Terrorism has been a cause of some of the "wars" predicted by Jesus as signs of the times. It has been a factor in the history of the Middle East for hundreds of years, and is now a world-wide problem, especially since the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington D.C. in 2001. Terrorism produces a general sense of dread even when there is no actual attack taking place. This could be one of the most significant fulfillments of Jesus' prediction of "rumors of war" (Matthew 24:6).

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Prophetic Significance of Terrorism

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Al Qaeda's Yemen branch offers bounty for killing US ambassador, troops

Dec. 30, 2012 - The war on Terrorism ramps up in Yemen with the US drone strike against al-Qaeda terrorists and an offer by the terrorist group to pay three kilograms of gold, worth $160,000, for killing the U.S. ambassador in Yemen.
The group said it will pay 5 million Yemeni riyals ($23,000) for anyone who kills an American soldier inside Yemen.
Source: Fox\
'US drone strike' kills al-Qaeda suspects in Yemen - BBC

Prophetic Significance of Terrorism

Al Qaeda grows powerful in Syria as endgame nears

Dec. 20, 2012 - One reason Western powers are reluctant to support the rebels in Syria who are fighting to remove President Bashar al-Assad is the rising influence of Al Qaeda there. The al-Nusra Front was designated a terrorist organisation last week by the United States.
Inside Syria, the group is exploiting a widening sectarian rift to recruit Sunnis who saw themselves as disenfranchised by Assad's Alawite minority, an offshoot of Shi'ite Islam that dominates Syria's power and security structures.
Conservatives in Syria are concerned about the group because it wants to revive an Islamic Caliphate and impose Taliban-style rule.
Source: NDTV

Report on Libya attack cites 'systemic failures' in security

Dec. 19, 2012 - An investigation about the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya in September has been completed.
The report, posted Tuesday night on the State Department's website, also identified "leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus." It suggested 29 ways the department can improve its operations, but recommended no disciplinary action.
Source: Fox
Editor's note: Why is there no discipline recommended? And why did the report apparently not address the issue of the erroneous reports by government officials that the attack was caused by protests against a video on You Tube that was insulting to Mohammed?

Hero doctor who helped nail Bin Laden tortured in Pakistani prison, says family

Dec. 12, 2012 -
Dr. Shakeel Afridi, the jailed CIA informant who helped hunt down Usama Bin Laden, has recently been tortured in prison, the doctor’s family members told Fox News.
California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher says that the Obama administration has abandoned the doctor to be tormented by the same people who hid Osama Bin Laden for years.
Source: Fox

Next 9/11: Iran's death squad is here

Dec. 11, 2012 - About 10 Quds Force officers from Iran are already strategically placed in the U.S. Each one leads terrorist cells that are highly trained to attack U.S. infrastructure in case the U.S. fails to accept Iran's nuclear program, increases sanctions, confronts Iran militarily or intervenes in the Syrian civil war. The information has been supplied by a source within the office of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
Source: WND

CIA Veteran Scheuer: Benghazi ‘Worse Than Watergate’

Nov. 1, 2012 - Counterterrorism expert Michael Scheuer, a 20-plus year CIA veteran who headed the Osama bin Laden tracking unit in the late 1990s, said that the Benghazi situation is “worse than Watergate.” With the Watergate scandal no one was killed and the problem was discovered and addressed by both Republicans and Democrats. He said the curent issue is not just a matter of incompetence.
"They were watching it on TV and listening to it in their earphones... and now they’re in the effort to cover that up in order to allow Mr. Obama to try to get his re-election.”
Source: NewsMax
Hume: Mainstream Media ‘Remarkably Reticent’ to Pursue Benghazi Cover-Up, Burden Has ‘Fallen’ Onto Fox News - Newsbusters

Fox News: CIA Team Was Ordered Not to Help Embassy Staff in Benghazi

Oct. 27, 2012 -
An urgent request from CIA personnel to be allowed to go to the aid of the U.S. Consulate in Libya during the Sept. 11 attack was denied by U.S. officials, despite the fact that the team, which included at least one Navy SEAL, was only one mile away.
Former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods was part of a small team at the CIA annex. When he heard shots he requested permission to go to the consulate, but were told to "stand down." They went anyway and evacuated those who were still at the consulate. They also retrieved the body of Sean Smith from the building.
Source: NewsMax

New details emerge of deadly attack on US Consulate in Libya

Oct. 22, 2012 -
Libyan officials admit to us that they are not close to finding or arresting any key suspects. And there has been no word on that either from Washington.
Source: Fox
Watch this revealing special report from Bret Baier:

New Revelations: The Other 9/11: Libyan Guards Recount What Happened in Benghazi - Steven Sotloff - Time

