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Current Wars at the end of 2009

Dec. 24, 2009 - GlobalSecurity.com lists 36 wars continuing at the end of 2009. Most of them have been going on for a long time.
Algeria Insurgency 1992 -->
Burma Insurgency 1950 -->
China Senkaku Islands 1968 -->
China Spratly Islands 1988 -->
China Uighur 1996 -->
Colombia Insurgencies 1970s-->
Congo (Zaire) Congo War 1998-->
Georgia Civil War 1991-->
India Assam 1985 -->
India Kashmir 1970s-->
India Naxalite Uprising 1967 -->
Ivory Coast Civil War 2002 -->
Korea Korean War 1953 -->
Laos Hmong Insurgency 2000 -->
Moldova Transdniester 1991-->
Namibia Caprivi Strip 1966-->
Nepal Maoists 1996 -->
Nigeria Civil Disturbances 1997 -
Pakistan Baluchistan 2004 -
Pakistan Pashtun Jihad 2001 -
Palestine Civil War 2007-->
Peru Shining Path 1970s-->
Philippines Moro Uprising 1970s-->
Russia Chechen Uprising 1992 -->
Somalia Civil War 1991-->
Spain Basque Uprising 1970s-->
Thailand Islamic Rebels 2001 -->
Turkey Kurdistan 1984 -->
Uganda Civil Conflict 1980 -->
United States Afghanistan 1980 -->
United States Djibouti 2001 -->
United States Iraq 1990 -->
United States Philippines 1898 -->
Uzbekistan Civil Disturbances 2005 -->
Yemen Sheik al-Houti 2004 -->
Source: GlobalSecurity.org

Terrorists could use internet to launch nuclear attack: report

July 24, 2009 - A study released by the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (ICNND) warns that, under the right circumstances, terrorists could break into computer systems and cause a series of events that could lead to the launching of a nuclear attack.
In fact, says the study, "this may be an easier alternative for terrorist groups than building or acquiring a nuclear weapon or dirty bomb themselves".
Hackers could feed false information that might cause computers or officials to be confused so that they would respond with the nuclear option.
Source:Guardian - UK
International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament

Seoul: Pyongyang test-fires 7 missiles

July 4, 2009 - Various reports indicate that North Korea reportedly test-fired seven Scud-type missiles. A South Korean government official said that the ground-to-ground missiles were "estimated to have a range of 400-500km," and were more dangerous than previous missiles fired.
US and South Korean intelligence estimated that the launches were deliberately timed to coincide with 4th of July celebrations in the United States.
Source: Jerusalem Post
North Korea missile tests defy UN - BBC
What is North Korea's game plan? - BBC

N. Korea Fires Four Short-Range Missiles

July 2, 2009 - An unidentified North Korean official said that his country has test-fired four short-range missiles within four hours on Thursday.
While the surface-to-ship missiles, with a range of less than 62 miles, are not capable of reaching Japan, the test-fires are a move that aggravates the already high tensions following Pyongyang's recent nuclear test and U.N. sanctions imposed as punishment.
Source: Fox
U.S Ready to Knock Down N. Korean Missile - Newsmax

N. Korea Threatens to Wipe U.S. Off the Globe

June 24, 2009 - If a U.S. ship boards the North Korean ship suspected of transporting illicit weapons to Myanmar, the official Korean Central News Agency claims it will lead to war. It said,
"If the U.S. imperialists start another war, the army and people of Korea will ... wipe out the aggressors on the globe once and for all."
Source: Newsmax

N.Korea accuses Obama of nuclear war plot

June 22, 2009 - In response to last week's US-South Korean summit, North Korea's state-run weekly claimed that President Obama and South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak "are trying to ignite a nuclear war".
It said it wasn't a coincidence that the United States has brought "nuclear equipment into South Korea and its surroundings and staged massive war drills every day to look for a chance to invade North Korea."
Source: Breitbart

