Where is Syria in Prophecy?

The question is often asked, “Where is Syria in prophecy?” How significant was the surprise bombing by Israel of a secret nuclear development site in Syria in 2011?  When will the Isaiah 17 prophecy of the utter destruction of Damascus, their capital, be fulfilled?  Syria’s capital, Damascus, is considered the oldest continually-inhabited city on Earth, but Isaiah predicted its sudden destruction in the distant future.

Psalm 83 also predicts a war between Israel and her neighbors that will have the support of Assyria (Including modern Syria), but this war is different from the even-greater future war of Gog and Magog (Russia with Iran and other major Islamic countries).  One would expect that war to include Syria, but it is not mentioned, perhaps because it will have already been eliminated by then.

One possible scenario that would include all these factors would be an escalation of the current tensions between Israel and the Palestinians so that a regional war erupts. Russia and Iran would not be involved directly because the time is not yet right for the War of Gog and Magog, but Syria might take the lead in the regional war against Israel. If Israel were to suffer an attack from Syria by a weapon of mass destruction, they could respond with overwhelming force to utterly destroy Damascus.

Such a victory for Israel could produce the temporary peace that will exist a little later according to Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, when the War of Gog and Magog will begin.

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6 Responses to Where is Syria in Prophecy?

  1. Yuko Roeker says:

    Good reason. I love read it Marcy Lu

  2. Kevin Hess says:

    About a year and a half ago while sitting in a chair my normal vision suddenly left me and was replaced by this strange looking pattern.At first I thought it looked like a crop circle but then it sort of zoomed closer and I noticed it was sort of like a desert couler,like desert camo and what Ithought was crop circle was actually like small burn holes,like ciggarett burns in a wierd sort of pattern and at the bottom right coner of this thing was written the word SYRIA . I never had anything like that happen before but I am no stranger to the supernatural.What was this strange thing that swiped my vision? Can someone explainit? Since then Syria has been active in the Arab uprisings,but I don”t know the meaning of this thing if there is one. God Bless,


  3. Sean says:

    Kevin your comment gave me goose bumps. I had a similar vision about ten years ago.
    In the Vision I was carried up above the earth into space. There was a group of us in sort of a class setting. It was dark and we could not see one another. In front of each of us was a screen which displayed what appeared to be a map of the earth. sort of what you would see from the space. our attention was drawn to what appeared to be a dessert region. As I starred at it I noticed this Black spot at first it was very small, but the more my attention turned to it It zoomed in. The closer I got to it I began to see it was charred. Even closer it was a huge crater with the surrounding terrain scorched. I began to beg for the meaning but immediately came out of it. Very strange indeed. I know for certain it the area was the middle east. God Bless.

  4. Lorry says:

    Sean and Kevin,
    God can give visions regarding past present or future events. I believe God gave you both a heads up of what may happen in the future. He gives information so that we can pray about it or to increase our faith by knowing future events. Ask God to let you know what He would like you to do with this information. You have done much just by blogging.
    May Jesus bless you,

  5. toni says:

    Just before I even read Sean’s post I was thinking about some old friends and how the older we get the more our actions cause a greater reaction, like reaching a higher plain where the soul is reaching a heavenly height, so what we do down here equates to moving mountains, what we decide and do is almost god like, like looking at a map from above and influencing what happens below. Not sure if it means it is our fault, could mean things are relative in the greater scale of things from earth and heaven’s point of view. It is funny I happen to have found these posts when I was thinking something similar but in my case it this is not an experience of such but a sense of realisation.

  6. Why is it assumed that Isaiah’s prophecy regarding Damascus was for the distant future, rather than the near future? One of the biggest keys pointing to a near fulfillment is the phrase, “in that day,” in Isaiah 17:4. Isaiah prophesied that Syria and Damascus would fall in the same “day” that Israel would also fall, and we know that Israel fell to Assyria in 722 B.C.

    I believe that current events in Syria have nothing to do with Isaiah 17 (or Isaiah 7-8 and Amos 1). Isaiah and Amos were contemporary prophets, and both predicted that Syria and Israel would soon be destroyed by the same opponent, Assyria. II Kings 16 shows in detail that their prophecies were fulfilled, and this is validated by historical records as outlined in this article:


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