Revealed: Extreme Negligence in Benghazi

Oct. 11, 2012 - A House of Representatives hearing began yesterday about the Sept. 11 attack against the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. A picture of extreme negligence and incompetence on the part of the Obama administration emerged.
Al-Qaeda-type terrorists are known to be organized in Libya. Ambassador Stevens himself feared that he was on an Al-Qaeda hit list. Special precautions on the anniversary of 9/11 should have been a common-sense measure.
The hearing is also questioning the explanation given to the public that the event was the result of a demonstration against a You Tube video when there is no evidence that a demonstration was taking place there, and it is known that heavily-armed terrorists caused the damage.
Source: Front Page Magazine
Ryan Leads GOP Attack on Obama's Handling of Benghazi - News Max

U.S. Lawmakers to Probe Libya Attack

Oct. 10, 2012 - A hearing will begin today in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about the September 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Senior State Department officials gave reporters a detailed account of the attack. They said there was “nothing unusual” at the consulate site before the attack, and that they did not believe that the assault was triggered by protests against an anti-Islam video.

The administration initially said that the attack was linked to protests, but later said it was a planned terrorist attack.

A memo detailing earlier testimony to a congressional investigator says Eric Nordstrom sent cables to Washington in March and July asking for more security officers in Benghazi, but got no response.

Source: Voice of America
State Department denies concluding film sparked consulate attack in Libya - Fox

Militant freed from prison in wake of Arab Spring may be linked to Libya attack

Oct. 2, 2012 - Muhammad Jamal Abu Ahmad, a terrorist released from an Egyptian prison during the Arab Spring last year, is apparently linked to the Sept. 11 attack on U.S. diplomatic outposts in Libya that killed four Americans. Some of the attackers were trained at camps he has set up in the Libyan Desert.
Western officials say Mr. Ahmad has petitioned the chief of Al Qaeda, to whom he has long ties, for permission to launch an Al Qaeda affiliate and has secured financing from Al Qaeda's Yemeni wing.
Source: Fox
What's up? Special Ops on move - Jets, tankers, gunships, helicopters, drones all under orders - WND

Libya president: Anti-Islam film trailer had nothing to do with attack on US Consulate

Sept. 26, 2012 - Libyan President Mohamed Magarief said that the attack in Benghazi, which resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador, Chris Stevens and three other Americans, was not caused by the anti-islamic film trailer.
"Reaction should have been, if it was genuine, should have been six months earlier. So it was postponed until the 11th of September," Magarief told NBC’s Ann Curry in an exclusive interview. "They chose this date, 11th of September to carry a certain message."
Source: Fox

Al Qaeda affiliate, Islamist militia eyed in ‘coordinated’ consulate attack in Libya, sources say

Sept. 22, 2012 - Fox News intelligence sources say that last week's destruction of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was not a spontaneoous uprising but a coordinated attack by an Al Qaeda affiliate in North Africa and the Islamist militia Ansar Al-Sharia.
About 100 attackers carried out the "coordinated assault,” intelligence sources said, further discrediting earlier Obama administration claims that the deadly attack was a "spontaneous" outburst in response to an anti-Islam film.
They described two waves of attack, involving rocket-propelled grenades and mortar fire.
Source: Fox
Libyan Islamist militia swept out of Benghazi bases - Reuters

Protests Over Muhammad Depictions Hit Pakistan, Afghanistan

Sept. 20, 2012 - Protests continue in the Islamic world over depictions of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad in a U.S. video and some French cartoons.
Pakistan's local media report that some 15,000 people are expected to march on Islamabad's diplomatic enclave Friday and that the government has called on the national army to protect the area.
There are also protests in Afghanistan and Iran, where students shouted "death to France" as well as the United States near the French embassy.
Source: Voice of America

France to close embassies in 20 countries in wake of Prophet Mohammed cartoons

Sept. 19, 2012 -
The French government said Wednesday that it planned on temporarily shutting down premises including embassies and schools in 20 countries on Friday,after a French magazine ridiculed the Prophet Mohammed by portraying him naked in cartoons.
Source: Haaretz
MK sues Google to block anti-Muslim video in Israel - Jerusalem Post
Muslims Misbehaving - Commentary - Religion Today
Egypt court to try Copts living abroad over anti-Islam film - Chicago Tribune

Obama administration, Libyan president clash over explanation on consulate strike

Sept 17, 2012 - The Obama administration claims that last week's attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was a "spontaneous" act in protest to the anti-Muhammed video on YouTube. But U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, told Fox News, "It was a reaction to a video that had nothing to do with the United States." She also claimed that they were not planned or timed for the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

However, Libyan President Mohammed el-Megarif believes that the attack was a planned assault, possibly by an Al Qaeda-tied group.

