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Jesus listed earthquakes as one of the major "signs of the times" leading to the End Times events. Earthquakes and related tsunamis seem to be getting larger and more frequent lately.
Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains. - Matthew 24:7-8 (NIV)

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Prophetic Significance of Earthquakes

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Earthquake Magnitudes
Great = > 8
Major = 7 to 7.9
Strong = 6 to 6.9
Moderate = 5 to 5.9
Light = 4 to 4.9
Minor = Less than 3.9
Strong and Major Quake Watch

Is there really an increase in seismic activity? From some perspectives it certainly seems that there is, but scientists remind us that this could also be due to the increased effectiveness in measuring and reporting events. In any case, there is no doubt that this period of time qualifies as a fulfillment of the prophecy that "there will be earthquakes!"

Earthquakes in Various Places
- Ron's Blog 3/12/11

- From Lambert Dolphin's Library:
Earthquakes and the End Times.

See USGS Information
About Earthquakes

See the USGS Lists of
Significant Worldwide Earthquakes

USGS Earthquake information for 2011
USGS Earthquake information for previous years

Last Last 7 Days of Earthquake Activity- USGS
Last 8 to 30 Days of Earthquake Activity - USGS

Year-End Review of Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Plant Failure

Dec. 27, 2011 - Facts gleaned from sources listed below:
- Nearly 20,000 people dead or missing
- Nearly 335,000 people still living as evacuees

- Core meltdowns occured in number 1,2, and 3 Reactors - Fukishima No. 1 nuclear power plant
- Declared to be "Level 7" (highest) in severity, equal to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in the former Soviet Union
- 110,000 people evacuated - Surrounding area now a "no-man's land"
- Massive amounts of radioactive substances were dispersed into the atmosphere
- Decomissioning of the reactors is expected to take 30 to 40 years
2011 Top 10 Stories - Yomiuri National
No-manís land around damaged plant attests to Japanís nuclear nightmare - Washington Post
No Fukushima Radiation Deaths ó No Surprises - The New American

Prophetic Significance of Earthquakes

Strong 7.2 Magnitude Quake Strikes Eastern Turkey

Oct. 23, 2011 -
A powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Turkey Sunday, collapsing about 45 buildings according to the deputy prime minister.
The initial report only mentioned one death, but experts estimate that the number could rise to 1,000.
Source: Fox
Strong 7.2 Magnitude Quake Strikes Eastern Turkey [Tonga] - Yahoo

Killer earthquakes on the rise
Sept. 25, 2011 - There is reason to believe that earthquake activity is increasing.
The last decade has seen an intensification in earthquake activities. The 2004 Sumatra quake in Indonesia, which registered 9.3 on the Richter scale, has triggered stress in many areas. The Sikkim earthquake [9/18/11 - India 6.9 magnitude] could be a manifestation of this stress.
Other large recent earthquakes include the Fukushima quake in Japan (at magnitude 8.9- the largest in Japan's recorded history), the February 2010 Chile quake, and the January 2010 quake in Haiti.

Scientists blame the construction of dams for some of the increased earthquake activity. Globally, there are over 90 identified sites of earthquakes triggered by the filling of water reservoirs.

Source: Deccan Chronicle
Is The Number Of Earthquakes Increasing? Why The 5.8 Virginia Earthquake Might Just Be A Preview Of Things To Come - "Back in 2001, the world had 1361 earthquakes of magnitude-5.0 or greater. This year, we are on pace to have over 2800." - End of the AmericanDream

Two Nuclear Reactors Taken Offline Following 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Virginia
Aug. 23, 2011 - The East Coast has experienced a 5.8 earthquake that affected people from North Carolina to Michigan. Two nuclear reactors at the North Anna Power Station in Louisa County, Va., were shut down automatically.
The Dominion-operated power plant is being run off three emergency diesel generators, which are supplying power for critical safety equipment. The NRC and Dominion are sending people to inspect the plant.
Source: Fox
DC Area's largest quake ever? - Fox
Earthquake Damages Washington National Cathedral/A> - Fox

Nuclear fuel has melted through base of Fukushima plant
Jun. 9, 2011 -
The nuclear fuel in three of the reactors at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant has melted through the base of the pressure vessels and is pooling in the outer containment vessels, according to a report by the Japanese government.
It has also been determined that this leak occurred within hours of the original failure of the reactors. So far the molten fuel is being cooled by water, but the water becomes radioactive and then contaminates the environment around the reactors, including the sea water. The result will be higher levels of radiation and a longer period of time required to control the damage. They are hopeful that a cold shutdown could be achieved by October.

