What’s Next with Libya?

Now that Libyan rebels have the upper hand, and Muammar Gaddafi is in hiding, what kind of government will the nation adopt?  During the past six months of fighting there, hope has been expressed by many that Libya and other countries that have made changes during the “Arab Spring” will choose to adopt a democratic form of government.

However, there have been strong warnings from the beginning of the conflict that this is not likely to happen.  Instead, there is much evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamists will take advantage of the situation to join the march toward a new coalition of Islamic states.

Meanwhile, Turkey, the only good example of a democratic Islamic society, has experienced disappointments with their bid for a place in the European Union, has changed its previous position of cooperation with Israel to one of confrontation, and shows signs of wanting to rebuild its image as head of an Islamic Caliphate once more.

It is interesting that after Ezekiel’s prophecies about the rebirth of the nation of Israel (chapters 36 and 37), he predicted a great battle in the End Times (chapters 38 and 39) between a coalition of nations, led by Russia and several Islamic allies, including Iran, Libya, and possibly Turkey.

 Stay tuned to this development and visit Prophecy Central’s War of Gog and Magog section for more information. 

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  1. Muammar Gaddafi may still be at large, but three of his sons-Saif al-Islam, Saadi, and Mohammed-are in rebel custody

  2. ed says:

    Found this interesting news story and some interesting teachings regarding Ezekiel 38 here http://www.cbn.com/700club/signsofthetimes/ and here http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/insideisrael/2011/August/Ezekiel-38-and-39-On-the-Horizon/

  3. Michal Romig says:

    For the edification of ALL Christians,I would like to add this:
    No. Matter what or how it happens or even When–IT IS Written– IT ‘WILL’ Happen. The excitement for us is watching it unfold. Be of GOOD CHEER. He Is coming.

  4. Dominic Caraccilo says:

    The quality of life and security for the citizens has been largely restored and we are a large part of why that has happened.

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