"The idea that this criminal and cowardly act was a spontaneous protest that just spun out of control is completely unfounded and preposterous," Megarif told NPR.

Source: Fox

Protests Over Contentious Film Spread to Afghanistan, Indonesia

Sept. 17, 2012 - A mob of Afghans participated in a violent protest near an American military base in Kabul today.
The outburst followed demonstrations and violence in more than 20 countries since last Tuesday, when the American ambassador in Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was killed in an attack on the United States diplomatic mission in Benghazi...
Hundreds of angry Indonesians gathered outside of the American Embassy in Jakarta, requiring police to use water cannons and tear gas to control the situation.
Source: NY Times

Panetta says protests in Middle East will continue, but violence is leveling off

Sept. 16, 2012 - According to U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta turmoil in the Muslim world is likely to continue for some time but the violence appears to be leveling off.
He said the Pentagon has "deployed our forces to a number of areas in the region to be prepared to respond to any requests that we receive to be able to protect our personnel and our American property."
Source: Fox
Google Map of Muslim Protests
Nearly 20 protests now- Prophecy Central's Islam sections
Filmmaker linked to anti-Islamic movie interviewed, script advisor gets death threats - Vindy
Israeli Foreign Ministry: U.S. ignored Arab radicalization - Haaretz
Google Rejects White House Request to Pull Muhammad Film Clip - NewsMax

Protesters smash windows, set fires in U.S. embassy in Tunis

Sept. 14, 2012 -
Tunisian protesters jumped over the wall of the U.S. embassy compound in Tunis... A large fire could be seen burning inside the compound. Police fired teargas at the hundreds of protesters who were demonstrating at the embassy.
Source: Reuters
U.S. sends Marine team to Yemen after embassy attack - USA Today
Protests spread against US over anti-Islamic film - live updates - Guardian - UK

Violence spreads across Middle East over anti-Islam film

Sept. 14, 2012 - All overseas diplomatic missions are on high alert because of the attacks against embassies in Libya, Egypt and several other Middle East and North Africa countries. They are bracing for a possible upsurge of activity following today's Friday weekly prayers, the traditional time of protest in Muslim countries.

Secretary of State Clinton has denounced the anti-Islam video that is purportedly the cause of the violence.

"The United States government had absolutely nothing to do with this video," Clinton said before a meeting with the foreign minister of Morocco at the State Department. "We absolutely reject its content and message."
Source: Fox

Libya makes arrests over deadly US embassy attack

Sept. 13, 2012 -
Libyan authorities have made several arrests in connection with the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi in which the ambassador was killed. New Libyan Prime Minister Mustafa Abu Shaqur told the BBC the investigation was making progress.
Source: BBC

Yemeni Protesters Storm US Embassy in Sanaa

Sept. 13, 2012 - Following the attacks of U.S. embassies in Libya and Egypt, Yemen is experiencing its own unrest.
Hundreds of Yemeni demonstrators stormed the U.S. embassy in Sanaa on Thursday in protest of a film they consider blasphemous to Islam, and security guards tried to hold them off by firing into the air.
Source: NewsMax
Israeli Arab Official Warns Of ‘Armageddon’ Over Anti-Islam Film - CBS
U.S. warships headed to Libya after deadly consulate attack: officials - National Post

Assault on U.S. consulate in Benghazi leaves 4 dead, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens

Sept. 12, 2012 - The U.S. Ambassador to Libya was killed yesterday [9/11 !!] by an angry mob of Libyan protestors. Abassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others were killed.
Wanis al-Sharef, a Libyan Interior Ministry official in Benghazi, said the four Americans were killed when the angry mob, which gathered to protest a U.S.-made film that ridicules Islam's Prophet Muhammad, fired guns and burned down the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.
President Obama issued a written statement in which he said, "I strongly condemn the outrageous attack on our diplomatic facility in Benghazi."
Source: CBS News
Islamists Storm US Egyptian Embassy, US Apologizes - Breitbart
Egyptians angry at film scale U.S. embassy walls - Reuters
The Movie So Offensive That Egyptians Just Stormed the U.S. Embassy Over It - The Atlantic
Romney calls Obama administration response to Libya attacks ‘disgraceful’ - Washington Post
Libya: The Slaying of the U.S. Ambassador Highlights the Country’s Post-Gaddafi Struggles - Time

Wave of attacks in Iraq kill at least 44

Sept 9, 2012 - Insurgents in Iraq perpetrated attacks against security forces in some 11 cities, killing at least 44 people and wounding approximately 240 others.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attacks but security forces are a frequent target of Al Qaeda's Iraq branch, which has vowed to reassert itself and take back areas it was forced from before U.S. troops withdrew from the country last year.
Source: Fox

