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What If We’re Right?

A couple of years ago my talented friend Brian Hoerning and I hosted a weekly apologetics program on a secular radio station.  We called it “What If We’re Right?”  We picked topics that are always at the top of the … Continue reading

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The Creation Debate is “Evolving”

Personally, believing that the Bible’s original manuscripts were inerrant, I accept the majority-view of evangelicals that God created the Earth in six literal days. Almost all Christians would have held a similar view until Charles Darwin published his book, On … Continue reading

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Review of Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here

Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam have written a big book of evidence that when Pope Benedict XVI, who is 85, dies or steps down, his successor will be the last in a very long string of Popes predicted more than … Continue reading

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A Divided Nation

President Obama’s admission yesterday that he does believe in same-sex marriage did not surprise many people, but it drew a line in the sand – dividing the nation in yet another way. It came at the same time that North … Continue reading

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Red Skies

Recently Barbara and I had the privilege of visiting the offices of the Blue Letter Bible and of sharing a prophecy update with their wonderful staff.  Although we have used their site for our sermon preparation week after week for … Continue reading

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Systematic Prophecy: Humility and Courage

In the two previous blogs we gave suggestions about how our study and teaching of Bible prophecy can be more trustworthy.  These ideas were: Sound Scriptural Teaching and Principles of Interpretation of Prophecy   Today we would like to conclude … Continue reading

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Systematic Prophecy: Biblical Interpretation

Principles of Biblical Interpretation of Prophecy  There are many excellent books on the topic of Bible interpretation. In fact, this subject is so broad that it has its own technical name: Hermeneutics.  The word hermeneutics comes from the Greek hermeneo, … Continue reading

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Hell Is For Real

The study of prophecy must include what happens to people at the end of their mortal life.  Two books that are very popular right now deal with some of these questions.  One of them is Heaven is for Real: A … Continue reading

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Prophecy and Apologetics

Image via WikipediaWe have just launched a companion site to Prophecy Central. It is Apologetics Central. We have been working on this project little by little for over a year, so that it would have enough substance to make it … Continue reading

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The Manhattan Declaration – Be a part of Christian history!

In just one week the Manhattan Declaration has been signed by more than 200,000 Christians. This statement of moral principles for this generation may be as important as Luther’s 95 Theses that started the Reformation. Evangelical, Orthodox, and Catholic leaders … Continue reading

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