What Does It All Mean?

After 14 years of reporting news of prophetic importance to Bible students and teachers, we have accumulated a valuable history of headlines and their summaries. If you are looking for information about any one of over one hundred sub-topics, you may click on the “Study Topics” button, and then click on one of the categories that are listed.  Prophecy Central will take you to our latest page on that topic.

Scripture references and links are listed, along with major stories that relate to the subject. Under “Current Events” you will find the most recent story, followed by the previous one, and so on. At certain points you will be directed to an earlier page in the sequence. That way you may do helpful research on what has transpired on that topic for many years.

Each story has a brief summary of the key idea(s) in the article. That way, even if the original source disappears from the Internet, you will still have the essence of the news item.

Now we have added a new feature to many of these topic pages, and plan to continue to do the same for the rest. We now print a PROPHETIC SIGNIFICANCE statement at the top of our newest pages. We discovered that many people followed the link to our various pages, but were not aware of the actual significance of the topic in the big picture of Bible prophecy. Under the latest article on these pages you will find a link to this statement at the top of the page. So, if you find yourself reading a new article, and you aren’t sure why we captured it, click on that link. After you have read the summary, just click the back button to return to the article.

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