I’m Still Here!

Some of you who follow our blogs or Revelation Commentary Notes may have wondered if I have disappeared this past month.  Once, in my younger years as a pastor, I attended a church conference where a number of old friends seemed shocked to see me. One of them explained, “I heard that you had died!” We all had a good laugh, and I never did discover the origin of the rumor. It reminded me of Mark Twain’s famous saying that the news of his death was greatly exaggerated.

The simple truth is that instead of going away for a vacation this year we have had a series of missionaries, friends and family spend time in our home with us. It has been a delightful experience, but I decided I couldn’t devote the normal study time that is necessary for writing while they were here.

We actually have a couple more weeks of time-out, and then I am eager to get back to the fascinating comparison of the prophecy of the Seven Churches (Revelation chapters 2 & 3) with church history.

I have been learning all about the Jesuits, a subject that I don’t think we considered at all in seminary.  It is intriguing stuff, and I can’t wait to share it with you soon.

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2 Responses to I’m Still Here!

  1. The Jesuits- would this ,could this, be more Catholic bashings…
    The ‘seeds’ were planted against us long ago…The ‘enemy’ has done a good job.
    If you would only look at yourselves-thousands of protestant denominations,all
    interpreting the bible different.

  2. Joan Clucas says:

    Hey Ron! I’m glad you took a little time off. Your upcoming topic, the Jesuits, sounds like very interesting topic. I’m sure you, as usual, will teach us with love and understanding. Joan

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