Islam is the second largest, and some claim, the fastest growing, religion in the world. It is not well understood in the United States, but the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center by militant Muslims has made people curious about its teachings. Many Muslims live in relative peace, but there is a strong, sizeable faction of radical militants that dominate the news and use terrorist tactics to advance it's agenda of world domination. Osama bin Laden and his organization, Al Qaeda, were responsible for the killing of more than three thousand innocent Americans. They have trained thousands of terrorists, and have now conducted terrorist attacks all over the world.

Christians need to affirm their love for Muslims (Christ died for all men), and stand against any persecution against them based on their religion or ethnicity. We should also seek to enter into dialog with them where possible, so that they might learn more about Jesus, whom they respect as a prophet, but do not accept as savior. At the same time, we should be entirely opposed to the wanton murder of innocent people by terrorists. And we should not give the false impression, so prevalent in our culture today, that our beliefs are equal. Jesus said He is the only way to God the Father (John 14:6).

Radical Islam has continued to grow. Their aim is to control the world. Intelligence experts warn that another great attack is likely in America. Few, if any, Muslim mosques stand effectively against violence. Instead, they tend to serve as places of recruitment for jihadists. Outdated immigration policies and weak border control allow the continued flow of trained terrorists into our country. Americans and their leaders need to wake up and find ways to stop this trend before it is too late for us.

Current Events
Information About The Crusades

Current Events

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Information About The Crusades

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Newer Articles: After Dec. 31, 2009

Islamic mosque built at NYC Ground Zero

Dec. 18, 2009 - A five-story building just two blocks north of the former World Trade Center has been purchased to develop an Islamic mosque, a cultural center, and a museum "to counteract the backlash against Muslims in general."
Source: WorldNetDaily

Muslim Followers of Jesus?

Dec. 2009 - Can one be a Muslim and a follower of Jesus? This thought-provoking article analyzes the different ways that Islamic believers in Jesus identify themselves and their fellow-believers. Yale University scholar Joseph Cumming describes the differences and the angry debate between the groups. The editors summarize the issue this way:
The gospel must be contextualized, but how far can contextualization go without violating the gospel? And who sets the boundaries?
Source: Joseph Cumming - The Global Conversation - Christianity Today

Radical Islamist Group Bent on Destroying America

Dec. 7, 2009 - Islamic expert Steve Emerson warns about the radical Washington, D.C.-based As-Sabiqun, and its leader, Imam Abdul Alim Musa.
Musa told the annual conference of a branch of the Muslim Students Association that the so-called Iranian revolution is the "greatest epic in modern, even ancient, history."
Protected by American free speech laws, Musa spreads hatred for the U.S. and support for our enemies.
Source: Newsmax

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? — The Swiss Ban Minarets

Dec. 2, 2009 - With a 58% margin, the Swiss people adopted a national ban on the construction of minarets.
Sunday's vote represents a clear victory for the Swiss right and serves notice that the citizens of Switzerland are concerned about the growing influence of Islam in their country.
Source: Crosswalk

Troubling Portrait Emerges of Fort Hood Shooting Rampage Suspect

Nov. 6, 2009 - Confusing and contradictory information is coming to the surface about Major Nidal Hasan, who killed 13 people and wounded many more at Fort Hood, Texas yesterday. The event is being called the worst mass killing on a U.S. military base. Hasan was born in America, but was a lifetime Muslim. He was a career soldier, but complained of being harrassed for his Muslim beliefs after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.
A second military official said Hasan's family has Palestinian roots. There have been reports that he was harassed for his Muslim religion, but the official says there is no indication Hasan filed a complaint within the military about that.
Source: Fox
Terrorism at Fort Hood - Ron's Blog
Military jihadists fill 'every branch' - WorldNetDaily

Radical mosque leader killed in FBI shootout

Oct. 29, 2009 - Detroit FBI agents conducted raids Wednesday to capture a home-grown terror cell that had a goal of establishing a separate Islamic nation within the United States. The leader of the Sunni Muslim group, Luqman Ameen Abdullah, 53, leader of the Masjid Al-Haqq mosque in Detroit, was killed in the shootout. Eleven other men were arrested in the raids.

‘Islam is violent’ says President Obama’s new pastor Carey Cash

Oct. 15, 2009 - More than a year ago President Obama was forced to disown his Chicago pastor,Jeremiah Wright because of Wright's radical theology and rasist views. Since then the President has expressed a fondness for Carey Cash, the navy chaplain at the Camp David presidential retreat, and it appears that the President has heard more sermons by him than any other minister since taking office.

The White House denies that the President has chosen Cash as his new pastor, but he told reporters this summer that Mr Cash “delivers as powerful a sermon as I’ve heard in a while. I really think he’s excellent”.

Now some sources are criticizing Cash for being too evangelistic an for his mistrust of Islam.

In a 2004 book describing his deployment to Iraq the year before, Mr Cash calls Islam violent, a faith that “from its very birth has used the edge of the sword as a means to convert or conquer those with different religious convictions”.
Source: Times Online
The Pastor Who Has Obama's Attention - Washington Post
Editor's Note: Hopefully Bible-believing Christians will encourage President Obama to listen to pastors like Carey Cash. Liberals will criticise him for this, but why should we?

