Read Rosenberg’s Book Quick!

If you are planning to read Joel Rosenberg’s new book, you had better do it fast.  Rosenberg’s earlier prophecy-fiction books have all been published just before some of his creative insights have actually happened. 

 The Ezekiel Option was named by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association as the Gold Medallion winner of the “Best Novel of 2006.”  Rosenberg had occasion to visit a White House Bible study with a number of congressional leaders and Homeland Security, and Pentagon officials.  He said that their main question was…

‘Are you saying that the Bible talks about an alliance between Iran, Russia, and a group of Middle Eastern countries to attack Israel at some point?’ And the answer is yes.”

 Since then, it has been hard to miss the connection between Russia and Iran, especially in regard to their nuclear development program. 

Last year he released The Twelfth Imam, a novel about the Islamic messiah whom the Iranian leaders believe is about to be revealed.  And now, a sequel to that book, The Tehran Initiative is available.  It is about an imminent attack by Iran against Israel, and the possibility of a pre-emptive first strike by Israel.  The story line is so close to today’s top news stories that it almost blurs the distinction between them.  That’s why I suggest that you read it soon, before Rosenberg’s fiction becomes fact.

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4 Responses to Read Rosenberg’s Book Quick!

  1. I have read both books and the parallels in real life are scary to say the least. Ron is completely right. You better read it now before this fiction ends up on page one for real.

    Both are great reads with scriptural references intertwined as a natural part of the story.

  2. Mary Ann Meadows says:

    The correct title of Joel Rosenberg’s most recent book is
    “The Tehran Initiative” ( not “Incident” ). I have read several
    of his books which are very thought provoking, especially in
    light of Biblical prophetic events in these last days. He also
    weaves God’s Word and the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ
    in this book.

  3. Mary Ann Meadows says:

    The correct title of Joel Rosenberg’s most recent book is
    ” The Tehran Initiative ” ( not incident )

  4. admin says:

    Thanks! I fixed it.

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