What If We’re Right?

A couple of years ago my talented friend Brian Hoerning and I hosted a weekly apologetics program on a secular radio station.  We called it “What If We’re Right?”  We picked topics that are always at the top of the list of questions about the Bible and Christianity. We have now archived these discussions on our Apologetics Central website so that people who are asking these questions at any given time can hear Bible answers. Here are some of the topics that are covered.

The Resurrection
Is Christianity Declining?
What Is Truth?
Evolution or Intelligent Design?
Why Would a Loving and All-powerful God Allow Suffering?
Is the Bible God’s Word?
What is Meant by Inspiration of the Bible?
Are There Contradictions In The Bible?
What about Those Who Have Never Heard?
Is There Really A Hell?
Dinosaurs and the Bible
Bible Prophecy- War of Gog and Magog
Bible Prophecy- Revived Roman Empire
Bible Prophecy- Mark of the Beast
How Hard Is It To Become A Christian?
Would God Forgive A Great Sinner?
True Christian Marriage

Which Church Is Right? And Do I Have To Go To Church To Be A Christian?
Where Is God In The Midst Of This Financial Crisis?

When you want to listen to these programs, visit the  Archives page at


and click on any of the titles.

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2 Responses to What If We’re Right?

  1. judi crawford says:

    the apostles creed clearly states in “belief in the holy catholic church” and you say that unless one accepts this creed and belief, we are in a cult !??? so, you believe that all other churches except the catholics are a cult ???

  2. admin says:

    No. Sorry for the confusion. The Roman Catholic Church is a later historical development. When the Apostles spoke of the “holy catholic church,” the word “catholic” meant universal. So All true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord belong to this universal church regardless of their denomination.

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