US designating Haqqani network as terrorists

Sept. 7, 2012 -
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton signed a report to Congress on Friday morning... The report states that the Pakistan-based Haqqani network "meets the statutory criteria for designation as a foreign terrorist organization."
Source: Fox

Army Veteran Named as Killer of Six at Sikh Temple

Aug. 6, 2012 - Reporters have identified the gunman who killed six people at a Sikh temple in southern Wisconsin as Wade Michael Page. He was an army veteran who was attached to Fort Bragg, N.C.
A policeman called to the scene of the carnage shot the gunman dead before he could fire on even more worshippers as they prepared for Sunday services at the temple in the suburb of Oak Creek, south of Milwaukee.
Source: Newsmax
Ed. Note: Sikhs have been mistaken for Muslims in other attacks against them in the past.
Completely Surrounded By Psychopaths And Sociopaths As We Approach The Edge Of Societal Collapse - End of the American Dream

Al Qaeda chief vows comeback in Iraq

July 24, 2012 - Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the new leader of al Qaeda’s affiliate in Iraq, issued an audio message claiming that the al Qaeda network is returning to Baghdad to aid in the struggle of the Sunni Muslims against the Shiites.
Al-Baghdadi also invited Muslims to come to Iraq to join his movement and warned the United States that it would soon see attacks on its territory.
Source: Washington Times

CIA Foils al-Qaida Bomb Plot Aboard US-Bound Jet

May 8,2012 - A covert CIA operation in Yemen thwarted a suicide airline bombing around the anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden.
The device did not contain metal, meaning it probably could have passed through an airport metal detector. But it was not clear whether new body scanners used in many airports would have detected it.
The new al Qaida bomb is an upgrade of the underwear bomb that failed to detonate aboard a jetliner over Detroit on Christmas 2009. Information has not been released about who the would-be bomber is. He apparently had not yet purchased his flight tickets.
Source: NewsMax
Update: Al-Qaeda underwear bomber 'was US double agent' - BBC

US on Alert for Terrorists With Body Bombs on Planes

April 30, 2011 - Authorities are concerned about the possibility of an attempted airline bombing on the anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden (May 1). The Yemen branch of al-Qaida is the greatest threat to the U.S. Their chief bomb-maker Ibrahim al-Asiri has been experimenting with non-metallic body bombs that would not be detected as a terrorist boards an airplane.
Medical experts told ABC that there is room in the stomach area for surgically implanted explosives."The surgeon would open the abdominal cavity and literally implant the explosive device in amongst the internal organs,"
Source: NewsMax

Feds arrest man allegedly heading to U.S. Capitol for suicide mission after sting investigation

Feb. 17, 2012 - FBI agents arrested Amine El Khalifi on his way to commit a suicide bombing at the U.S. Capitol building. The 29-year-old Moroccan citizen has been living illegally in the U.S. since his tourist visa expired in 1999. He has been the subject of a lengthy investigation by the FBI since he allegedly expressed interest in conducting an attack.
The man thought undercover FBI agents assisting him in his plot were associates of Al Qaeda. He purchased bomb materials including jackets, nails and glue in preparation for an attack. He even conducted a test explosives demonstration in a quarry.
He didn't realize that he was outfitted with a phony explosive vest and a disabled gun.
Source: Fox

US missile kills al Qaeda chief in Pakistan

Feb. 9, 2012 - Missiles from a U.S. drone struck a training camp in North Waziristan, reportedly killing Pakistan's top al-Qaeda leader, Badr Mansoor, and three other people.
"He died in the missile attacks overnight in Miranshah. His death is a major blow to Al-Qaeda's abilities to strike in Pakistan," a senior Pakistani official told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.
Source: Telegraph UK

Report: Al Qaeda militants capture town in Yemen

Jan. 16, 2012 - Taking advantage of the weakness of Yemen's government after nearly a year of protests and unrest, al Qaeda has taken full control of the city of Radda south of the country's capital. Militants captured army positions and released inmates from the local prison.
Source: Fox

Libyan weapons being sold to terrorists

Jan. 7, 2011 - Israeli security sources say that Libyan rebels are selling large quantities of weaponry to Hamas, the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad, the Popular Resistance Committees and the al-Qaida-affiliated Jihadiya Salafia.
The Israeli security sources said there is information that Islamic Jihad used Iranian funds to purchase rockets from Libyan rebels that can travel farther than Tel Aviv if the projectiles are fired from the Gaza Strip.
Source: WND
Older Articles: Before Jan. 1, 2012

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