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A wave of Christianophobia is sweeping the world

Dec. 27, 2010 - The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life recently reported that “Christians faced somesort of harassment in two-thirds of all countries,” or 133 states.
Certainly a focus of the problem is the Middle East, where Islamic extremists consider anyone who holds anotherfaith to be a heretic, often subject to execution.
But Christian persecution is not limited to Muslim countries. North Korea is considered the worst place for a Christianto live. They must worship in secret there, and if caught, they are imprisoned, tortured and sometimes killed. Chinaimprisons “unregistered” Christians.

Christianity is the worlds largest religion, with nearly one-third of the world's people identifying with it.But in many places people think that Christians are agents of Western imperialism. On the other hand, half ofall Christians live in the poorest areas of the world - 400 million in Africa, 511 million in Latin America and about200 million in Asia.

Source: the Kansas City Star

The persecution of Christians in the ‘Muslim world’

Dec. 15, 2010 - The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have both raised the issue that Christians,who once comprised a sizeable number of citizens in Iraq are being systematically persecuted and killed, so much sothat all Christians may flee from the country before long.
The Times goes on to inform us that “more than half of Iraq’s Christian community, estimated to number 800,000 to 1.4 million before the American-led invasion in 2003, have already left the country.”
Analysts say that President Obama and his State Department may be to blame for this development. The president talksendlessly of his administration's “outreach to the Muslim world.” That expression implies that the Middle Eastis their world, so Christians and Jews don’t belong there.

The State Department is also to blame for this persecution. Iraq and Afghanistan both have constitutions in whichour own State Department advisers included so-called “repugnancy clauses.” These are statements that nothing can bedone that is repugnant to Islam. And what is repugnant to islam is determined by the most powerful mullahs.

Source: World Magazine
Pope calls Christians the most persecuted - Washington Post

Churches Pray for the Persecuted Sunday

Nov. 12, 2010 - Millions of Christians are being persecuted worldwide. This Sunday, Nov. 14 isThe International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.
The global day of prayer began in 1996 though the efforts of the World Evangelical Fellowship with the help of a variety of denominations and faith-based groups.
Source: CBN
The International Day of Prayer, 11/14/2010: Joining the Souls of the Slain - Crosswalk
Obama Praises "Toleration" as Indonesian Churches Burn - New American

Islamophobia: We Have More to Fear than Fear Itself

Sept. 18, 2010 - Stan Guthrie points to Time magazine's latest cover, "Is America Islamophobic?" The implied answer is "yes," but he cites FBI figures about the 1,732 hate crimes based on religious bigotry in 2008. Their records show that there are many more hate crimes perpetrated against Jews in our country than against Muslims. In fact, there are even more hate crimes against Christians than against Muslims in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Islamic regimes are the real source of religious persecution.

The latest World Watch List of Open Doors, for example, reports that eight of the 10 worst—and at least 37 of the top 50—persecuting countries against Christians are run not by "radicals of all the faith traditions," but by Muslims.
Source: Crosswalk
World Watch List 2010 - Open Doors
See news about current controversies about the "Ground Zero" mosque and threatened burning of the Koran - Prophecy Central
Report: U.S. Ignoring Creeping Threat from Sharia Law - CBN

Influential Pastor Warns of Socialism, Departure from God

July 4, 2010 - Dr. Charles Stanley told his church and television audiences that there is a tide of socialism and anti-Christian sentiment threatening the nation.
Source: Christian Post
InterVarsity Head Laments: 'Evangelical Groups Are Out' - Christian Post

'Freedom of Worship' Worries

Jun. 23, 2010 - Since the Fort Hood attack, the Obama administration has generally been using the phrase "Freedom of worship" in place of "freedom of religion." According to Nina Shea, director of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, freedom of worship might only mean the right to pray within the confines of a place of worship or to privately. She said,
"It excludes the right to raise your children in your faith; the right to have religious literature; the right to meet with co-religionists; the right to raise funds; the right to ...evangelize, [and] to have religious education or seminary training."
Source: Christianity Today

Pentagon Widens Christian Ban; Graham Says It’s Anti-Religion

Apr. 28, 2010 - First, the Pentegon disinvited Franklin Graham to participate in their National Day of Prayer event because of anti-Islamic comments he made after the 911 attacks, and now, they have disinvited Shirley Dobson and the whole National Day of Prayer task force.
Source: NewsMax
Franklin Graham: Christians Will Lose the Power to Pray Outside Church Walls ‘Maybe in My Lifetime’ CNS News

A Pain In The Ark

Apr. 28, 2010 - This is a disgusting example of the athiestic attitude of some European commentators. Instead of looking at the evidence, Adam Rutherford of U.K.'s The Guardian, writes:
This is the bit of religion that demands ridicule. Christian fundamentalists are of course silly people... The story of Noah is not just silly but hateful, and impossible.
Source: The Guardian

Psalms banned, but witchcraft OK - Supreme Court endorses 'hostility' toward Christianity

Jan. 19, 2010 - The Supreme Court refused to intervene in a lower court's decision that the kindergarten teacher and principal at Culbertson Elementary School in Newtown Square, PA were right to not allow Psalm 118 to be read aloud as part of a student's favorite book. The teacher suggested the reading of a passage from a book about witches, witchcraft and Halloween instead.
Source: WorldNetDaily

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