Let’s Go To Israel!

What are you doing November 8 to 18? We would love for you to join us for a journey back in time to Israel, the world’s most famous vacation destination. It will also be a look into the future as we consider incredible Bible prophecies that are being fulfilled right before our eyes! A trip to Israel is truly a life-changing event. The experience is worth more than a year in Bible College. Imagine walking where Jesus walked, and hearing His story in a fresh new way! Once you have visited the places where our Bible stories took place, you will never be the same. We will learn so much even before we visit the Holy Land. While we are in Israel we will take time for group worship at the Mount of Beatitudes, baptisms in the Jordan River, singing in a church near the Pool of Bethesda, Communion in the Garden where Jesus’ Tomb was found, and so much more. We look forward to this great experience together! There is also an optional trip at the end to the rose-red city of Petra.

Prophecy Central has devoted a special section to our tour. Visit it to see pictures and read the fabulous itinerary for this luxury tour!  Half of the joy of a trip to Israel is the anticipation!  We will study Bible history and prophecy together on the Internet and each person (or couple) will receive the beautiful Holy Land pictorial guide!

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Pastor Ron and Barbara Graff and

Pastor Darrell and Lenora Ward

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