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Just back from Israel-at-war… What an experience!

Tired but happy, we just returned from a tour of Israel and Jordan. We went with friends from Solid Ground Church in Alta Loma and with Pastor Darrell Ward and folks we have known for many years from our former … Continue reading

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Remembering Chuck Colson

It was a great privilege to live in the days of such a spiritual and intellectual giant as Charles Colson. The world will not be the same without him. He accepted Christ as his personal savior during the Watergate scandal, … Continue reading

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New Ministry Pages

Since Barbara and I “retired,” we have been busier than ever. Everyone told us it would be that way, and we are OK with it. We want to continue serving the Lord and His People. Solid Ground Church is still … Continue reading

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The Prophecy Pendulum

Bible prophecy is full of mysterious things: the four horsemen of the apocalypse, a seven-headed dragon, a lamb that speaks like a dragon, stars falling from the heavens, and many more.  I have studied these mysteries for most of my … Continue reading

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We’re Back! God Answers Prayer!

Maybe you noticed that Prophecy Central disappeared over the week-end. This was the second shocking problem we have experienced in the last two months.  The first was a hacking incident, with our home page replaced by a death-focused game message.  … Continue reading

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Is God’s Judgment Real?

Image via Wikipedia Most Americans, even “Christians,” are living as if there will be no final judgment.  So many people say, “I just don’t think a God of love would send me to hell.”   The recent story of the conversion … Continue reading

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A Blog About Blogs

Recently blogging has made a huge impact on the news industry. When traditional media outlets fail to get to the heart of current important issues, the bloggers swarm the story and uncover the facts. Thanks to the Internet, everyone has … Continue reading

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Older Blogs

You may view our earlier blogs at Blogger.

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