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Red Skies

Recently Barbara and I had the privilege of visiting the offices of the Blue Letter Bible and of sharing a prophecy update with their wonderful staff.  Although we have used their site for our sermon preparation week after week for … Continue reading

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Read Rosenberg’s Book Quick!

If you are planning to read Joel Rosenberg’s new book, you had better do it fast.  Rosenberg’s earlier prophecy-fiction books have all been published just before some of his creative insights have actually happened.   The Ezekiel Option was named by … Continue reading

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Camping’s Last Stand

When his earlier prediction about the end of the world failed to materialize last May 21st, Harold Camping, President of Family Radio, recalculated and said that the Rapture (whisking away of the Church) would take place on Oct. 21.  Thankfully, … Continue reading

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The Prophecy Pendulum

Bible prophecy is full of mysterious things: the four horsemen of the apocalypse, a seven-headed dragon, a lamb that speaks like a dragon, stars falling from the heavens, and many more.  I have studied these mysteries for most of my … Continue reading

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Systematic Prophecy: Sound Biblical Teaching

Now that Harold Camping and his followers have raised a huge question in the minds of millions of people about prophecy by setting a false date for the Rapture, and then by recalculating the date (as we warned he would … Continue reading

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