Navy Positions Destroyer For Possible Intercept of North Korean Ship Suspected of Proliferating Missiles, Nukes

June 20, 2009 - A U.N. resolution opposes the shipment of arms from North Korea.
The resolution would not allow the United States to board the ship forcibly. Rather, U.S. military would have to request permission to board -- a request North Korea is unlikely to grant.
Since the U.S. does not expect to be granted permission, the U.S. Destroyer will probably shadow the ship until it runs out of fuel and has to be towed into the port. Indian Ocean port authorities would then inspect and confiscate illegal cargos.
Source: Fox
McCain favors boarding NKorean ship - Breitbart

U.S. Military Set to Intercept North Korean Ship Suspected of Proliferating Missiles, Nukes

June 19, 2009 - A navy destroyer, The USS John McCain, is moving into position to intercept Kang Nam, a North Korean ship.
The ship left a port in North Korea Wednesday and appears to be heading toward Singapore, according to a senior U.S. military source. The vessel, which the military has been tracking since its departure, could be carrying weaponry, missile parts or nuclear materials.
Source: Fox

Japan warns that North Korea may fire missile at U.S. on Independence Day

June 19, 2009 - A Japanese newspaper claims that North Korea plans to launch a Taepodong-2 missile on July 4th toward the Hawaiian Islands. It is doubtful that the missile can reach the islands since they are 4500 miles away, and the missile only has a range of 4000 miles. The U.S. has set up interceptor missiles in Hawaii in case the North Korean launch is actually considered a threat.
Source: Daily Mail - UK

N Korea warns of nuclear war amid rising tensions

June 15, 2009 - South Korean president Lee Myung-bak is travelling to the U.S. to discuss North Korea's rogue nuclear and missile programs with President Obama. North Korea has expressed concern that the US might precipitate nuclear war because of atomic weapons stored in South Korea and Japan
Source: AP- Yahoo

UN imposes tough new sanctions on N Korea

June 13, 2009 - Even China and Russia joined Western powers and nations from every region in unanimously approving the U.N. sanctions against North Korea because of their nuclear weapons and missile tests.
The U.N. Security Council on Friday punished North Korea for its second nuclear test, imposing tough new sanctions, expanding an arms embargo and authorizing ship searches on the high seas.
Source: AP - My Way

US, China and Russia lift arms spending to new record: study

June 10, 2009 - World military spending rose to a new high of 1.464 trillion dollars in 2008. The Iraq war, the return of Russia as a global player and the emergence of China, all contributed to the surge. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), this is a rise of 45 percent from a decade ago and it represents 217 dollars for every person on the planet.
"The introduction of the idea of 'the war on terrorism' has encouraged several countries to see their problems from a very militarised perspective, and is used to justify high military spending," Sam Perlo-Freeman, the main author of SIPRI's report on military expenditure, said in a statement.
The U.S. is, by far the world's biggest arms spender, at 607 billion dollars last year. China is second, spending 84.9 billion dollars. France and Britain follow in the list. Russia is reasserting its superpower ambitions, returning to fifth position on SIPRI's list in 2008 after a decline in the post-Cold War period.
Source: Space War

Gates draws the line on North Korea's nuclear program: No proliferation

May 30, 2009 - U.S. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates warned North Korea not to sell or transfer nuclear material outside its borders.
"The transfer of nuclear weapons or material by North Korea to states or non-state entities would be considered a grave threat to the United States and its allies," Gates said.
Source: Los Angeles Times
Preparing for Sudden Change in North Korea - Council on Foreign Relations Report
North Korea launches seventh missile off east coast - Telegraph - U.K.