Muslim Demographics

This shocking video has had more than 10 million viewings since it was posted on You Tube on March 30, 2009!

Judge: Rifqa Bary stays with foster family for now

Sept. 21, 2009 - A judge in Orlando, Florida has temporarily denied a motion filed by Rifqa Bary's parents to move her case back to Ohio.
The courtroom was packed with people from various church groups. Many clutched their Bibles as they watched the hearing unfold on TVs in an overflow courtroom.

Their main concern was that Rifqa Bary be allowed to worship as she pleases.

The judge said he needed to speak with the Ohio judge to clear up jurisdiction and other legal issues. A pretrial hearing is set for October 13th.
Source: WDBO

Christians Called To Five Days of Concerted Prayer

Sept. 20, 2009 - Followers of Islam are being called to Capitol Hill for one great day of prayer this coming Friday to demonstrate the virtues of their religion. Lou Engle, director of "The Call," gives his insight, and asks Christians to join in a nation-wide prayer vigil during the next five days.

Engle asks us to pray on Monday that God would grant supernatural wisdom to the courts so that the best situation for Rifqa and her family would take place.

We must pray for Rifqa to be bold in proclaiming Jesus that even thousands of Muslims would hear and be awakened to the love of Christ. She has already said that this is not about her but about many Muslims coming to Jesus.
During the rest of the week we should pray earnestly for revival in the United States. Then, on Friday, Sept. 25th, fasting and prayer will intensify for Muslims to be moved by the Holy Spirit. Perhaps they will even be visited by Jesus in dreams, like countless others have been in recent years.
Source: Lou Engle - Capital Hill Daily Brief
Islam on Capitol Hill
Islam on Capitol Hill - Snopes
Debate over Rifqa Bary resumes today in court - Orlando Sentinel
Will Obama greet Muslims on Capitol Hill? - OneNewsNow
From May 5, 2009 - White House Will Not Observe Nat'l Day of Prayer - Obama Watch on Prophecy Central
Islam on Capitol Hill? - Robert Spencer - Jihad Watch - Human Events
Update - Sept. 26, 2009 - At Capitol, a Day of Muslim Prayer and Unity - 3,000 Gather to Combat Fear and 'Do the Work of Allah' Amid Christian Protests - Washington Post

Christian girl begs state: Don't let them kill me!

Aug. 20, 2009 -
Fathima Rifqa Bary, 17, an honor student and cheerleader, was raised in a Muslim family in Columbus, Ohio. She became a Christian four years ago as a result of her interactions with children at school.
She claims to have been beaten by her father and believes her family will kill her for bringing dishonor upon her family by becoming a Christian. The courts will decide whether she will be forced to return to her Muslim parents.
Source: WorldNetDaily
Christian Convert Allowed to Stay in FL for Now - CBN

Nigerian Islamist attacks spread

July 27, 2009 - In Nigeria, which is approximately half Christian and half Muslim, about 150 Christians have been killed by Islamic militants. Most of the attacks have occured in Maiduguri, Borno State. Hundreds are fleeing their homes.
Some of the militants follow a preacher who campaigns against Western schools. The preacher, Mohammed Yusuf, says Western education is against Islamic teaching.
Source: BBC

Obama speech inspires mass Quran distribution

June 29, 2009 - CAIR plans to give 'holy texts' to 100,000 local, state leaders

The Council on American-Islamic Relations plans to distribute 100,000 copies of the Quran to government officials, atorneys general, educators, law enforcement officers and others who shape public opinion.

Their decision was prompted by President Obama's Cairo speech on June 4. He called the Quran "holy" four times and quoted several verses from it. He said, "As the Holy Quran tells us, 'Be conscious of God and speak always the truth. That is what I will try to do."

Obama was reading from chapter 9 verse 119 of the Quran, which scholars pointed out to WND carries two interpretations: the primary exegesis, or tafsir, which deals with speaking the truth, and a second, underlying tafsir urging Muslims to follow Muhammad in waging jihad against nonbelievers.
Source: WorldNetDaily

Revival Comes to the Muslim World

Jan. 6, 2009 - Read about the revival going on in the Kurdish region of Iraq.
Source: CBN

Mosab Hassan Yousef, The Son Of An Influential Hamas Leader, Admits What Jews Already Know; There Will Never Be Peace

Jan. 2, 2009 - Mosab Hassan Yousef had been the leader of Hamas' Islamic Youth Movement. He says there will never be lasting peace between the Hamas and Israel.
Yousef, 30, said he realized the true nature of Hamas and radical Islam during a stint in an Israeli prison. He renounced his Muslim faith, left his family behind in Ramallah and converted to Christianity.
Source: Lincoln News Messenger
"Escape From Hamas" - Fox
Heroic Treason? Promo for "Escape From Hamas" - Fox
News of Yousef's conversion from August, 2008:
Son of Hamas Leader Turns Back on Islam and Embraces Christianity - Fox
Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas leader, becomes a Christian - Telegraph UK
Hamas Leader, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, Son Converts to Christianity - Minority Report - From Haaretz.com
Older Articles: Before Jan. 1, 2009

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