Another Nice Surprise: Our Book in Amazon list for “Bible Prophecy”

This week I made a list of great books and DVDs about Bible Prophecy.  It’s sort of a general wish-list for prophecy enthusiasts. offers a way to list these products by categories in a personalized “store.”  So I put together our own Prophecy Central Amazon Store.  It turned out great.  I hope you will check it out! 

In the process of generating this helpful list I made an encouraging discovery.  When I did a search for “Bible Prophecy” books in Amazon, my own book, Connecting the Dots: A Handbook of Bible Prophecy (co-authored with Lambert Dolphin), appeared on the second page of their listings!  To be exact, it was #23 of 11,541 results.  I was shocked! Who knows if it will stay there, but it was a real encouragement from the Lord. 

I know the book will be a big help to those who want to grasp the big picture of Bible prophecy, but I don’t have the means to advertise it in a big way.  This is just a reminder to me that whether it ever has wide distribution or not, it is all in God’s hands, and his power is unlimited.

 Connecting the Dots  is available from the Prophecy Central store.  It is in stock and usually ships within 24 hours.  We pay the sales tax (if applicable), and shipping for orders of 2 or more books is free.

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