Remembering Steve Jobs

We all knew Steve Jobs’ health was failing, but it was a shock to hear that he had died today, just a few weeks after resigning as Chairman of Apple Computer.  Losing Steve Jobs was like losing Thomas Edison.  His genius changed the world in which we live.

 I had the privilege of meeting him in the early days of personal computers. It was my privilege to work with Apple Computer, developing simple educational programs for a brand new and very exciting market. Apple used some of my programs for their Educational Classics.  I have a letter in my files from a vice president of the company saying that Steve Jobs had reviewed one of my new programs and liked it.

 Over the years I  followed his ups and downs, and like everyone else, I marveled at his accomplishments and the way they improved the quality of our lives.

 I also met Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple in those days, and recently a friend of mine took my original Apple II to a conference where Woz was speaking.  I sent along a copy of my book, Connecting the Dots, and a letter sharing the Gospel with him.  He signed the computer in indelible ink, but didn’t comment on the letter.

 Over the years I have prayed often for these to men, and for Bill Gates, who was also instrumental in these world-changing technological developments.

 Jesus asked, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” (Mark 8:36)  I hope Steve Jobs found Christ in his brief but amazing earthly journey.  I never heard that he did, but I sincerely hope to meet him again in Heaven.

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12 Responses to Remembering Steve Jobs

  1. So Steve jobs died. A great loss I understand but come on! Bill gates has a clear chance at becoming even larger than he already is

  2. Isabelle says:

    RIP Steve Jobs :'(

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  4. First computer Dad brought home was an Apple IIC . Every computer/gadget since has been a Mac. Even converted my Windows wife. SteveJobs

  5. Wes Grapes says:

    Steve Jobs was an amazing human and the world will miss him so much.

  6. Ronald Esco says:

    Steve Jobs will be missed by so many. He did a magical thing by making the world a better place.

  7. I bet Steve was disapointed that the iPhone 5 didnt come out. I am not saying its why he left us I am just saying I bet it was a huge disapointment for him.

  8. Dave Cash says:

    So, farewell then Steve Jobs. You were the Apple of many an eye. His death wasn’t exactly unexpected but the reality has still come as a shock to many, judging from the heartfelt tributes evident on many sites. What stays with me most about him is he said, as others have, you have to love what you do. That’s his legacy for me.

  9. Poor Steve Jobs. I didn’t know he had a cancer. Sending prayers for his family. It’s a pity he died at such young age.

  10. lilo says:

    Unfortunately Steve was a buddhist and Bill Gates an atheist.

  11. this is very, very sad. hope he rests in peace cos he did a lot. great man who i admire.

  12. Carla says:

    Is technology really making the world a better place? Sure it’s fun & convenient, but these are the same devices used to track & brand us for the mark of the beast.

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