Nobel Prizes Showcase the Wonders of Creation

Folded Protein

Folded Protein

I noticed something fascinating about the current spate of Nobel Prize winners. Their achievements give witness to the greatness of our Creator God!

Let me give a little background here. Knowledgeable Christians take the Bible literally, and believe the account of God’s creation in the first two chapters of Genesis. They also value true science and rejoice whenever more truth is discovered by brilliant and diligent scientists.

For the past century and a half, the theory of evolution has been taught almost exclusively in our public educational systems. This has led to confusion, and in many cases, rejection of Biblical values by students.

The good news is – the more advanced science gets in our generation, the more credence its findings give to belief in Creation. Charles Darwin and his followers did not expect this to happen. In fact, he wrote in his book, On the Origen of Species,

“If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.” – Charles Darwin

Irreducible Complexity: The Challenge to the Darwinian Evolutionary Explanations of many Biochemical Structures

 Darwin thought that the cell was utterly simple. He had no idea about the immensely complex structure of the cell, with its unfathomable DNA “computer program” in every nucleus, or the amazing microscopic “machines” that do all the work in its tiny factory. It is too bad that Darwin couldn’t be here now to be amazed at the things Nobel Prize laureates have discovered since his dark age.

Here are just three of the hundreds of articles about the current prize-winners and their work:

Computer chemists win Nobel prize

This article features three scientists who put the latest and greatest computers to work in order to solve the incredibly complex nature of proteins and other biological structures.

I remember reading about IBM’s “Blue Gene” supercomputer in 2000. It would be devoted to the study of one of the 40,000 proteins in the human body.

IBM computer to speed genetic studies

June 3, 2000 – During the next five years, IBM plans to build its “Blue Gene” computer which will be 500 times faster than any computer in use today. It will be devoted to the gigantic task of modeling proteins in the study of the genetic code.

Yet Blue Gene, 40 times faster than the combined speed of the 40 fastest computers in the world today, will run an entire year to produce an answer for one protein. That will be one down, 39,999 to go. Or thereabouts.

Source: Washington Post

Here are some other articles about the Nobel Prizes:

Higgs boson scientists win Nobel prize in physics

Thanks to these brilliant minds and the amazing new Large Hadron Collider in Europe, they have “captured” and identified the previously theoretical “Higgs boson” particle. A current article in Forbes Magazine explains that this illusive and invisible force causes the matter in the Universe to have substance, or mass. Because of its powerful unseen influence it has been given the popular name, “The God Particle.”

I can’t pretend to really understand such advanced knowledge in a specialized field, but it all points to a universe that is incredibly bigger and more complex than anything that could ever have happened by accident. All of this gives great credence to the more faith-oriented disciplines of Intelligent Design.


Cellular ‘shipping’ wins Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize for medicine or physiology was awarded to three scientists who discovered how cells precisely transport material. They identified “vesicles” that act like a fleet of ships transporting their goods to destinations.

“The billions of cells which make up the body are not empty blobs, instead they are packed with precise machinery. In order for a cell to function properly it needs the right materials in the right place at the right time.”

 Another thing I noticed was how many of the Nobel Prize winners are Jewish and/or Israelis. When I checked this out, I found an article in the Jewish Chronicle that declared this was A remarkable week for Jewish Nobel Prize winners. It explained that six Jewish scientists won awards and two others came very close. It went on to say:

An estimated 190 Jewish or half-Jewish people have received Nobel Prizes since they were first handed out in 1901.

Jews have won more than 20 per cent of the 850-plus prizes awarded, despite making up just 0.2 per cent of world’s population.

I just want to say to all of these amazing Nobel laureates, “Thank you for your intellects and devotion to your work. And thank you for strengthening our faith in the God of Creation and His Word!”

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