The report, which was given to the International Atomic Energy Agency, said that such a "melt-through" was "far worse than a core meltdown" and "the worst possibility in a nuclear accident."

Source:Telegraph - UK

In Japan, A City Shifted By Earthquake Faces A New Reality

May 9, 2011 -
In Ishinomaki, Japan, the March 11 earthquake has changed the city... The earthquake was so powerful, reports the AP, that some areas of Ishinomaki moved 17 feet to the southeast and sank 4 feet.
Twice each day, at high tide, the city is flooded with knee-deep water.
Source: NPR

Study: Yellowstone volcano much larger than believed

April 14, 2011 - New studies reveal the extent of the underground "plume" of molten rock under the Yellowstone supervolcano.
A 2009 seismic study showed the plume dips downward from Yellowstone at an angle of 60 degrees and extends 150 miles west-northwest to a point at least 410 miles under the Montana-Idaho border.
Source: CNN

Japan Raises Nuclear Alert at Troubled Plant to Highest Level, Equal to Chernobyl

Apr. 12, 2011 - Japan has raised the crisis level of its damaged nuclear plant at Fukushima from 5 to 7. This is the highest level, equal to that of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.
The new ranking signifies a "major accident" that includes widespread effects on the environment and health... But Japanese officials played down any health effects and stressed that the harm caused by Chernobyl still far outweighs that caused by the Fukushima plant.
Source: Fox
Japan: Nuclear crisis raised to Chernobyl level - BBC
Grim Photos Show What A Level 7 Nuclear Disaster Did To Chernobyl - Business Insider

Radioactivity in sea up 7.5 million times

Apr. 5, 2011 -
Radioactive iodine-131 readings taken from seawater near the water intake of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant's No. 2 reactor reached 7.5 million times the legal limit, Tokyo Electric Power Co. admitted Tuesday.
Source: The Japan Times
Japan earthquake: Radioactive leak plugged at reactor - BBC

Radioactive water from Japan nuclear plant leaks in sea

April 2, 2011 - An 8" crack in the concrete at Japan's quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant is allowing serious radiation to build up in costal waters.
Tepco is preparing to pour concrete into the pit to try to stop the leak.
Source: BBC
Up to 1,000 bodies left untouched near troubled nuke plant - Kyodo News
Death toll rises to 11,800 from great quake-tsunami in Japan -

Japan's Nuclear Rescuers: 'Inevitable Some of Them May Die Within Weeks'

Apr. 1, 2011 - The mother of one of the workers at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan said that they expect to die from radiation sickness or cancer because of their continued exposure to dangerously high radioactive levels as they attempt to bring vital cooling systems back online.
ďMy son and his colleagues have discussed it at length and they have committed themselves to die if necessary to save the nation."
Source: Fox
Entomb? Cement pumps flown in to nuke plant - Same company that helped seal in Chernobyl is sending equipment. - MSNBC

Radiation in Seawater, Soil May Be Spreading in Japan

Mar. 28, 2011 - Contaminated water inside Unit 2 of Japan's damaged nuclear reactor plant shows radiation levels some 100,000 times normal amounts. Workers have also discovered radioactive water in the deep trenches outside three units, emmitting more than four times the level that the government considers safe.
The frantic effort to get temperatures down and avert a widening disaster has been slowed and complicated by fires, explosions, leaks and dangerous spikes in radiation. Two workers were burned after wading into highly radioactive water, officials said.
Source: Fox
How Dangerous Is Japan's Creeping Nuclear Disaster? - Spiegel

