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Future Smart Phones

Smart phones have become geniuses compared to their forefathers (the first cell phones from a few years ago). 2012 should be the year that more smart phones will be sold than personal computers. Researchers say they will continue to make … Continue reading

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What Does It All Mean?

After 14 years of reporting news of prophetic importance to Bible students and teachers, we have accumulated a valuable history of headlines and their summaries. If you are looking for information about any one of over one hundred sub-topics, you … Continue reading

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Another Nice Surprise: Our Book in Amazon list for “Bible Prophecy”

This week I made a list of great books and DVDs about Bible Prophecy.  It’s sort of a general wish-list for prophecy enthusiasts. offers a way to list these products by categories in a personalized “store.”  So I put … Continue reading

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Read Rosenberg’s Book Quick!

If you are planning to read Joel Rosenberg’s new book, you had better do it fast.  Rosenberg’s earlier prophecy-fiction books have all been published just before some of his creative insights have actually happened.   The Ezekiel Option was named by … Continue reading

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You Should Have Been There!

We participated in an outstanding conference last week-end.  Jay Smith was our speaker.  He is a missionary in London who devotes all his time to study, writing, and lecturing on the differences between Christianity and Islam.  He has had an … Continue reading

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Billy Graham – Another Methuselah?

Billy Graham celebrated his 93rd birthday this week!  What if God allowed our generation’s most famous evangelist to prolong his life until the Rapture of the Church? It’s just a thought! Don’t say I predicted that this would happen.  But … Continue reading

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Connecting the Dots Called a “Bestseller”

Armageddon Books is an online bookseller that specializes in Bible prophecy books and products. They have been on the Internet about as long as Prophecy Central, and we have enjoyed watching each other grow for more than a decade.  We … Continue reading

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What Ever Happened To America?

A few years ago we could not have imagined how rapidly our beloved country would decline.  Prophecy students have wondered for decades how it could be that the United States will not apparently be a major player in the Bible’s … Continue reading

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Camping’s Last Stand

When his earlier prediction about the end of the world failed to materialize last May 21st, Harold Camping, President of Family Radio, recalculated and said that the Rapture (whisking away of the Church) would take place on Oct. 21.  Thankfully, … Continue reading

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Remembering Steve Jobs

We all knew Steve Jobs’ health was failing, but it was a shock to hear that he had died today, just a few weeks after resigning as Chairman of Apple Computer.  Losing Steve Jobs was like losing Thomas Edison.  His … Continue reading

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