Our First Educational Computer Programs Posted on Historical Site

We were honored yesterday to have our first ten educational computer programs made available on the Internet. Brutal Deluxe Software maintains the site that documents the earliest programs for personal computers (Apple II). They went to great effort to photograph the packaging and the cassettes that contained the programs (there were no floppy drives for the original personal computers).

My involvement was an unexpected turn of events in our life. I had always loved technology, and was drawn into the exciting computer revolution at the very beginning. I was always a pastor, but for several years, software development and computer store management was my “tent-making” employment (The Apostle Paul spent part of his time as a tent-maker).

These early programs were adapted from our first attempts to enhance the youth Bible study we held in our home when our son Tim was in Junior High School (1977). 

Here are some links about this development and about our history in the world of computers.  To God be the Glory!

Brutal Deluxe Software

Magnemedia Page – The ten programs: photos, digitized programs, documentation

My Strange Adventure: How I Stumbled into the World of Personal Computers and Educational  Software – Powerpoint

Short written history of our involvement in the world of computers – PDF

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