U.S. Presses China for Tough Response to North Korea

May 28, 2009 -
The United States is pressing China to consider taking a variety of severe sanctions against North Korea, including the inspection of suspect ships and planes, as it tries to ratchet up the global response to Pyongyang’s latest nuclear test.
The US administration believes that it likely that North Korea will sell or leak nuclear devices to terrorist organizations.
Source: NY Times
Commentary: World War III has started: Israeli leaders must understand broad implications of North Korean nuke test

U.S., S. Korea Troops on High Alert Amid Threats

May 28, 2009 - After North Korea's underground test blast of a nuclear bomb, South Korea joined a U.S.-led program that will stop and inspect ships suspected of transporting banned weapons and nuclear technology.
North Korea threatened Wednesday to attack any U.S. and South Korean ships that try to intercept its vessels and renounced a 1953 truce halting the Korean War fighting.
Consequently, South Korean and U.S. troops have boosted their alert level Thursday to the highest category since 2006.
Source: Fox

Russia fears Korea conflict could go nuclear

May 27, 2009 - Russia is concerned that North Korea's latest nuclear test could affect the security of Russia's far eastern regions, which border North Korea. An unnamed source said:
"We are not talking about stepping up military efforts but rather about measures in case a military conflict, perhaps with the use of nuclear weapons, flares up on the Korean Peninsula."
Meanwhile, North Korea's reaction to new U.N. sanctions was a statement that it is no longer bound by an armistice signed with South Korea at the end of the 1950-53 Korean War.
Source: Reuters
Clinton slams N. Korea's rhetoric, 'belligerent' actions - CNN

Outrage over N Korea nuclear test

May 25, 2009 - North Korea has conducted an underground test of a powerful nuclear bomb.
It is being reported that North Korea gave warning of an imminent test to the US less than an hour before it happened.
Seismologists say the device had the power of a 4.5 quake.

President Barack Obama said North Korea's action threatened "international peace". China and Russia also condemned the test. Russia's defence ministry estimated that the device released up to 20 kilotons of power. This makes it comparable to the bombs that flattened Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

Source: BBC
North Korea test-fires 2 more missiles - Jerusalem Post
North Korea conducts powerful nuclear test - South reports launch of 3 missiles; atomic test likened to Hiroshima bomb - MSNBC
U.N. Security Council Condemns North Korea's Nuclear Test - Fox

Pakistan to open second front against Taliban

May 13, 2009 - According to the Daily Telegraph, the Pakistani army plans to open a second front in Waziristan,, possibly in June. They will attempt to drive out the Taliban and establish some sort of state control over the area,"
The paper said the most likely first target of the operations will be the head of the Pakistani Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud, whose stronghold is in South Waziristan, which borders Afghanistan.
Source: Times of India

Thousands flee Pakistan fighting

May 8, 2009 - As Pakistani forces attack Taliban targets in the Swat Valley, civilians flee from the area. So far the offensive has displaced some 200,000 people and 300,000 are on the move or about to move.
As jets and helicopters pounded targets in the valley, the UN said it was threatening to become one of the world's biggest displacement crises.
The Pakistani army says that more than 140 militants have been killed in the past 24 hours.
Source: BBC

Pakistan, U.S. Launch Nuclear Security Talks, Officials Say

May 5. 2009 - The Boston Globe reported that talks are proceeding between the United States and Pakistan to deal with the threat from the Taliban if it continues to advance against the Pakistani government. They are discussing the formation of a program to track down and eliminate Pakistani nuclear materials or to remove them to the U.S. for disposal.
The Bush administration provided $100 million for nuclear security activities in the South Asian nation, including training and deployment of detection technology.
Source: Global Security Newswire

Heavy Fighting Continues As Pakistan Army Battles Taliban

May 5, 2009 - The Pakistan government claims it has killed more than 100 Taliban militants in fighting to take back northwest Pakistan.
While Pakistani forces captured the main town in Buner hours after the offensive began on Tuesday, troops continue to battle Taliban fighters for control of high strategic positions.
Mediators hope to placate the Taliban by establishing Islamic courts throughout the northwest region.
Source: Voice of America
Pakistan May See 500,000 Flee Swat as Peace Crumbles - Fox
A Nuclear Taliban? - Hal Lindsey - WorldNetDaily

