Revelation’s Prophecies about Church History

Souls Exiting from Purgatory

What About Purgatory?

I hope you can take the time to read the amazing prophecies to the Seven Churches in Revelation chapters 2 and 3.  I have spent the past several months writing a commentary on the subject, and to date we are only up to Revelation 2:20 – the Church at Thyatira, which was a preview of the Middle Ages.   I have devoted the past ten segments to that one verse. It is shocking what happened to the Church during those thousand years! However, we are about to look at the positive side of the Middle Ages and how the Lord Jesus was always victorious.  After all, He promised in Matthew 16:18, “I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it!”

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3 Responses to Revelation’s Prophecies about Church History

  1. Every thing I read from your ‘Revelation’ series is ‘ catholic bashing..’

    If the ‘Tree Trunk’ is so rotton,, the ‘branches ‘ can not be too healthy

    Divide & Conquer—thousands & thousands of denominations..
    You have ‘cherry picked’ the Christian faith .

  2. Hagia Sophia says:

    Your premise is entirely wrong. The catholic church is NOT the tree trunk. The church existed prior to it and various other older denominations were extant long, long before christianity spread to Rome and EVENTUALLY the catholic church was formed. The orthodox churches have better claim to the oldest of the larger universal branches, but even the Copts and other groups in the Middle East are as old or older.

    Rome is a sick branch but not the trunk of all Christianity. Please inform yourself. By your own logic, if the basic facts aren’t correct then premises stemming from it must be in error.

  3. Kieron says:

    Sorry but he is right. The Catholic Church is the trunk of the tree. All the denominations that exist today broke away from the Catholic Church or something that at one time broke from the Catholic Church.

    However what is not being mentioned is that while the Catholic Church is the ‘Trunk” it is not the “Root” of Christianity. The Christians that predated the Catholic Church are the “Roots” of Christianity and Jesus is the soil in which they grew.

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