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Frank Pastore: True Hero of the Faith!

It doesn’t seem possible, but Frank Pastore, a great champion of the truth, has been called to his heavenly home, where it is certain that the Lord Jesus will tell him, “Well done, you good and faithful servant!” Hundreds of … Continue reading

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New Revelation Chart – How to Study the Book of Revelation

Many people think the Book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible, is too difficult to understand. They may have even tried to read it, but were put off by its symbolism and complexity. On the other hand, Revelation … Continue reading

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UFOs Appear On Prophecy Central

Articles about UFO’s are not really new on the Prophecy Central website.  We have occasionally posted information about alien life and the appearance of Unidentified Flying Objects since the beginning of our service in 1996.  Even then we thought that … Continue reading

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Bible Prophecy: Who Can You Trust?

  Why we wrote “Connecting the Dots: A Handbook of Bible Prophecy” There are so many ideas floating around about prophecy in these fascinating times. How does one know what is true and what is just speculation? Fourteen years ago … Continue reading

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Billy Graham – Another Methuselah?

Billy Graham celebrated his 93rd birthday this week!  What if God allowed our generation’s most famous evangelist to prolong his life until the Rapture of the Church? It’s just a thought! Don’t say I predicted that this would happen.  But … Continue reading

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Camping’s Last Stand

When his earlier prediction about the end of the world failed to materialize last May 21st, Harold Camping, President of Family Radio, recalculated and said that the Rapture (whisking away of the Church) would take place on Oct. 21.  Thankfully, … Continue reading

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Rapture Drill Today

When will Jesus return to catch away His followers?  He said we could not know the exact details of his return, but as J. Danson Smith reminds us in his classic poem, “Perhaps Today,” it could be any day.  It … Continue reading

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Systematic Prophecy: Humility and Courage

In the two previous blogs we gave suggestions about how our study and teaching of Bible prophecy can be more trustworthy.  These ideas were: Sound Scriptural Teaching and Principles of Interpretation of Prophecy   Today we would like to conclude … Continue reading

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Systematic Prophecy: Sound Biblical Teaching

Now that Harold Camping and his followers have raised a huge question in the minds of millions of people about prophecy by setting a false date for the Rapture, and then by recalculating the date (as we warned he would … Continue reading

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Get Exclusive Content Free!

Prophecy Central now has a free weekly newsletter. It is a recap of all the “Top Stories” of the past week with links to the original documentation. Best of all, it allows us to include exclusive content and commentary under … Continue reading

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