Clinton: Pakistan Must Keep Lid on Taliban to Guarantee Safety of Nukes

Apr. 27, 2009 - Taliban advances in Pakistan threaten threaten the government there. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warns that this situation could reach a critical stage.
"If the worst, the unthinkable, were to happen ,and this advancing Taliban encouraged and supported by Al Qaeda and other extremists were to essentially topple the government for failure to beat them back, then they would have the keys to the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan," Clinton said Saturday.
Source: Fox

Rising Taleban Insurgency in Pakistan

Apr. 24, 2009 - Pakistan is experiencing an insurgency by the Taleban. The militant Islamic group has taken control of most of the country's border areas next to Afghanistan, and is demanding the implementation of Sharia law. The situation threatens Pakistan’s own government and has caused deep concern by U.S. officials.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Pakistan posed a "mortal threat" to the world by abdicating to the Taleban. On Thursday US Defence Secretary Robert Gates warned Pakistan that relations with the US would be threatened unless Islamabad combated the rise of the Taleban.
Source: BBC

Newt Gingrich: A Single Nuke Could Destroy America

Mar. 29, 2009 - Newt Gingrich is concerned that the US is not prepared to stop an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) explosion by a rogue state or terrorist group.
When a nuclear weapon is detonated in space, the gamma rays emitted trigger a massive electrical disturbance in the upper atmosphere. Moving at the speed of light, this overload will short out all electrical equipment, power grids and delicate electronics on the Earth’s surface.
Source: NewsMax
EMP Threat - onesecondafter.com

North Korea Vows to Resume Nuclear Weapons Production

Apr. 14, 2009 -
North Korea has responded angrily to a United Nations denouncement of its recent long range rocket launch. Calling multinational disarmament talks "useless," the North's government says it will restart nuclear facilities and boost its nuclear arsenal.
Source: Voice of America

UN council fails to condemn North Korea

Apr. 6, 2009 - Following the launch of a North Korean missile, Japan requested the emergency Security Council session. The US and its allies sought punishment for the defiant launch of the rocket. The council met for three hours, but adjourned for the night without a unified response.
Diplomats privy to the closed-door talks say China, Russia, Libya and Vietnam were concerned about further alienating and destabilizing North Korea.
Source: Jerusalem Post

North Korea Launches Rocket, Defying World Pressure

Apr. 5, 2009 -
Obama Condemns N. Korea Missile Launch, Vows to Pursue Missile Defense in Europe
U.N. Security Council to Hold Emergency Session Over N. Korea Launch
Source: Fox

As North Korea counts down, Japan talks tough

Apr. 4, 2009 - When North Korea launches its rocket, it may encroach on Japan's air space.
After first hinting that it might shoot down the rocket -- a threat that brought a sharp rebuke from the government in Pyongyang -- Japan has warned that it will intercept any falling debris. The nation has moved to high alert.
Observers say it is unlikely that Japan will risk hitting falling debris with their untested missile defense system.
Source: Los Angeles Times

N. Korea Ratchets Up Threats as it Readies Missile for Launch

Apr. 2, 2009 - North Korea is apparently fueling a missile for launch as soon as this weekend, and has threatened to attack "major targets" in Japan if Tokyo shoots the missile down.
North Korea has shifted MIG-23 fighter jets to its east coast, near the missile launch site, according to South Korean media reports.
President Barack Obama said that the launch would be a "provocative act" that would violate a U.N. resolution and trigger a response from the U.N. Security Council.
Source: Washington Post
Obama warns North Korea against missile test - Reuters - UK

U.S. Deploys Missile Destroyers to N. Korea

Mar. 30, 2009 - Two U.S. missile-interceptor ships were deployed from South Korea to monitor North Korea's upcoming rocket launch.
The ships are equipped with Aegis radar, a system that enables the vessels to locate, track and shoot down missiles.
South Korea and Japan also dispatched missile destroyers to monitor the launch.
Source: Fox

