting ship into floating commando base in Middle East

Jan. 28, 2012 - In approximately 5 months Special Operations Forces in the Middle East will have a "mothership" for their operations.
The USS Ponce, which was most recently being used as a dock in the Mediterranean Sea for the Libyan operation, was scheduled to be decommissioned in December. Navy officials now tell Fox News that the ship will be transformed into a flotilla to be used by Navy SEALs.
High speed boats and helicopters will be able to use the ship as a floating port wherever it is needed.
Source: Fox

Abbas: Israel has not made any new offers for resuming peace process

Jan. 13, 2012 - Low-level talks between Israel and the Palestinians in Jordan, but according to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, they have not made much progress.
Abbas has said he will not resume negotiations unless Israel freezes settlement construction and accepts the pre-1967 Mideast War frontier as the baseline for a future border.
So far Israel has rejected both demands. They believe that everything must be discussed in negotiations.
Source: Haaretz

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