You Should Have Been There!

We participated in an outstanding conference last week-end.  Jay Smith was our speaker.  He is a missionary in London who devotes all his time to study, writing, and lecturing on the differences between Christianity and Islam.  He has had an incredible career, going to Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London most Sundays, and exposing the errors of the Koran in debates with many of the greatest scholars and highest political figures in the Islamic world.

 It’s a dangerous assignment, and he gets beat up by angry listeners from time to time.  But he loves Muslims and just keeps coming back to help them find the truth.  Our prayer group prays for him every Saturday when it meets, and has done so for years.

 What a privilege it was to listen to his teaching and ask questions of such an authority.  We had a good turn-out at the Upland Brethren in Christ Church, but there was room for more.  I know thousands of people were aware of the meeting, but most of them did not realize how special it would be to hear his teaching.  I couldn’t help wondering, as I marveled at his knowledge, what “better” things other people had chosen to do. 

Fortunately, if you missed it, you can still get DVDs of the event and take advantage of some 19 free on-line papers that are available at the church website.

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