Image shows North Korea rocket on launch pad

Mar. 30, 2009 - Satellite pictures show North Korea has indeed placed a missile on its launch pad. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that US ships in the area would not interfere at this time.
He also indicated that the U.S. military could be prepared to shoot down a North Korean missile if the rogue regime develops the capability to reach Hawaii or the western continental United States in a future launch.
Source: CNN

Newt Gingrich: A Single Nuke Could Destroy America

Mar. 30, 2009 - Newt Gingrich reminds those who will listen that rouge nations that can launch a satellite pose a very real threat to the US. Iran launched a “communications satellite” last month, and now North Korea is threatening to do the same.
The ability to launch an alleged communications satellite belies a far more frightening truth. A rocket that can carry a satellite into orbit can also drop a nuclear warhead over any location on the planet in less than forty-five minutes.
Just one nuclear bomb, detonated at high altitude over our country can destroy electrical and electronic equipment. He says, "It might take years to recover from, if ever."
Source: NewsMax

North Korea May Have Missile That Can Reach Hawaii, U.S. Says

Mar. 28, 2009 - When asked if the North Korean missile could reach Hawaii, Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, “In some cases, yes, they could probably get down to Hawaii.”
Source: Bloomberg

Sudan: Strike reportedly obliterates Iranian ship at sea

Mar. 26, 2009 -
"There were indeed two strikes in Sudan, in January and February," Sudan's deputy transportation minister told Channel 10 on Thursday evening. "I cannot confirm that Israel or the US were behind the attack, but I know that the US controls the airspace there," he said.
Another official said that a second strike destroyed a ship at sea.
Source: Jerusalem Post

US: North Korea loading rocket on launch pad

Mar. 26, 2009 - North Korea is loading a Taepodong rocket on its east coast launch pad.
Regional powers worry the claim is a cover for the launch of a long-range missile capable of reaching Alaska. National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair said earlier this month that all indications suggest North Korea will in fact launch a satellite.
It is believed that this long-range missile is capable of attacking targets as far away as Alaska.
Source: MyWay
US deploys warships as North Korea prepares to launch missile - Telegraph - UK
Japan Issues Order to 'Destroy' N. Korea Rocket - Fox

Japan Warns It May Shoot Down N. Korean Rocket

Mar. 13, 2009 - Two "danger" zones have been announced by North Korea where parts of their multi-stage rocket will land during their upcoming missile test.
Japan sharply protested North Korea's planned satellite launch, warning Friday it could shoot down the rocket after Pyongyang said it would fly over Japan.
One of the "danger" zones, where the rocket's first stage is expected to fall, lies in waters less than 75 miles from Japan's northwestern shore. The other will fall in the middle of the Pacific between Japan and Hawaii.

In Tokyo, Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura told North Korea to abandon the rocket plan and said Japan was ready to defend itself.

Source: Fox

U.S. wary of upcoming N. Korea missile launch

Mar. 12, 2009 - North Korea has filed an official "Notice to Mariners" (NOTAM), that it intends to conduct a missile launch between April 4 to 8. Two earlier tests of the Taepodong-2 two-stage missile were unsuccessful. If it is successful this time North Korea would have the capability to reach the continental United States.
South Korea, Japan and the United States believe the launch will test missile technology in violation of a 2006 U.N. Security Council resolution banning Pyongyang from ballistic activity, and have urged the North not to go forward.
Source: MSNBC

U.S. Prepared to Shoot Down N. Korean Missile

Feb. 27, 2009 - According to Adm. Timothy Keating, the The U.S. military is prepared to shoot down a North Korean missile or rocket if President Obama should give the order.
Keating said the U.S. military is ready to respond to the missile launch with at least five different systems: a naval destroyer, Aegis cruiser, radar system, space-based system and ground-based interceptor, ABC News reported.
Source: Fox

