Revived Roman Empire

Revived Roman Empire


Daniel's visions of world empires conclude with a sort of "revived Roman Empire" in the last days. The European Union (EU) could very possibly be the head of this final world government. It is located in the same area as the old Roman Empire, and is expanding its influence year by year.

The first step toward the formation of a European superstate was the Benelux Agreement on June 8, 1948. This was a treaty between three very small countries, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Several years later, in 1957, in the city of Rome, and with a document called "The Treaty of Rome," those three countries joined with three other countries, Italy, France, and Germany to make the EEC (European Economic Community) which was called the Common Market for many years. Today the organization is known as the EU (European Union). In 1973 the United Kingdom joined the EU along with Ireland and Denmark, making a total of nine nations. In 1981 Greece became a member of the union.

Spain and Portugal joined in 1986, and in 1995 Austria, Finland and Sweden were added to the official list.

In July of 2008 the EU spawned a related organization known as The Union for the Mediterranean which includes European, Middle Eastern and African nations all around th Mediterranean Sea. A map of all these nations looks very much like the old Roman Empire.

At the heart of all of this growth, the original 10 nations have a separate powerful existence, The Western European Union. The WEU is relatively dormant at this time, but is bound together for mutual defense if it is ever needed.

At the close of 2008 the United States and the rest of the world were distressed by the greatest economic melt-down since the Great Depression. Our financial weakness could be the reason the United States does not figure prominently in end-times prophecy. As the world rebuilds its financial system there may be less dependence on the U.S., and more trust in the EU.

At the beginning of 2009 there were 27 member states of the union. The success of this European merger is a further impetus to global unity.

Protests and revolutions in various Islamic countries around the Mediterranean Sea in 2011 raise the specter of a new Islamic caliphate that might merge with the European countries where Muslim culture is becoming predominant. Such a coalition would resemble the old Roman Empire at it's greatest extent, and could be what was predicted in Daniel, chapter 2 -the final world empire, symbolized by iron [Rome] and clay [Islamic caliphate?].

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Significance of a Revived Roman Empire in Prophecy

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Incoming EU president: Europe to block deals with Israel until peace process moves forward

Dec. 18, 2011 - German Socialist Martin Schulz is incoming president of the European Parliament, which represents the half-billion citizens of the EU. He does not believe the EU will colllalpse, and hopes for his own country to become a "European Germany" instead of wanting a "German Europe." He was asked if the current policy of exerting pressure on Israel will continue during his presidency. He answered,
Yes. The Parliament's decision to block the agreements with Israel stems from the lack of progress in the peace process and from our ambition to pressure the Israeli government to alter this situation. If Israel would seriously act to get out of the dead end, the European Parliament would respond accordingly.
He said that the EU is absolutely divided on the issue of Israel and Palestine. He added that the EU is divided on most questions.

In regard to the current process of Islamization of the Arab world and Europe, he is concerned that a weak Europe will miss a historic opportunity to establlish democracy. It seems that the only ones offering solutions to Arab countries are groups like The Muslim Brotherhood.

Source: Haretz

Significance of a Revived Roman Empire in Prophecy

Europe 'On Course To Become One Country'

Aug. 16, 2011 - The UK joined the European Union (EU)in 1973, but did not adopt the Euro as a common currency. Now plans for a union-wide tax plan has caused some British leaders to object that the EU is becoming something different than what they had joined.
Steve Baker, Tory MP for Wycombe, said: “It is very clear that the EU is heading at full speed towards being one country.”
Some 75,000 people have signed a petition to reverse the UK's membership in the EU. At east 100,000 signatures are needed for the issue to be considered for a debate in Parliament.
Source:Express - UK
The End Of Europe "Say good-bye to the old order..." - TIME (Subscribers)

Welcome to Eurabia

May 2, 2012 - Credible organizations, such as the Pew Forum, The Economist, and The Guardian, are predicting rapid growth of the Muslim populations in Europe in the coming years. Europeans in general have very low birth rates while Muslims already there and those who are immigrating have very high birth rates. Renowned Harvard historian Niall Ferguson caluclated that the Muslim population of the UK were to continue growing at its present annual rate of 6.7%, the Muslim population of the nation will pass 50% in 2050.
The Muslim Brotherhood runs most European mosques... Europe is one of their priorities... Yusuf al Qaradawi, the most famous guru of the Brotherhood, spoke clearly: “Islam will return to Europe, not by the sword, but with proselytism.”
Source: Giulio Meotti - YNet News
See 2009 Video Muslim Demographics

Iron and Clay:
The Revived Roman Empire and a New Islamic Caliphate

Feb. 23, 2011 - Recently there has been a debate among prophecy teachers about the nature of the final world empire. Some say it is a Western union of nations – a “Revived Roman Empire,” while others suspect it will be an Eastern coalition – essentially an Islamic Caliphate.

In Daniel, chapter 2, the major world empires are depicted in a series of dreams and visions. Before this time Egypt and Assyria had already come and gone as world powers. King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about a giant statue. He asked his wise men to interpret the dream, but they could not. However, Daniel, a devout young Hebrew captive, was given the ability to declare the dream and its interpretation to the king...

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