Remembering Chuck Colson

It was a great privilege to live in the days of such a spiritual and intellectual giant as Charles Colson. The world will not be the same without him. He accepted Christ as his personal savior during the Watergate scandal, and by God’s grace, he turned his loss and imprisonment into an exceptionally brilliant career as a Christian philosopher and founder of Prison Fellowship.

I had the privilege of knowing him and working with Prison Fellowship for over a decade, starting in 1979. I served as a national seminar instructor, visiting different prisons all over the country one week-end every month or two during that time. At one retreat with him, he gave each person a numbered copy of this classic book, “Loving God.” Because of my interest in prophecy, he gave me the one with the number 666!

There will be a great outpouring of love and admiration for him. Whatever is said and written, it will not be possible to exaggerate his great mind, memory, compassion, courage, and influence. I will always think of him as a cross between the Apostle Paul and Mother Theresa.

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3 Responses to Remembering Chuck Colson

  1. Erik Fernand says:

    Chuck Colson became a Christian gentleman and an effective leader for Prison Fellowship. He has become much more effective post-conversion than he was as Nixon’s “hatchet man”. For this redemptive work by way of Calvary’s cross, I say well done and Godspeed Chuck Colson!

  2. Beth Hartman says:

    Dearest Pastor Graff, My heart goes out to you and his family. It is very hard for we who are left behind and grieving is such an arduous task. My prayers are with you for your friend and his family.
    Love, Beth Remer-Hartman

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Beth! When someone we love goes to be with the Lord, it jjust makes Heaven that much more attractive.

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