Speaking At Laguna Woods

It will be a privilege to minister to the Saints at Laguna Woods for a Prophecy Update during the next two weeks. This will be a mini-prophecy conference. We will introduce the series during the Sunday morning service. The theme is “What in the World is Happening?” We will return on the following two Fridays to do “An Overview of Things to Come” one week and “Technology and the Mark of the Beast” the next week. We will incorporate a Q & A session into each of the presentations.

Barbara and I are looking forward to this engagement since some of our great “old friends” are there. This is the congregation that we served as pastoral couple 22 years ago before we were called to Solid Ground Church in Alta Loma.

Visitors are welcome! The services begin at 10:15 a.m. You can visit the church site for directions.

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  1. Aidan Melody says:

    The debate over climate change or Global Warming….There is a climate change but it has nothing to do with Global Warming.Global Warming is a great hoax and it is being used by Satan to hide what really is happening.Jesus told us to watch always,He spoke of changes in Nature on Earth and in the Sky.The present weather conditions are caused by Nature groaning and travailing for the return of Jesus and its restoration.As the return of Jesus gets nearer and nearer so to will the weather conditions get worst and worst.This is not just wind /rain,but Earth quakes,tidal waves,volcano eruptions and other major natural disasters.These will increase as the return of Jesus gets nearer,so Satan had to come up with something,yes Global Warming.When people were believing in Genesis Satan came up with Evolution.Evolution is nothing but Evilution,another one of Satan’s lies.Satan knows his end time is at hand and he is going all out to confuse what really is happening and that is the soon return of Jesus. I can tell you a lot more and in particular Satan’s greatest deception,one that has been sweetly swallowed but will end in great bitterness for billions of people….Aidan.

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