Systematic Prophecy: Humility and Courage

In the two previous blogs we gave suggestions about how our study and teaching of Bible prophecy can be more trustworthy.  These ideas were:

Sound Scriptural Teaching


Principles of Interpretation of Prophecy


Today we would like to conclude this brief consideration of this subject with two more aspects of Systematic Prophecy.

Teaching with Humility

Some prophecy teachers have a tendency to be dogmatic. Perhaps it is because they have devoted so much time to their research that they assume they know more than others about the subject.  Some of them become arrogant and stubborn.  Since they are explaining things that have not yet come to pass, their ideas have not yet been disproved. They may even think that they must “teach with authority” in order for people to believe them even though their concepts are contrary to other good teachers and therefore may be flawed.

It is better to share one’s insight with others in a spirit of humility, constantly encouraging listeners to be like the Bereans, about whom it was written:

These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.        – Acts 17:11

In addition, teachers should realize that the best of our ideas about how current trends may fulfill Bible prophecy could be replaced later by even more reasonable explanations.  Those who have presented their thoughts in a spirit of humility will not be embarrassed by changes on the world scene that require them to adjust their own thinking and teaching.

 Denouncing Falsehood

While admitting that our own ideas may or may not be the ultimate fulfillment of Bible prophecy, we should recognize when other teachers have failed to base their ideas on the Bible itself or have used passages of Scripture taken out of context.  When we see that they have ignored good rules of interpretation to produce their theories, and, as in the case of setting dates for the Rapture, they are in the process of leading people astray, we need to point out their error.

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