Food Storage and Prophecy

Barbara and I have been married for 50 wonderful years. Our life has been very good because of our personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.

We have also been involved in pastoral ministry for 50 years, and are just now retiring after 20 years of leading our wonderful church family, Solid Ground Church, in Alta Loma, California. However, we do not want to waste our “golden years” with meaningless activity. For many years I have had a special interest in Bible prophecy, and have written articles and spoken at conferences on the subject. For the past 14 years I have edited “Prophecy Central.” It has become very popular among Evangelical Bible students and ranks very high in a Google search for either “prophecy” or “Bible prophecy.”. A good friend and I have written a new book, “Connecting the Dots,” that serves as a handbook of Bible prophecy. I will now be available to speak at various churches and conferences on the subject.

We have considered many ways of supplementing our income during our retirement, and have decided that helping other people discover and enjoy the incredible variety of food that can be stored for use in case of an emergency would be a perfect home-based business.. The best part is that these foods from Shelf Reliance are a delicious and nutritious addition to our regular diet. Because of that, older foods can be eaten instead of discarded when it is time for them to be replaced.

For our prophecy students, let me add this: We trust in the Lord for our provision, and we do not fear the future, even though we are seeing the fulfillment of many End-Times prophecies. We don’t store food to survive through the coming hard times of the Tribulation. We believe in the Rapture of the Church before the Tribulation begins. But simple logic and wisdom require people everywhere to be prepared for the kind of natural disasters and other emergencies we are seeing all over the world. In our area it just makes sense to have adequate supplies in case of an earthquake.

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3 Responses to Food Storage and Prophecy

  1. Tom Porter says:

    I cannot understand the logic of many Bible preachers and teachers who advocate the misguided doctrine that stocking up on food is somehow sinful, because we lack faith that God is unable to supply all our needs. Do these great towers of the faith drive around without a spare tire in their cars? Do they not place smoke detectors in there homes?, or apply sun block to themselves and their children while at the beach? Same logic.

  2. Just Thinking says:

    It is me or am I just plain crazy but did Joseph stock and store during the years before the famine so that when the famine happened the
    people had food and others came to them for help to include his own family though they did not know it was him helping them out? Stock and store for later yes, hording no, share with others yes but not so much that you give entirely all the oil from your latern so that you have nothing for when he comes.

  3. Eileen says:

    The ant stores up for the winter while the sluggard doesn’t. I’m definitely an ant stocking up and my family is prepared for bad times. God wants us to be prepared to help ourselves (family, and others if possible). It’s not up to others to help us and take care of us.

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