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There is a vital connection between the prophecied apostasy ("falling away") of the end times and the practice of abortion.

The Freedom Of Choice Act (FOCA) did not become law in 2009, but President Obama promised to sign it when it is passed by Congress. If this bill becomes law it will destroy every effort made on the state level during the last 20 years to provide pro-life choices and safeguards!


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Job 31:15 Further Study
God made us in the womb.
Psalm 139:13-16 Further Study
God "knit" us in the womb- wonderfully
and fearfully made.
Isaiah 49:1 Further Study
Before I was born the Lord called me....
Jeremiah 1:5 Further Study
"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you..."
Luke 1:41 Further Study
John leaped in his mother's womb
when he heard Mary's greeting.

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Current Events

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Newer articles: After Dec. 31, 2011

The New Evangelicals: How Christians are rethinking Abortion and Gay Marriage

Dec. 28, 2011 - Marcia Pally, author of the book The New Evangelicals: Expanding the Vision of the Common Good, says that a small but growing number of evangelicals are distancing themselves from the "Religious Right." For them, abortion is still wrong, but they do not support activism such as protesting at family-planning clinics.
On this view, if one wishes to reduce abortion, one must remove the central financial and emotional reasons to abort.
Source: ABC

Picture This: The Statistics on Abortion

Dec. 23, 2010 - A clever graphic presentation of the statistics on abortion in America has been devised by Pro Life/ Online for Life Blog.
Source: Crosswalk
Abortion Statistics - Online forLife Blog
pro life
Via: Pro Life

The Death of Pro-Life Democrats

Oct. 29, 2010 - Abortion has not been the focus of this mid-term election, but analysts say that the elections will cut the number of pro-life Democrats in the House of Representatives.
"There certainly is a real prospect that the number of pro-life Democrats will decline," said John Green, a professor of political science at the University of Akron.
Future discussions about abortion in the House will be even more polarized between Democrats and Republicans.
Source: Christianity Today

Rep. Bart Stupak to Retire

Apr. 9, ,2010 - Michigan Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak will retire from Congress at the end of this term. He has been severely criticized for his decision to support the health care bill at the last minute without the anti-abortion wording he had said must be in the bill.
The Tea Party Express, a group who opposed the federal spending, has been calling for Stupak's defeat at rallies in his sprawling northern Michigan district this week. Republican doctor Dan Benishek also announced he would challenge Stupak in the election.
Source: Fox

Stupak: From Prolife Groups' Hero to Villain 'In a Nanosecond'

Mar. 22, 2010 - Representative Bart Stupak was a hero in pro-life circles for leading a small block of Democrat congressmen in opposition of the health care bill's funding of abortions.
But when Stupak and other pro-life Democrats agreed to back the bill in exchange for an executive order stating that no federal funds could be used for abortion, the Michigan Congressman instantly became persona non grata.
Pro-lifers generally feel that the President's executive order will have little or no effect against the legal verbage of the bill itself which was passed with a very narrow margin. Had Stupak and his group kept their promise to vote against it, the bill would have failed.
Source: Christianity Today

Blue Dog Pack Threatens to Bail on Health Care Over Abortion Language

Mar. 4, 2010 - House of Representatives member Bart Stupak and 10 other "Blue Dog" Democrats are upset that Stupak's provision that prohibits the use of federal money to pay for abortions is not in President Obama's health care bill language.
"We're not gonna vote for this bill with that kind of language in there," Stupak said Thursday in an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America."
Source: Fox

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad

Did you see the Super Bowl spot from Focus on the Family?

It starts with Pam Tebow holding a baby photo of Tim Tebow, who is now 22, and a two-time Heisman Trophy winner.

Pam says, "I call him my miracle baby. He almost didn't make it into this world. I can remember so many times when I almost lost him. It was so hard. Well, he's all grown up now, and I still worry about his health. You know, with all our family's been through, we have to be tough."

Suddenly, she is tackled and disappears.

She returns and says, "Timmy! I'm trying to tell our story here!"

Tim stands next to her and says, "Sorry about that mom. You still worry about me, Mom?"

"Well, yeah," she says. "You're not nearly as tough as I am."

The tagline is "Celebrate Family. Celebrate Life." It gives the web address of Focus on the Family.

Focus on the Family
Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association
Tim Tebow Foundation

Justice Roberts Hints He Could Overturn Roe

Jan. 25, 2010 -
Chief Justice John Roberts last week made it clear that the Supreme Court over which he presides will not hesitate to sweep away its own major constitutional rulings when doing so is necessary to defend America’s bedrock governing document.
This statement means that if Justice Anthony Kennedy or a future justice becomes the fifth vote against Roe vs. Wade, the court will not hesitate to overturn the 1973 ruling.

President George W. Bush's appointment of Justice Roberts as Chief Justice may become his most important legacy.

Source: NewsMax

Remembering Roe: A Forgotten Warning from Reagan

Jan. 23, 2010 - Read Dr. Paul Kengor's comments on President Ronald Reagan's 1987 remarks made to pro-life leaders. Reagan's oppening words:
"[M]any of you, perhaps most, never dreamed of getting involved in politics. What brought you into politics was a matter of conscience, a matter of fundamental conviction."
Kengor affirms that most pro-lifers were not political until, "one day they awoke to learn the Supreme Court had passed Roe v. Wade … and the hellacious assault was on." They didn't want the battle, but as Kengor says, "The Death Culture came to them."
Source: Crosswalk

Anti-abortion protesters target Planned Parenthood

Jan. 19, 2010 - On the Martin Luther King holiday, thousands of protesters marched around an “abortion super center” that Planned Parenthood will open in Houston in March. The facility is a six-story building on the Gulf Freeway.
Organizer Lou Engle used the Martin Luther King holiday to accuse Planned Parenthood of locating the new facility in a predominantly Hispanic and black area to target minorities for abortion services.
The protesters marched, prayed and kept silent. They put red tape across their mouths with the word "life" written on it.
Source: Chron - The Houston Chronicle
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