Dangerous Breach Suspected at Japan Nuclear Plant as Strong Aftershock Hits Off Coast

Mar. 25, 2011 -Another strong aftershock (magnitude-6.4) struck near Japan's northeastern coast.
A suspected breach in the core at one reactor at a stricken Fukushima nuclear plant could mean more serious radioactive contamination, Japanese officials revealed Friday -- a situation the prime minister called "very grave and serious."
Dozens of workers had been trying feverishly to stop the overheated plant from leaking dangerous radiation, but work has been halted. A breach in the core could mean a much larger release of radiation.
Source: Fox

Japan's Tsunami Topped 70 Feet in One Estimate

Mar. 24, 2011 - According to Japan'sP ort and Airport Research Institute. the height of a tsunami wave where it struck Iwate Prefecture on March 11 was 77.4 feet high.
But even at that height, the wave in Ofunato was lower than Japanís domestic record of 125 feet, measured in the 1896 Meiji Sanriku Earthquake Tsunami, which killed 27,000 on the Japanese island of Honshu.
Source: Fox

Workers evacuated from Japan nuclear plant, again

Mar. 21, 2011 - Progress has been made to restore stability to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northern Japan, but gray smoke billowed from building No. 3 that houses a spent fuel storage pool, and the building was evacuated.
Today workers alternated between injecting water into the equally volatile No. 4 spent fuel pool and working to restore electricity to the plantís normal cooling system.
Source: Christian Science Monitor

Japan quake death toll passes 18,000

Mar. 21, 2011 - Japanese police estimate that more than 18,000 people have died in earthquake and tsunami disasters so far. The World Bank said it may cost Japan as much as £145bn to repair the damage.
Source: Guardian - UK

Japan's death toll climbs to nearly 7,000

Mar. 18, 2011 -
Japanese paused at the one-week mark following the monster earthquake and ensuing tsunami as the death toll continued its steady climb to 6,911, the National Police Agency reported. Another 10,316 people are missing.
Source: CNN
Russia president: Japan nuclear crisis is a 'colossal catastrophe' - Haaretz
Diplomat: Minuscule Fallout From Japan Reaches US - NewsMax
Working in Harmony: Aid Returns the Gospel to Japan - Crosswalk
Radiation and the Fourth Horseman - Ron's Blog

NRC chief: No water left in pool at nuke plant

Mar. 17, 2011 - If correct, 'nothing to stop fuel rods from getting hotter and ultimately melting down'
A nearly completed new power line could also restore electric cooling systems in the facility that were damaged after last weekís 9.0-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami... The operator at the damaged plant says external power cables could be connected to the site within hours.
Source: WorldNetDaily
Japan Uses Helicopter Water Dumps, Water Cannons on Crippled Nuclear Plant - Fox
Small amounts of radiation headed for California, but no health risk seen - LA Times
Japan steps up cooling operation - BBC

Cooling Efforts to Resume at Japan Nuke Plant Following Radiation Spike

Mar. 16, 2011 - A surge in radiation at Japanís malfunctioning Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear facility caused workers to suspend their efforts to try to cool the overheating reactor core. Radiation has now decreased to about 300 times normal levels, allowing them to return to the task of trying to stop the melt-down of the facility.
Japan ordered a nearby 140,000 people to seal themselves indoors after a series of explosions and fires at the plant. Hospitals had to be evacuated and thousands were screened for radiation exposure.
Source: Fox
Japan tries to pull nuclear plant back from brink of disaster - Swiss Info
Surgeon General: Buying Iodide a 'Precaution' - Prophecy Central Emergency Section

Japanese Nuclear Panic Rises as Agency Says Radiation Is Leaking Into Atmosphere

Mar. 15, 2011 - The danger has escalated at Fukushima's No. 1 nuclear plant. It is now rated at six on a seven-point scale of gravity.
Dangerous levels of radiation leaking from a crippled nuclear plant forced Japan to order 140,000 people to seal themselves indoors Tuesday after an explosion and a fire dramatically escalated the crisis spawned by a deadly tsunami.
Source: Fox
Japan earthquake: Radiation levels fall at Fukushima - BBC
Japan faces nuclear disaster - Washington Post
Samaritan's Purse Is On Hand for Possible Humanitarian Catastrophe in Japan - On the Record - Fox