N. Korea Says It Is Preparing to 'Launch Satellite'

Feb. 24, 2009 - A U.N. Security Council resolution prohibits the testing of North Korea's long-range missiles. But that country's space agency says it is preparing to shoot a satellite into orbit. The communications satellite would be delivered by their Unha-2 rocket from the launch site in Hwadae. They use the same site to test their longest-range missile, the Taepodong-2. An advanced version of this missile might be able to reach the west coast of the U.S.
North Korea asserted last week it has the right to "space development" — words the regime has used in the past to disguise a missile test.
When North Korea test-fired a Taepodong-1 ballistic missile over Japan in 1998 it claimed to have put a satellite into orbit.
Source: Fox

The Perilous State of Mexico

Feb. 21, 2009 - Drug cartels may have gained so much power that the Mexican government can no longer control the violence they cause.
Detective Ramon Jasso was heading to work in this bustling city a few days ago when an SUV pulled alongside and slowed ominously. Within seconds, gunmen fired 97 bullets at the 37-year-old policeman, killing him instantly.
The day before, someone called the detective's cellphone to claim that he would be killed if he didn't immediately release a young activist who had organized a violent demonstration to demand that the Mexican army withdraw from the drug war.
Source: Wall Street Journal
Phoenix Reels as Mexican Drug Kidnappings, Violence Grows - NewsMax

North Korea May Be Ready to Test-Fire Missile 'Within Days'

Feb. 21, 2009 - Jane's Information Group warns that satellite images show that North Korea is preparing to test-fire a long-range missile within days. It is believed that the missile would be capable of reaching U.S. territory.
Washington, Seoul and Tokyo have repeatedly warned Pyongyang against firing a missile, saying the move would trigger international sanctions.
Source: Fox

North Korea Plans Long-Range Missile Test
North Korea will face sanctions if test goes ahead, says Seoul

Feb. 18, 2009 - The South Korean government warns that the North is preparing to launch another Taepodong-2 long-range missile, which potentially has the range to strike Alaska and Hawaii.

U.S. Secretary of State Clinton said that such an act would be “very unhelpful,” but she made no mention of sanctions or other retaliatory steps.

South Korea and the US confirmed today that they would go ahead with an annual military exercise next month, which will mobilise almost 50,000 servicemen from each side.
Source: Times Online
Commentary: Be ready to strike and destroy North Korea's missile test - Shadow Government

Nuclear subs collide in Atlantic

Feb. 16, 2009 - Two nuclear submarines colided underwater in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean earlier this month. The British HMS Vanguard and the French Le Triomphant were both badly damaged in the low speed crash. The submarines are equipped with sonar to detect other vessels but both had anti-sonar devices that hid them from one another. According to BBC defence correspondent Caroline Wyatt, the incident was "incredibly embarrassing" for the Ministry of Defence (MoD).
"This is clearly a one-in-a-million chance when you think about how big the Atlantic is," she said.
Source: BBC
Interesting recent coincidence:U.S. and Russian satellites collide sending a cloud of hazardous debris hurtling around Earth at 25,000 mph - Prophecy Central - "Fearful Events"

Report: Obama Pursues Deal With Russia to Slash Nuclear Weapons

Feb. 4, 2009 - President Obama plans to sponsor talks with Russia about reducing the number of nuclear warheads to 1,000 for each country.
Key to the initiative is a review of the Bush Administration’s plan for a U.S. missile defense shield in Eastern Europe, a project fiercely opposed by Moscow.
Source: Fox

North and South Korea stand on 'the brink of war'

Jan. 31, 2009 - Blaming South Korea for agressive posturing, North Korea cancelled all military and political agreements. The action increases the prospect of an armed confrontation between the two Koreas. North Korea's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea reported:
"There is neither way to improve (relations) nor hope to bring them on track."
The committee also warned the South that its policies would result in its "shameful destruction".
Source: Telegraph - UK

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