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Will Hezbollah Attack Israel Soon?

The near collapse of President Bashar Assad’s reign in Syria may bring on an attack by Hezbollah in Lebanon against Israel in the near future.  Assad has been the sponsor of Hezbollah for many years.  If he is replaced, the … Continue reading

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Ron Carlson with the Lord

  We were shocked by news of the sudden and unexpected death of Ron Carlson, an outstanding apologist who was an expert in the area of creation, cults and Islamic issues. He apparently died peacefully while vacationing with his family. … Continue reading

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Systematic Prophecy: Humility and Courage

In the two previous blogs we gave suggestions about how our study and teaching of Bible prophecy can be more trustworthy.  These ideas were: Sound Scriptural Teaching and Principles of Interpretation of Prophecy   Today we would like to conclude … Continue reading

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Systematic Prophecy: Biblical Interpretation

Principles of Biblical Interpretation of Prophecy  There are many excellent books on the topic of Bible interpretation. In fact, this subject is so broad that it has its own technical name: Hermeneutics.  The word hermeneutics comes from the Greek hermeneo, … Continue reading

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Systematic Prophecy: Sound Biblical Teaching

Now that Harold Camping and his followers have raised a huge question in the minds of millions of people about prophecy by setting a false date for the Rapture, and then by recalculating the date (as we warned he would … Continue reading

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