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Here is an example from last week’s newsletter, related to the prediction by Harold Camping that the Rapture will take place on May 21.

More about Harold Camping
Here are some disturbing facts we uncovered from our investigation into Camping’s background and beliefs:

He falsely predicted that the Lord would return on Sept. 6, 1994, and that the Church age ended in that year.

He says that the Great Tribulation has been going on for 23 years. (This period began on May 21, 1988).

He teaches that every church is apostate, and that people must leave their churches to be saved.

He believes that Jesus is Michael the Archangel.

He doesn’t stress belief in Jesus for salvation, just repentance for sin.
He believes in annihilation of non-believers – No Hell.


Battling Billboards – Beware of false teaching on the websites advertised!

The billboard campaign from Family Radio proclaims:

The Bible Guarantees it
Judgment Day May 21, 3011
Cry mightily unto God – Jonah 3:8


He is Coming Again May 21, 2011
The Wise Men Knew
Learn the Truth at our Rapture party – May 21-22

Their campaign has given rise to some competing billboards, including one from the American Atheists group, that says:

“The Rapture: You KNOW it’s Nonsense.
2000 Years of “Any Day Now.”
Learn the Truth at our Rapture Party, May 21-22

And another New Age eclectic site has erected this billboard:

“Conservatives Cringe, Liberals and Humanists Rejoice
Hear the True Jesus talk about Dec. 12, 2012
Jesus is Here Now and Actively Seeks the 144,000
Hear Jesus Sing the 144,000’s Awakening Song
Hear Jesus Sing on His Own Website

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  1. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the 9/11 memory link site! These men were Egyptians. In his so-called memorial speech, Panetta, after having spent 2 hours with the transitional government in Cairo to protect the Israeli Embassy he, cow-towing to their demands, let it be known, that it’s high time the Palestinians get their own state (in someone elses country, that is.) Wasn’t TransJordan created for the Palestinians? Why don’t their Muslim brothers, such as Egypt creates a Palestinian State, or the other Muslim countries? Israel took all their own in. Well, obviously noone believes in the Bible, including our “Christian” (and Jewish politicians), esp. Joel 3:16. It’s sad that constituences of irresponsible and ungodly leaders have to pay the price for their descisions. Isaiah 19 states Egypt will get the leader they ask (or didn’t) ask for until they learned. As God said to Israel before “Don’t look to Egypt” but to me. May we do the same! Let’s pray for our leaders to do the right thing, for Israel, God’s land and people andfor the greatest revival before the coming of the LORD! Looking up! “Am Yisrael Chai”

  2. James Mann says:

    Hello Brothers in the Lord,

    I am writing a commentary for Revelation. I became a Christian in April of 1968 throght a Navigator college minisrt . James Mann

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