Stricken Japan Nuclear Plant Rocked by Second Blast

Mar. 14, 2011 - After cooling systems failed at the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant plant in Japan, operators flooded the reactors with sea water. They knew that this would cause a pressure buildup in the reactor containment vessels but felt they had no other choice. Hydrogen in the released steam mixed with oxygen in the atmosphere to set off two explosions at the facilities. The structures housing the reactors were damaged.
Water levels dropped precipitously at another reactor, completely exposing the fuel rods and raising the threat of a meltdown.
Source: Fox
Japan's quake upgraded to 9.0, may kill 20,000 - International Business Times
Was The Earthquake In Japan A Sign That The Ring Of Fire Is Coming To Life?
Japan: Earthquake Possible Cause of Volcano Eruption - eCanadaNow
'Left Behind' author sees Bible all over disaster - WorldNetDaily
Japan Today, Jerusalem Tomorrow - Joel Richardson - WorldNetDaily

Japan's Worst Earthquake/ Greatest Crisis Since WWII

Mar. 13, 2011
Pray for Japan - Ron's Blog
Earthquakes in Various Places - Ron's Blog
Japan crisis 'worst since WW2' - BBC

Help Them
The American Red Cross - Or text 90999 to donate $10.
Salvation Army
Samaritan's Purse

Prayer and Missions
Global Media Missions - Online Missionaries
Operation World - The Definitive Prayer Guide For Every Nation
Pray for Japan - Operation World
Pray for Japan - The Rutherford family - missionaries in Japan with Mission to Unreached Peoples (MUP)

More News and Analysis of the Japan Earthquake

Mar. 12, 2011
How You Can Help the Victims of the Devastating Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan - Fox
Exodus from Japan nuclear plant - An estimated 170,000 people have been evacuated from the area around a quake-damaged nuclear power station in north-east Japan that was hit by an explosion, the UN atomic watchdog says. - BBC
Japan Nuclear Agency Reports Emergency at Second Reactor as Hundreds of Thousands Flee - Fox
Quake moved Japan coast 8 feet, shifted Earth's axis - CNN
Japan quake 1000 times more powerful than Christchurch - Herald Sun - Australia
Japan Earthquake : The Deadliest Earthquakes In History - Long Island Press

Japan Quake Updates

Mar. 11, 2011 -
Japan Quakes Force Evacuation Near Reactor; Oil Refinery Burns - Business Week
Tsunami Reaches Hawaii as Tidal Wave Crosses Pacific - ABC
Southern California beaches closed as waves expected from Japan earthquake - Los Angeles Times
Death Toll From Japanese Earthquake Rises; City Sets Up Relief Fund - [200 to 300 bodies and the number is climbing - NY1
Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant under state of emergency after quake - Guardian UK
BBC Updates: - The official Kyodo news agency is reporting that about 88,000 people are missing. - BBC

Size of Japan's quake surprises seismologists

Mar. 11, 2011 -
The 8.9 magnitude earthquake is among the top 10 ever recorded and occurred on an irregular fault line where a smaller temblor would be expected.
According to seismologist Susan Hough of the U.S. Geological Survey in Pasadena, "It's bigger than any known historic earthquake in Japan, and bigger than expectations for that area."
Source: Los Angeles Times
Tsunami Slams Northern Japan After Massive 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Coast - Fox

Tsunami hits north-eastern Japan after massive quake

Mar. 11, 2011 - A massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck the north-east of Japan, causing a tsunami.
Japanese television showed cars, ships and even buildings being swept away by a vast wall of water after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake.
The earthquake also triggered a number of fires.
Source: BBC
Hundreds killed after 8.9 Japan quake sparks tsunami - [200-300 and climbing] - Detroit Free Press

Christchurch New Zealand Earthquake - 6.3

Date of Earthquake: Feb. 22, 2011
Source: New Zealand Herald
2011 Christchurch earthquake - Wikipedia

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